Saz’s Hens Day

Bridesmaids, this one’s for you! If you’ve been searching for the perfect inspiration to give your bride a send off into married life in style, check out this gorgeous Willunga bash that Saz’s maids threw for her. Featuring a tepee styled to perfection complete with hangover kits, a glitz station and ‘bra-pong’, these girls went all out to bring this bohemian Coachella inspired day to life. Big love to Elizabeth Denning for sharing these pics, and all the best for your wedding Saz!

Why hiring is better than buying

You can’t fail to notice that Facebook, Ebay and Gumtree are full of listings of previous couple’s styling props and vessels, some even listing them BEFORE they even get married as being available after their big day.

Whilst it’s quite fun to browse through all of the items, buying your own styling pieces in this way can come at a price.


With all the excitement of planning your wedding you can easily be seduced by the idea of buying everything you need thinking that you’ll be saving yourself a bundle of money. I hate to break it you however that isn’t necessarily the case.

I’ve observed that some of these items are quite over priced for what they are plus before you know it you’ve spent heaps of time in your quest for the perfect props which of course is fine if you have all the time in the world. If you’re working full time I’d say your weekends, evening and spare time are quite precious.

You may then find yourself having to drive to the other side of Adelaide and back again to collect your purchases and store them before the big day. And then what happens?  You’re left with a whole load of wedding styling pieces you no longer need so you then spend more time on the net putting them up for sale and corresponding with interested Brides to be (with varying degress of success).  If time is money then you’re on a losing mission here.


To keep it short, sharp and shiny, here’s the reasons why hiring is better.

  • Save time sourcing, collecting and selling
  • Save money as hiring is cheaper than buying plus you’ll save delivery costs
  • Save your home and garage turning into a storage facility



Flower Workshop

Last month I took a day out to have some ‘me time’ ! Along with Jenna from By The Oaktree and Erin from Made of Whimsy, we spent the day with Liesa from Fleur De Lys at one of her lovely flower workshops.

The overall objective for the day was to have some girly fun and learn a trick or 2 about flower arranging.

2015-10-01_0001 2015-10-01_0002

First of all we headed out to the flower market to choose the flowers we were going to work with.  This was a great opportunity to see so many varieties and Liesa was so knowledgeable about them all rolling off all of their names and care needs.

2015-10-01_0003 2015-10-01_0004 2015-10-01_0005

We then went back to her workshop and began preparing the flowers ready to be arranged with Liesa giving us constant tips on the day to day needs of flowers and how to make them last as long as possible.

We also received a sweet gift pack containing some proper scissors to enable us to get cracking straight away.

After a couple of hours we broke for some tasty lunch and enjoyed a glass of bubbles before returning to complete our arrangements.

2015-10-01_0006 2015-10-01_0007 2015-10-01_0008

Overall I think we did pretty good for novices! Being able to take home our creations was a high highlight to the day.


2015-10-01_0009 2015-10-01_0010 2015-10-01_0011 2015-10-01_0012

I highly recommend this workshop which would be an awesome hens day or just like I did for a bit of valuable me time!

Contact Liesa at Fleur De Lys Flowers for booking details.

The Rise & Fall of a DIY Bride

The rise of the DIY Bride has risen steadily over the years with its appeal of being able to put your own stamp on your wedding and to try and save a few $$ in the process. What’s not to love about that since weddings are expensive after all.

If you scour the internet you’ll find endless projects on blogs from making your own stationery, decor, flower arrangements and cake decorations.  You name it it’s out there in abundance.

Done well, DIY efforts can look amazing and along with potentially saving money, there’s a huge amount of accomplishment that comes from contributing to your wedding.

Saving money…..?!

So, the biggest appeal with a DIY wedding is saving money.

Now I write this as a Bride who made her own invitations almost 9 years ago.  I’m not sure why I decided to do it but I did.  That along with not getting a videographer, are the 2 things are the biggest regrets I have about my wedding.  Working in the industry now I’m surrounded by images of stunning paperie that makes my efforts look like something a kid in kindy could have done. Epic fail. I’m not sure I have a photo of them and even if I did, I’d be too embarassed to show you!

