LCA Loves ♥ Marybank Functions

Today I had the pleasure of driving over to Rostrevor, a beautiful suburb on the Eastern edge of Adelaide at the bottom of the foothills to meet with Brie from Marybank Functions, one of LCA’s fabulous exhibitors this coming April at Norwood Town Hall.

When I got out of the car at Marybank I immediately felt relaxed with the countryside feel and happy birds chirping away. Given this venue’s proximity to Adelaide Metro that’s an amazing selling point.


I was warmly welcomed by Brie, the owner of the venue who began to tell me its amazing story  which I have to say makes it even more special and unique. You see the venue which dates back over 170 years has been in Brie’s family the whole time.  Brie’s Parents live in a homestead within the land and so does Brie and her Husband Billy and their children in a separate property within the acreage. Whilst chatting we looked through some awesome photos available of the estate dating back through the generations.


As a wedding venue, Marybank offers everything you’d need for a ceremony and or small reception with the barn available for a sit down meal or cocktail style function.  The gardens are perfectly maintained and manicured for your ceremony and the barn totally oozes rustic chic.  It was a hot day when I visited but the barn was a beautiful cool temperature.  For cooler days there’s a gorgeous wood burner available which would create the most wonderful warm atmosphere.

There’s also the B&B above the barn which has been beautifully styled and the perfect place to get ready before the ceremony and rest after your wedding day. I can totally imagine waking up in this tranquil place, having breakfast on the balcony and admiring the views….

2015-02-05_0010 2015-02-05_0011 2015-02-05_0012


There’s also plenty of jaw dropping views from the vineyard over across to Adelaide along with Black Hill flanking behind.  Marybank is a wedding photographers dream……

2015-02-05_0008 2015-02-05_0007

2015-02-05_00092015-02-05_0006 2015-02-05_0004


If you’re looking for a private and secluded venue that offers amazing photo backdrops and rustic charm then Marybank needs to be at the top of your list.

Come and meet with Brie to chat through your wedding reception ideas at our next wedding fair on 12th April 2015, Norwood Town Hall 10.30am – 3.30pm




Love Cherish Adore Autumn 2016

2016 is here and you may have noticed that it’s a leap year so guess what Ladies, tradition says that you can propose this year!  How so, well according to Irish folklore, St Bridget struck a deal with St Patrick that ladies could propose to men every four years on 29th February.


If you’ve recently got engaged over the Christmas and New Year holidays then huge congratulations to you!  You’re certainly in the right place if you’re looking for some planning tips and awesome vendors to make your wedding day your best day ever.

Wedding fairs are a great place to get some inspiration and ideas plus you can meet vendors to see their work up close and get to know them.  They may also be able to give you an exclusive on the day offer or discount. What’s not to love about that!

Love Cherish Adore fairs offer a balanced mix of around 40 vendors at each fair which is enough to give you variety but not too many that you come away feeling overwhelmed.  You can enjoy a glass of bubbles on arrival which will be served by Steve The Bartender and there’s gorgeous canvas bags for Brides filled with discounts and little treats. We’ll also be confirming a giveaway or 2 very soon for some lucky attendees.

Here’s the kind of inspiration you can expect from just some of our amazing vendors already confirmed.

Adelaide Wedding Fair

Above: Sponsor White Marquee


Above: Bridget Quain Photography

Adelaide photobooth

Above: Sweet Cheeks Photobooths

Renee Lee Boudoir Photography

Above: Renee Lee Boudoir Photography


Above: Akimbo Stationery


Above: The Sweet Tooth Factory


Above: Andrew Mazzone Design Jewellers


Above: Minty Mary Pea

Lock It In!

The next Adelaide Wedding fair is on Sunday 3rd April 10am til 3pm at Norwood Town Hall which is so easy to find and get to with plenty available parking (not to mention some awesome shopping along The Parade!)

Tickets are currently available at an early bird price of $10.00 each or at the door for $15.00 each. Click HERE to order yours!

See you at the fair!

Team LCA

How To Be Successful At A Wedding Fair


A post a little out of the ordinary since it’s not directed at Brides to be.

If you own a wedding or event industry business, chances are that you’ve either considered exhibiting at a wedding fair/expo or you have and maybe it wasn’t successful for you.

