How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer

There’s no getting away from the fact that South Australia like any other state in this beautiful country hosts a very large number of supremely talented photographers. Whilst some couples choose not to have their big day photographically documented, the vast majority do. So how to you begin to sift through them all and decide on which one is for you……?

To the untrained eye, photographers may at first glance all look the same however you can’t compare apples for apples when it comes to a photographer nor any other type of wedding vendor come to think of it.  There’s a number of distinctions between them all and actually, they are actually all as individual as you and I.


Let’s start with style. Each photographer will have his or her own signature style which is reflected in the composition of shots and editing techniques. Some are very modern and contemporary, some more classicaland timeless.  Some are more edgy with a masculine and industrial feel, some alot more soft and romantic plus everything else inbetween.   Your own interpretation of a style is up to you but it’s really important that you really connect and fall in love with one. To highlight this I’ve added a just few shots from some of LCA’s amazing directory listings.


Above:  Fiona Thurlings Photography


Above: Tamika Lee Photography

LCA 01 660660

Above: Helen Page Photography

660 x 2 660

Above: Willow and French Photography


You’ll be spending up to 12 hours with your photographer/s so it’s important that there’s a personal connection again with you and them. This is why meeting your photographers before you commit to booking them is particularly important. Some may be very direct and extrovert whilst others will be quiet and discreet.  Go with your gut on this one. A good place to meet a photographer is a wedding fair. Just sayin’!

Price & Package

Each photographer will have his or her price structure and package dependent on many things with experience being something you should expect to pay for. Avoid where possible just booking the cheapest in your budget though and consider both personality and style before just booking.

I recently asked a few Brides why they decided to book their photographer and the answers were interesting and also validate my points above.


Personality! Our photographer was there when I cried putting my dress on (swore I wouldn’t cry at all!) And there for every other moment of emotion on the day. I couldn’t imagine having someone capture those intimate moments if we didn’t ‘click’ with them.We also looked through lots of portfolios to make sure we liked their style of photography which definitely differs between photographers


He seemed to understand us and our vintage theme. He made me feel that he wouldnt miss any special moments of our day which with everything else sealed the deal.


The reason I chose our photographer was because even though I looked through many “pretty” portfolios of other photographers, her photos made me feel emotion. I didn’t just see her photos, I felt them.


Some great advice from some real Brides there who have recently booked their photographers. Good luck finding the right photographer for you.

Boho Bride Inspiration

I had the pleasure of these lovely images hitting my inbox recently from René at The Vintage Bride Boutique here in Adelaide. She’s an extremely talented and creative lady who lives and breathes the industry with talents in many areas from painting, sewing and photography.

She recently travelled down to Willunga to put together a boho inspired shoot.  Over to René…..


“There is just something about a natural looking bride with flowers in her hair and when this dress arrived from the states i couldn’t get the image of a bohemian beach babe out of my head. So after much day dreaming I decided that this pretty dress couldn’t just sit within the racks, it needed to have some time in-front of the camera.

I grabbed my pretty sister, some flowers from the local shops, wire and ribbon and sat on the beach creating a headpiece and bouquet like the ones I had been day dreaming about and got to work.

I also incorporated some of my sisters shells and star fish into the flowers and wreath as I wanted to acknowledge the beautiful setting we were in at Willunga, down the south coast of Adelaide. It was so much fun to be behind the camera and seeing this vision come to life and this gorgeous dress be shown off for what it is.

I hope these series of photos show that with little effort you can have an incredibly beautiful look that is not only natural but shows your personality.”

2015-01-20_0015 2015-01-20_0007 2015-01-20_0006 2015-01-20_0009 2015-01-20_0010 2015-01-20_0011 2015-01-20_0002 2015-01-20_0003 2015-01-20_0004 2015-01-20_0005 2015-01-20_0001

Dress, flowers, styling + makeup:  The Vintage Bride Boutique

Model: Mikki Mussared

Photography: Blush and Mint Photography

Pennys Hill E Shoot | Wes Beelders Photography

Aren’t e shoots just so romantic! They document the beginning of a beautiful wedding journey and it’s great to see a couple just as them selves. Two people, so in love ♥.

This particular e shoot was captured by Wes Beelders Photography at Pennys Hill Winery in McLaren Vale, a notable venue in this stunning wine region.

