Prea James at The Bride Lab

Australian bridal designer Prea James designs gowns for the relaxed modern bride who wants something fashionable and unique for her wedding day and the good news is she’s coming to Adelaide! More

Cape Roger Curtis

Passionate photographers are those who are always looking to push their creative boundaries.  Whilst on vacation on Bowen Island in Canada just recently, that’s exactly what Adelaide Hills photographer Bridget Quain did. More

Perfect Paperie

From your save the dates to your thank -you’s, your stationery suite carries through your wedding journey from start to finish.   More

California Dreaming

When a wedding florist organises her hens day she naturally collabs with some of her clever industry pals to create a day that can only be described as next level!


Pantone’s Colour of the Year ~ Greenery

Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year has been announced as ‘greenery’. A refreshing colour inspired by nature and new beginnings making it the perfect palette for a wedding.


Celebrating with Barossa Styling & Events!

When an event stylist celebrates a milestone birthday, you know it’s going to look utterly amazing.  So much so that despite it not being a wedding, we couldn’t get past the styling that Chelsea, director at Barossa Styling & Events created for her own 30th birthday party earlier this year, so we’re sharing it with you! More

Wedding Cake Inspo

The wedding cake is a tradition most couples keep so we’ve rounded up some locally made wedding cakes for inspiration.

How To Organise a Wedfest

 All rise the Wedfest. A fun festival of love where friends and family gather to celebrate a new marriage.  They’re down to earth, heaps of fun surprisingly easy to organise! More

Dig Deep + Reach High!

Throughout the excitement of all the planning, it’s all too easy to concentrate on the details of your wedding day but what happens after you get married? Once the big day is over is the important part begins.  The part where you actually begin life as a married couple. More

A Dream Team Collaboration

There’s so many words that could be used to describe this beautiful styled shoot. With deep hues, modern and rustic touches along with a pinch of glamour , this collaboration sets a sky high standard.

The venue for this stunning shoot is Stevens Estate Garden in Williamstown, an immaculate ceremony venue which boasts a myriad of photo opportunities including an old rustic cottage.

There’s another surprise linked to this shoot too…… a video captured by Vu Phan Productions.

I guarantee you’ll love this shoot which is bought to you by this amazing dream team of vendors. Special thanks to The Carpenters Daughter for initiating!

Photography: Blush and Mint Photography

Gowns: The Vintage Bride Boutique ( Karen Willis Holmes Gowns)

Cake: The Sweet Tooth Factory

Stationery: Magnolia Press

Styling, Furniture + Props: Minty Mary Pea

Wood Art: The Carpenters Daughter

Floral Art: Bella in Bloom

Hair + MU: Barossa Style Bar

Venue: Stevens Estate Garden

Video: Vu Phan Productions



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Inviting Children to Your Wedding

Children or no children that’s the question! Your decision not to invite them should you choose not to can create untold issues with family and guests divided in their opinions.  We’ve all been at weddings where a child has cried throughout a ceremony and or reception which can put a bit of a spoiler on your day. Whilst some guests may welcome an opportunity for a child free day, others would prefer to celebrate your wedding day with their children particularly if they are family. It’s never going to be a win, win scenario.

Whatever you decide, it’s how you handle it that makes a difference.

Etiquette professional Alana Lenart from Etiquette for Success give her views on how to handle this frequently discussed wedding dilemma.

Yes or No?

Whether to invite children or not to your wedding is a tough decision. When I’m asked by couples if they have to invite children I tell them no, you don’t have to. What you do need to do is give the decision some thought and factor in who is going to be affected by it.

So I breakdown the children at weddings situation into three categories. Absolutely no children, children in the bridal party are invited and children welcome, it’s a family affair!

No Children…..

If you and your partner don’t want children at your wedding then that’s ok. Begin by addressing the invitations to the adults only and be prepared that guests may then subsequently ask you if they can bring their children.

When this happens, make sure that you and your partner are on the same page with your answer and stick to it. If members of your bridal party have children, communicate that it is a child free wedding prior to asking them to be in your bridal party. This gives them notice to arrange for someone to look after them and for them to accept this invitation. Understand though that they may be disappointed so this situation requires thoughtful discretion. I do know of bridesmaids that have pulled out of their duties because their children weren’t invited.