As far as marketing and promotion of your business is concerned, whilst my opinion may be biased, I don’t think anything can beat an opportunity to meet with your target market in person and there’s no better way to do that than at a fair or expo.

As an organiser of wedding fairs, my job is to ensure that Brides to be (and an increasing amount of Grooms too!) are presented with a balanced amount of modern inspiration so they come away full of ideas and contacts to make their plans become a reality.  From an exhibitors point of view they are naturally looking for good quality footfall and by that I mean people who are serious about planning their wedding and not just a free sample of cake.

What’s interesting is that some people may be more successful on the day of the fair than others and so I’m happy to share with you a few tips and some good old fashioned advice when it comes to being an exhibitor as ultimately what you get out of the day is all about what you put in.


By planning your marketing budget well in advance, you’ve got time on your side so that you can think about how you are going to present your stand so try not to book in a fair or expo last minute. This means you won’t be stressing over ordering business cards and brochures etc!!

Make sure you tell your social media followers and customers know that you’re attending the event as this may trigger a buying response from some who had considered engaging you since this is their chance to meet you.

Have a strategy in mind too.  Are you looking to get more business?  Test or launch a new product or service?


How you present yourself on the day is the first impression a potential customer is going to have of your brand and by brand I mean you and your business.

By making your stand as creative as possible through some modern visual merchandising techniques you’ll naturally gain interest from people walking by.  These days fairs have progressed rather alot from popping your products on a trestle table with a white table cloth and a few business cards.  If you must use a table or trestle then maybe think about using a covering other than a plain white table cloth.  What ever you do use though MAKE SURE IT IS IRONED!!

If you’re stuck for ideas then do some research, there’s plenty available online and maybe also consider hiring some props from local event rental companies to give your stand some va va voom.

Consider also bringing along some thing for potential buyers to sit on when they approach you.  That way you’ll be able to have a more meaningful conversation.

Branding is vitally important too so that your potential clients can continue to recognise your business in the future.  With this in mind ensure your logo is visible although preferrably not with a pull up banner (they’re best suited to corporate and commercial expos and not the wedding scene)

Backdrops can also be important to give your space some creative depth plus they provide a further opportunity to present  your products.

Sales Techniques

So you’ve got a creative display which is a big tick but it doesn’t stop there.  You’ll still need to put yourself out there!!

I always encourage exhibitors to bring along with them someone to help them out on the day.  There will be times when you need to have a rest break to have a bite to eat so you want to ensure you don’t lose out on any enquiries while you’re away from your stand. Having someone with you means that one of you can field initial enquiries while the other can spend time having quality conversations with potential clients so you’re getting the maximum possible out of each and every person who stops by.

Body Language

It may seem elementary however your body language is absolutely vital at all times.  You need to look approachable so in no particular order do not:

  • sit
  • slouch
  • eat
  • use your phone
  • fold your arms
  • yawn!

If you do any of these things as clients are walking past your stand,  I guarantee you that 99% of them will not stop and so you may as well pack up and go home.  ALWAYS greet potential clients with your best smile and the warmest greeting possible.

Furthermore, don’t stand behind your stand or table as it will create a barrier between you and your potential client.  By standing to the side you can be more proactive in engaging people.

Follow Up

Always ask if your event organiser is capturing email addresses and whether they are passing on this information to you after the fair.  If they are not then ensure you have a way of capturing the details of people who have visited your stand and are interested.  Running a giveaway or competition is also a good way of getting interested parties to give your their details.

After the event, send them an e mail to thank them for visiting your stand.  I use mailchimp to e mail my marketing database. It’s free and very easy to use.

Make it memorable too by offering people a little something like a free sample.


One of the biggest advantages of exhibiting at a fair aside from meeting your target market is meeting your peers within the industry.  You may know of them already but by taking the time to say hello, you’re leaving them with a lasting positive impression.  Even if they are effectively competition, by establishing a relationship you may be able to refer business to each other when you’re fully booked and vice versa. This may open up some new doors for you?

Make sure you also like and follow their social media when you get home and good karma will follow.