The cute couple chose their outfit oh so carefully and the dainty floral crown the Bride to be wore was the perfect finishing touch.

I wish you all the best with your wedding planning and thank Wes for submitting this gorgeous shoot. Enjoy.


2015-01-05_0007 2015-01-05_0008 2015-01-05_0004 2015-01-05_0009 2015-01-05_0005 2015-01-05_0002 2015-01-05_0003 2015-01-05_0001 LCA-32 LCA-22 LCA-12 LCA-10 LCA-7





Love Cherish Adore Autumn 2016

2016 is here and you may have noticed that it’s a leap year so guess what Ladies, tradition says that you can propose this year!  How so, well according to Irish folklore, St Bridget struck a deal with St Patrick that ladies could propose to men every four years on 29th February.


If you’ve recently got engaged over the Christmas and New Year holidays then huge congratulations to you!  You’re certainly in the right place if you’re looking for some planning tips and awesome vendors to make your wedding day your best day ever.

Wedding fairs are a great place to get some inspiration and ideas plus you can meet vendors to see their work up close and get to know them.  They may also be able to give you an exclusive on the day offer or discount. What’s not to love about that!

Love Cherish Adore fairs offer a balanced mix of around 40 vendors at each fair which is enough to give you variety but not too many that you come away feeling overwhelmed.  You can enjoy a glass of bubbles on arrival which will be served by Steve The Bartender and there’s gorgeous canvas bags for Brides filled with discounts and little treats. We’ll also be confirming a giveaway or 2 very soon for some lucky attendees.

Here’s the kind of inspiration you can expect from just some of our amazing vendors already confirmed.

Adelaide Wedding Fair

Above: Sponsor White Marquee


Above: Bridget Quain Photography

Adelaide photobooth

Above: Sweet Cheeks Photobooths

Renee Lee Boudoir Photography

Above: Renee Lee Boudoir Photography


Above: Akimbo Stationery


Above: The Sweet Tooth Factory


Above: Andrew Mazzone Design Jewellers


Above: Minty Mary Pea

Lock It In!

The next Adelaide Wedding fair is on Sunday 3rd April 10am til 3pm at Norwood Town Hall which is so easy to find and get to with plenty available parking (not to mention some awesome shopping along The Parade!)

Tickets are currently available at an early bird price of $10.00 each or at the door for $15.00 each. Click HERE to order yours!

See you at the fair!

Team LCA

The First Dance

For some couples the first dance is an opportunity to wow the socks off your guests with a dirty dancing inspired routine with a lift crescendo. For others, it’s a slow lovey smooch infront of your nearest and dearest.  For some (like me and Hubs) it’s a frightening thought and so it was axed from our schedule entirely.

I kind of regret that decision now as if we’d had time to get some proper dancing lessons I’m sure we could have put together something that made us look like we were long time dancing partners. Time wasn’t on our side though as we organised our wedding in a bit of a rush (and I was also expecting our Daughter at 10 weeks!)

The song you and your fiance choose a personal one and like everything in life, there are trends of certain songs that are popular. To help you along your way,  Spotify recently analysed over 30,000 tracks and put together a playlist of the  most requested first dance songs of 2014.

You’re welcome!


The Greta Kate Launch

This week I had the pleasure of attending the Greta Kate launch and bridal bazaar at Greta Kate HQ in Norwood.


On arrival  I passed through Greta’s client area which is beautifully styled and oozes elegance. It’s an extremely decadent area for her to meet and greet with clients and also for the all important measure ups and fittings.



I then headed through to the back garden which I have to say was beautifully styled throughout and the light was super gorgeous as golden hour set upon us.

Familiar faces aka Caitlyn from Caitlyns Cakes and Celeste from Illume Flowers and Events where also there as part of the bridal bazaar.  Caitlyn showcasing some yummo cakes and cupcakes and Celeste with some stunning floral designs (including Peonies oh yeah!!!)

2014-11-28_0018 2014-11-28_0019 2014-11-28_0020

So let’s talk about Greta herself and her story.  Well she’s a well travelled girl and a fully locally qualified fashion designer. Bridal wear is a relatively new addition to her portflio and she also designs all kinds of bespoke dresses for all types of special occasions.