Like most Brides, I was working full time up to the wedding and so I had limited free time for anything let alone wedding DIY.  I recall frantically glueing and sticking in order of service information just the day before my wedding and thinking to myself that I should be doing other things like enjoying the build up and being present in the moments before my big day.

There’s also the cost to factor into all of this.  Does DIY REALLY mean you’re saving heaps of money??  By the time you pay for all of the materials (at retail cost) and potentially make some or alot of mistakes, would it not be better to commission an expert who can get the job done without you stressing out?

So my single advice to you is to seriously think before you embark on a DIY wedding project.  If you’re not at one with a glue gun and art wasn’t your thing at school, I’d leave it to the professionals.  You won’t regret it!


Just Jars

How ever many DIY touches you’re looking to put into your wedding, at some point you may need vessels for your bonbonniere, flowers, jam, honey, sweets etc etc.

They’re cost effective, versatile and also eco friendly as they can easily be recyled.

Their versatility however is probably their strongest selling point with endless options of how they can be used.

Sourcing your jars can sometimes prove to be a challenge however Just Jars may ‘just’ save the day!  They have a huge range of jars in stock and are based here in Australia.

Here’s a little inspiration for you provided by Just Jars to illustrate a few ideas of what you can do with a simple jar. Simple but oh so effective!


2014-07-08_0001 2014-07-08_0002 2014-07-08_0003 2014-07-08_0004 2014-07-08_0005 2014-07-08_0006 2014-07-08_0007


Just Jars Australia

DIY ~ Paper Dahlias


After stumbling across these beautiful images of Paper made giant dahlia’s I couldn’t help but think, maybe this is something I could make.

I am hoping of having a wooden branch style archway at my wedding, and the thought of spending a lot of money on flowers for it worries me a little, however I think this might just be perfect.

erin 7editweb

After watching a couple of online tutorials, I gathered together all my bits and pieces, items which I already had being a crafty person.

erin 6editweb

What you’ll need:

• Paper – Can be any colour you desire, I have used some left over cream paper I had, A4 size is best, allow plenty of sheets

• Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks – I got this one for $10 from Spotlight

• Scissors, a Pen & a Ruler

• Scrap piece of card, I used a torn off piece from an empty Inkjet Labels packet, but anything not too flimsy will do the job

• A circular shape, such as an egg ring, candle or glass (for larger flowers try a CD)

erin 5editweb

Trace around the egg ring and cut out.

• For a Smaller flower as I made, fold the Paper into 8 (for a larger Flower fold into 4)

• Using the ruler tear the paper along the folded lines into 8 pieces. (The Ruler gives it a rough torn texture which I think adds to the look rather than cutting with Scissors)

erin 4editweb

• Now for the tricky part… curl/coil each piece into a cone

• Try to get a tight tip at the point of the cone, and then fold to hold the shape while you continue to make more cones. (Make a bunch of them at a time which will help you later when gluing them)

– This step can be quite time consuming, especially until you get the knack of making the cones

erin 3editweb

• The next tricky part is the gluing…

• This can get a bit messy at first, but don’t worry as you build the flower shape up it will cover it up.

• Dab a bit of the hot glue under the little flap at the pointy end of the cone to hold it in place, and then dab a bit on the back side of the cone and place down onto the disc you made earlier.

• Leave a little gap between petals in the first layer, so that they next layer can sit naturally in the gaps you have created.

• You will need to do this fairly quickly so the glue doesn’t dry and I found holding the petal down in place with the tip of the glue gun helped me not to burn my fingers. This layer will be covered so not a big deal if it all looks a bit odd until you get the knack of it.

• Continue to layer the the cones around the disc


• As you get to the centre of the flower it will become a little harder to place the petals into the flower. I found putting the glue on the petal and then putting into the centre and pressing down on the glue area with the pointy end of the scissors help hold it in place.

• The final few petals may need to be folder shorter otherwise they may stick out of the flower in an odd way and sit above the other petals.


After thoughts….

• You could always paint the cones if you liked, or at least partially so it looked like the centre of the cones were darker.

• You could also make the centre cones slightly smaller too look a little more like the flower detail.

I was pretty happy with the end results and I also like how with the shadows in the cones it makes it look like the centre is a darker pinky colour.
Now I can’t wait to make some more!