Manage Your Leads

It’s best not to attend a fair with the expectation that you’ll get  zillions of bookings on the day.  Organising a wedding is an emotional transaction and it may take time for people to respond back to you however it is the beginnings of a possible relationship with a new client. By getting some information like a name, you can begin to communicate with potential clients with their first name which turns your lead from cold to warm.

Not least, you’ll be building on your brand.

I hope you’ve found this useful?  Later on this year LCA will be presenting some Love Cherish Adore YOUR BUSINESS workshops featuring social media and visual merchandising experts to help you build your brand.

For expressions of interest please email

Barossa Wedding Fair

In preparation for the Autumn fair at Angaston next year, I recently spent the day in the beautiful Barossa Valley to meet up with some exhibitors and sponsors and to also scope out the venue at Angaston Town Hall which is hosting the fair on Sunday 3rd May 2015.


First up I headed to Stevens Estate Garden in Williamstown which is a romantic ceremony venue with varied and versitile options along with the most photograph opportunities within 100sq metres that I’ve ever seen.


2014-11-26_00022014-11-26_0008 2014-11-26_0007 2014-11-26_0004

2014-11-26_0005 2014-11-26_0006

A private homestead, this ceremony venue offers plenty of shade, beautiful landscaped gardens and creature comforts such as a brand new toilet block plus rainy day backup options such as a beautiful terrace overlooking the dam.

Ceremonies are conducted in places that provide the best photographic natural light, set in a tranquil environment with views of water and open paddocks. There are heaps of little features that make this venue so unique – check out the swing, the hay stack sofa, the succulents, the bridges, open water,the chandelier……

The onsite cottage also offers an amazing opportunity for couples to have some rustic and unique photographs too.

2014-11-26_0009 2014-11-26_0010

After our visit we headed further into the valley to meet with Miss Maggies Flowers who is one of the sponsors of the fair.  We chatted through some exciting ideas together with By The Oaktree and also visited the venue.

6601 660

After that we stopped by to see Bethany from Viva The Flowerstore who are also exhibiting at the Barossa fair which is a stunning store also situated in lovely Angaston.

2014-11-26_0014 2014-11-26_0013 2014-11-26_0012


A list of all the exciting exhibitors will be made available soon so make sure you save the date to come and see us next Autumn.

Love Cherish Adore – Angaston Town Hall

3rd May 2015  10.30am – 3.30pm  ~  $5 entry

Proudly sponsored by WHITE magazine.

t:  0415 409334




LCA Loves ♥ Rubix Booths

Our Spring fair saw Rubix Booths back for a third time showcasing their awesome open photobooth.  These guys run an extremely professional and slick operation and are an absolute delight to deal with.  So friendly and welcoming.

They treated LCA’s guests last week to experience their booth and here are some of the fun images! Maybe you feature here let us know…

2014-10-29_0066 2014-10-29_0067 2014-10-29_0068 2014-10-29_0069 2014-10-29_0070 2014-10-29_0071 2014-10-29_0073 2014-10-29_0074 2014-10-29_0075 2014-10-29_0076 2014-10-29_0077 2014-10-29_0078 2014-10-29_0079 2014-10-29_0080 2014-10-29_0081 2014-10-29_0082 2014-10-29_0083 2014-10-29_0084 2014-10-29_0085 2014-10-29_0086 2014-10-29_0087 2014-10-29_0088 2014-10-29_0089 2014-10-29_0090 2014-10-29_0091 2014-10-29_0092 2014-10-29_0093 2014-10-29_0094 2014-10-29_0095 2014-10-29_0096 2014-10-29_0097 2014-10-29_0098 2014-10-29_0099 2014-10-29_0100 2014-10-29_0101 2014-10-29_0102 2014-10-29_0103 2014-10-29_0104 2014-10-29_0105 2014-10-29_0106 2014-10-29_0107 2014-10-29_0108



f: Rubix Booths

t : 0457 056 741

LCA Loves ♥ MCA [Modern Celebrants Adelaide]

What happens when a group of like minded, forward thinking Celebrants get together? MCA aka Modern Celebrants Adelaide!

I had a chat with Vic, Pen, Cam and Bec today from Modern Celebrants Adelaide. These ladies are a lot of fun and as we laughed our way through our chat this is what they told me…..

 How did you get to know each other?