Just The Bridal Party

If you decide that children in the bridal party are invited then this is reasonable and by no means hypocritical. My husband and I had our nieces as flower girls and their baby brother attended with his parents but no other children were invited. Handle it like the absolutely no children situation. If you are asked on the day why some children are allowed, say that it is because they are a part of the bridal party.

Children Welcome

Children welcome, it’s a family affair!- if you’re happy to have children at your wedding then that’s great but try and ensure that their needs are catered for. Ask your caterer to have a children’s menu and have a range of drinks for them being mindful that only having sugary soft drink may lead to disaster!

Maybe also organise for the children’s meals to be served first. The majority of younger children eat quite early so expecting them to wait until the main course is served may create some cranky kids behaviour.


Above: Paper Carousel

Another tip is to arrange for them to be seated at a kids table although you’ll need to give the table decorations some thought. Absolutely no candles for obvious reasons.

If a kids table isn’t possible ask a friend or family member to set up a kids zone prior to the reception starting. Some activities to consider are board games for older kids, colouring books and pencils (avoid permanent markers!), maybe even an iPad with age appropriate programs or films. You may even want to hire a babysitter for a few hours to keep them entertained while the dinner is being served and speeches are happening.

One other thing to remember is that if you are inviting children don’t expect that they will sit quietly for hours on end no matter how much entertainment is available. They are kids afterall and they will get excited about being apart of your special day.

What I wouldn’t recommend doing is inviting some children and not others. This will more than likely lead to problems on the day and you don’t want to deal with that. Some guests may ask you directly if they can bring their children and the best way to handle this is quickly and politely, in-person or by phone. For example, “Dave I understand that you would like to bring the kids however we are only inviting adults. We are lookingforward to celebrating with you and Sally on the day.”  If your numbers are genuinely limited then by all means say that. Children may only be little but they add to your overall number.

If you have a specific etiquette question or need help with a wedding planning dilemma please get in touch. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram.

Dreamy Boho Styled Shoot

Young Adelaide based wedding photographer Katherine recently partnered with Anastasia and Caroline from Elly & Elm Events to bring an idea to life. Both Katherine & Elly and Elm work in the wedding industry but they wanted to create something that encapsulated the style they both love. They wanted it to be bohemian, with an emphasis on dreamy light and carefully picked flowers and decorations. They knew straight away that they wanted a flower crown and a beautiful dress – everything else came together thanks to the brains & creativity of Anastasia and Caroline.

They spent a wonderful Thursday afternoon at gorgeous Marybank set in the Adelaide foothills, watching the bridal model Brooke transition from regular Uni student to stunning Bride thanks to Nina Skalonja hair & make up.

The result is one fine boho inspired shoot with delicate hues and a touch of quirkiness!

2015-12-16_0001 2015-12-16_0002 2015-12-16_0003 2015-12-16_0004 2015-12-16_0005 2015-12-16_0006 2015-12-16_0007 2015-12-16_0008 2015-12-16_0009 2015-12-16_0010 2015-12-16_0011 2015-12-16_0012 2015-12-16_0013 2015-12-16_0014 2015-12-16_0015 2015-12-16_0016 2015-12-16_0017 2015-12-16_0018 2015-12-16_0019 2015-12-16_0020 2015-12-16_0021 2015-12-16_0022 2015-12-16_0023 2015-12-16_0024 2015-12-16_0025 2015-12-16_0026 2015-12-16_0027 2015-12-16_0028 2015-12-16_0029 2015-12-16_0030 2015-12-16_0031 2015-12-16_0032 2015-12-16_0033

Photography: Katherine Schultz Photography

Event Coordination, Styling and Set-Up: Elly & Elm Events

Props & Decor: Elly & Elm Events

Stationery: Elly & Elm Events

Venue: Marybank Weddings & Functions

Female Model: Brooke

Male Model: Ben

Videography: Alexander Possingham

Wedding Cake:  Quintessential Cakes

Floral arrangements: Designer Bouquets

Hair and Makeup Artist: Nina Skalonja Makeup

Wedding Dresses: The Vintage Bride

Mens suits: Peter Shearer Menswear