Cam and Vic have been friends for many years… Then Vicky had a chance to meet Penelope at another wedding (of course). There are only so many Saturdays in a year so we were already referring couples to each other if we were already booked. Then we met Rebecca at our annual Ongoing Professional Development at the Australian Federation of Civil Marriage Celebrants (which keeps them up to date with changes in legislation and builds their celebrant skills). Bec is also a member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants and she came up with this wonderful idea of creating a group of modern like-minded celebrants that could work along side each other and basically it would formalise the referral process that was already happening. So we joined forces.

How long have you all been celebrants for?

Between all of us we have 15 plus years of creating ceremonies. We are all professional Celebrants and we absolutely love our work. What an exciting and joyous celebration to be a part of as your profession?

 What made you decide to create MCA?

Life is so busy already and then we add planning a wedding into the mix. We have all been recently married ourselves so we get it… our couples need a relaxed and simple, ceremony-planning process. We don’t want our Brides and Grooms to feel stressed about booking a professional celebrant and planning their perfect ceremony, so we created Modern Celebrants Adelaide so you have a choice of 4 enthusiastic and engaging, professional Celebrants all in one place. If one of us is already booked for the date you have in mind we are in constant contact with one another and will find out which one of the ladies is available and send you their details. It’s that simple.

 What’s different about MCA?

Security in numbers…although in all the years that we have been performing ceremonies we have not needed to call on a “back up celebrant”. We want our couples to feel secure in their booking. So Modern Celebrants Adelaide offers our Brides and Grooms peace of mind that if for any reason one of us is not able to perform their ceremony due to sickness or an emergency then we will pool our resources to come up with a solution to the problem. Offering them a safety net or celebrant net lol sorry that was sad.

MCA from David Resce on Vimeo.

Modern Celebrants Adelaide



LCA Loves ♥ Magnolia Press

Introducing Magnolia Press who is one of our sponsors this Spring.  Owner and creative director Sharon designs and prints both digital and letterpress stationery using two amazing antique presses in her home based studio. Sharon’s written this extremely informative post about wedding stationery which includes timelines for when to get things done by and lots of tips about choosing the right stationery for you. Over to Sharon!


There are many factors which determine what type of stationery you choose for your wedding or event. Is it a strict budget, the wow factor for your guests, or just because you would love to have something nice to start people getting excited about your big day!

You may choose a DIY option or have them professionally printed by someone who knows the ins and outs of what to do. But even before you decide how you’re going to have your stationery, you need to work out what pieces you would like.

Save The Date

Firstly there are the Save the Date cards. Generally they are sent our between 6-12 months before the wedding but we recommend organising these closer to the 10-12 months ahead, especially for guests needing to travel or if you plan to have your wedding during a social time of the year. Save the date cards are usually simpler design and a smaller size than your invitations.



Next we love to work on your invitations – the main event! If choosing digitally printed stationery, what papers would you like, matt or shimmer? Would you like embellishments, will it bulk the envelopes and therefore cost more to post. What size do you want – will it fit all the text? These are just some of the things worth considering. We love designing stationery where the design speaks for itself, using premium papers. Letterpress is great for a sophisticated look, where the beautiful impression is the feature, and feeling the soft fluffy papers makes it that even more special. Send these 2-3 months before your wedding.

Letterpress papers are made from short fibred cotton, which is made especially so we can create that tactile finish. The ink colours are endless, but sometimes we have requests to mix letterpress invitations with digital response cards, and that’s where it can get tricky. Some colours we can match well, especially black, but there may be colour shade variations. Either way we can help you decide on the best option.

If you do choose letterpress, we ask how many colours would you like. You see, each colour on the design requires its own plate which is set up in our antique machines. The most cost effective option is one colour, but some designs look great in two, or three. The way to add colour to your stationery suite without adding huge plate costs, would be through your envelopes or personalised guest name bands.

Other stationery pieces such as response cards and gift/ travel information cards are popular. Response cards generally have a space for the guests to write their names, and if they are attending. Other points to consider would be dietary requirements or if you are organising a bus service to and from the wedding/ reception. Some couples ask if there is a favourite song they would get up and dance to at the reception.



Information cards are helpful for any accommodation suggestions if the day is in a remote area or if you have guests travelling. If you have the bus service, pick up times can be noted and of course the gift details if you are having a registry or wishing well.
Stationery on the day is varied, especially if you are having a church ceremony, and may need Order of Service programs, or if it’s a beautiful garden ceremony a flat simple card, expressing thanks especially for those in the wedding, and a general list of proceeding.

As your guests enjoy there pre dinner drinks and canapés, a printed table seating chart is fantastic for allowing guests to casually find where they are seated, so once welcomed into the reception area, there isn’t a crowd of people wondering around looking for their seat. Ushers are also great for personally showing guests to their seats.

Menu + Place Cards

Menus can be arranged through your venue, or if you want everything to be designed in the same style as the rest of your stationery, we can also print your menus. They can be folded ones which are placed at the centre of your tables, providing there is room and won’t look too cluttered or over take your arrangements. Another option would be to personalise each menu with your guest’s name, which then is place at their seating, and can be referred to through the evening. Most couples choose to have menus which are subtle and blend in, leaving their stunning flowers or candelabras to be the focus.

Place cards may also be needed, which helps guests find there seat, once again, these are generally kept simple, but ties in with the style. Bonbonniere tags can be doubled up as a place setting tag, with your guests name on the front, and a thank you message on the reverse.

Lastly, the other common stationery piece is thank you cards. While traditionally these were hand written to each guests thanking them for their kind generosity and gift, handwriting 100-200 may take a while and you may feel as though you would like to send them a nice photo and a generic message. Some photographers offer this with their package, others are happy to provide images and we can design postcard style thank you’s, or plain notecards.



Lately we have been working on some other projects such as signage for your day, such as chalkboard/wooden welcome signs, menus, cute quotes and verses etc.



We welcome appointments on some weeknights and Saturdays.



t:  0449504379

Miss Fisher & Friends – A Riverland Styled Shoot

Introducing to you Miss Fisher and some of her gorgeous girlfriends from the Riverland which is where she was created and founded by Kathy Elliott and her Husband.

Miss Fisher’s SA’s only travelling vintage mobile bar, being restored over the last 8 months with extreme loving care and attention.

Not only is she uber stylish but she’s practical too as she brings all the trappings of a working bar to your wedding or event including a fridge and inlaid ice tubs so you can mix up a cocktail or serve your favourite beer or wine just how you like it!

Recently, Miss Fisher collaborated with some of her Riverland friends to create a styled shoot , showcasing some of the amazing talent that lies to the North East of our beautiful state.

In fact, it’s worth mentioning that the Riverland is fast becoming a hot destination for weddings not only for couples in South Australia but from across our Eastern states too.  Savvy and stylish couples are falling in love with the beauty that is the Riverland plus also the benefit in stretching their budget.

The idea behind this collaborative shoot was to be able to showcase the very high standard of services being offered from suppliers in the Riverland  in addition to the many wonderful photo shoot opportunities.

The collaborative team  behind this shoot decided on a woodlands wedding theme as it is a contrast to the region and demonstrates the diversity of the amazing Riverland environment.

The shoot was photographed by Karen Jericho of Photography By Karen and a full list of vendors is listed below.


2014-09-09_00152014-09-09_00162014-09-09_0017 2014-09-09_0018 2014-09-09_0019 2014-09-09_0020 2014-09-09_0021 2014-09-09_0022 2014-09-09_0023 2014-09-09_0024 2014-09-09_0025 2014-09-09_0026

Photography: Photography By Karen

Flowers:  Flowers by Jodie Lee 

Hair : Jarahs Hair

Styling   A Day To Remember Wedding Planning

MUA: Evella Skin & Body

Cake: Sammi Jo

Van:  Little Vintage Bar & Van

Models :

Zoe Klonaris

Corey Klonaris

Jess Dimas

Trent Rice


Rubix Booths Winter 2014

Photo booths continue to evolve and they just get better and better!

Rubix Booths have exhibited with LCA a couple of times now and it has to be remarked at how friendly they are to deal with. They’re clearly extremely passionate about their business and the way it’s operated.

They have a number of gorgeously creative set ups and no end of fab props to use. Here’s some awesome fun pics from the Winter fair in Hahndorf – maybe you can spot yourself in them??!

Thanks so much to Rubix Booths for creating so much fun once again  : ) Check them out here Rubix Booths 2014-08-07_0004 2014-08-07_0005 2014-08-07_0006 2014-08-07_0007 2014-08-07_0008 2014-08-07_0009 2014-08-07_0010 2014-08-07_0011 2014-08-07_0012 2014-08-07_0013 2014-08-07_0014 2014-08-07_0015 2014-08-07_0016 2014-08-07_0017 2014-08-07_0018 2014-08-07_0019 2014-08-07_0020 2014-08-07_0021 2014-08-07_0022 2014-08-07_0023 2014-08-07_0024 2014-08-07_0025 2014-08-07_0026

Love Cherish Adore ‘In The Hills’ ~ 3rd August 2014



The Adelaide Hills is a spectacular place to get married with so many outstandingly beautiful venues to choose from.  The vines, rolling landscape and the peace and quiet are just magical whatever the season.

Bringing Love Cherish Adore to the hills was a conscious decision since many of our exhibitors are such a great fit for the rustic, vintage and romantic weddings that the hills and surrounding areas like McLaren Vale do so well.

The venue for this fair is in the middle of stunning Hahndorf so you can make a morning, afternoon or whole day of it and visit some of the many gorgeous eateries and boutique shops on offer.

Who’s Exhibiting……?

As usual, we’ve got a fantastic line up of passionate, creative and inspiring vendors and suppliers covering all bases of your wedding needs including

Cakes, stylists, stationery, photographers, celebrants, bespoke bridal gowns, a winery, a vintage bridal trailer and bar and more will be showcasing their talent and creativity.

This fair is sponsored by Brides of Adelaide which means every Bride will receive their latest edition soon to hit the shelves. We’ve also got Husband & Wife team By The Oaktree styling the venue for us and would like to thank to sponsor Sail & Swan for designing our beautiful artwork.

A list of confirmed exhibitors to date is available on Facebook with more being added very soon.


With thanks to Andrew Mazzone Design Jewellers we have these beautiful earrings worth over $180.00 to giveaway to one lucky Bride.  These stunning earrings will be placed randomly in one of the goodie bags on offer.


On the day there will be plenty of other offers as each Bride will receive a tote bag to put their complimentary copy of Brides of Adelaide magazine inside.  Many of our exhibitors will also be offering fair discounts and samples too.

Entry to the fair is just $5.00 and a pre paid ticket is not required.  Too easy!

Bring along your bestie, Bridesmaid, Mum, Aunty and get inspired. We really look forward to seeing you there!!




Rubix Booths

If you came to our Autumn fair you would have seen Rubix Booths in action who are a new photobooth company to the SA wedding, event and party scene.

Rubix Booths is owned and operated by a passionate and creative team whose aim is to provide a unique, high-end photobooth experience. They are an open photobooth offering a modern twist to conventional enclosed booths and can comfortably fit up to 8 or more guests.  The open photobooth experience gets everyone involved, including cheeky photo bombers adding to the fun!

Maria from Rubix Booths says  ‘Our creativity is matched by our quality. We have invested great time in researching, testing and ensuring all photographic equipment that is used is industry leading to deliver not only the best photobooth experience, but also capture the essence of photography with exceptional quality photos. 

There are several ways in which the photos and photo strips can be used. Whether it be a photograph taken on your special night, be enlarged-framed and hung on your bedroom wall or a photo strip for your ‘Save the Date’ to your special event we are happy, flexible and willing to work with our clients to provide the best value-for-money photobooth service that Adelaide can provide.’

LCA is excited that Rubix Booths will be exhibiting at both the Winter and Spring fairs coming up. In the meantime, here are some photos from our Autumn fair – are you in any of them?????  There’s some familiar faces………!

LCA1editweb LCA2editweb LCA3editweb LCA4editweb LCA5editweb LCA6editweb LCA7editweb LCA8editweb LCA9editweb LCA10editweb LCA11editweb LCA12editweb LCA13editweb LCA14editweb LCA15editweb LCA16editweb LCA17editweb LCA18editweb LCA19editweb LCA20editweb LCA21editweb LCA22editweb LCA23editweb LCA24editweb LCA25editweb