2014-11-28_0021 2014-11-28_0023 2014-11-28_0024 2014-11-28_0022

Her bridalwear collection in particular is well thought through with attention to detail in making sure the Bride feels as special as she should do. There are pretty kimonos for Bridesmaids to hire and all Brides receive a white kimono as part of the bridal package and overall experience.

Within the busy crowd there were lots of excited engaged Brides to be who revelled in the runway show which was flawless and well curated with the designs definitely having some international inspiration with a dash of couture thrown in.  Slightly out of the box without being alternative.  I must say, I fell in love.  Greta herself mentioned during her speech that she wanted to design a collection that was seen as being a little bit different and she totally nailed her brief. Words that spring to my mind are floaty, beaded, boho, couture, off white, metallic and French.

Plus, her collection doesn’t stop at the Bride.  There were some uber cute flower girl dresses too with two of the most adorable models.


Greta Kate’s designs are a unique twist on traditional bridal wear and I personally loved every single piece in her collection.  Congratulations Greta I wish you great things and every success!


The First Look

Traditionally, the Bride and Groom don’t see each other before the wedding as it was considered to be bad luck. They get ready separately and only get to see each other for the first time as the Bride walks down the aisle.

There’s plenty of beautiful images captured of this beautiful moment where the Groom sees his beautiful Bride for the very first time as she glides down the aisle. Then, the ceremony begins….

For some Brides (and Grooms!) however the pressure of this moment hapenning infront of a crowd of guests can be a little overwhelming. Que tears and messy make up oh dear.

So how about breaking with tradition and opting for a first look instead.

What is a first look and why might it be beneficial to you?

There’s pro’s and con’s to most things in life however let’s start with what it is and the pro’s.

A first look is time for a Bride and Groom to come together, in private  for around an hour before the ceremony. A pre arranged secluded spot is scouted by the photographer where the Groom nervously waits for his beautiful Bride who walks towards him and taps him on the shoulder. He then turns round to see her for the first time.


Image Source ( Pinterest )

WOW. So powerful.

For many couples, this magical and private time together helps to ease any nervousness they may have had prior to seeing each other therefore making the ceremony alot less stressful.

It’s also a great time for photos too as you’re not rushing to spend time with your guests, your hair and make up are fresh and there’s enough natural light for flattering images therefore creating a calmer timeline to your day.

So why not break from tradition and organise a first look with your Husband or Wife to be.

LCA Loves ♥ Rubix Booths

Our Spring fair saw Rubix Booths back for a third time showcasing their awesome open photobooth.  These guys run an extremely professional and slick operation and are an absolute delight to deal with.  So friendly and welcoming.

They treated LCA’s guests last week to experience their booth and here are some of the fun images! Maybe you feature here let us know…

2014-10-29_0066 2014-10-29_0067 2014-10-29_0068 2014-10-29_0069 2014-10-29_0070 2014-10-29_0071 2014-10-29_0073 2014-10-29_0074 2014-10-29_0075 2014-10-29_0076 2014-10-29_0077 2014-10-29_0078 2014-10-29_0079 2014-10-29_0080 2014-10-29_0081 2014-10-29_0082 2014-10-29_0083 2014-10-29_0084 2014-10-29_0085 2014-10-29_0086 2014-10-29_0087 2014-10-29_0088 2014-10-29_0089 2014-10-29_0090 2014-10-29_0091 2014-10-29_0092 2014-10-29_0093 2014-10-29_0094 2014-10-29_0095 2014-10-29_0096 2014-10-29_0097 2014-10-29_0098 2014-10-29_0099 2014-10-29_0100 2014-10-29_0101 2014-10-29_0102 2014-10-29_0103 2014-10-29_0104 2014-10-29_0105 2014-10-29_0106 2014-10-29_0107 2014-10-29_0108



f: Rubix Booths

t : 0457 056 741

A Barossa Valley Vintage Wedding

If you’re looking for some vintage inspired wedding ideas then this is it! Personally, I will never tire of vintage weddings and to me it makes perfect sense to draw on bygone eras if you’re looking to create timeless wedding magic that will stand the test of time.

Fiona Thurlings Photography submitted this beautiful wedding of Bonnie and Luke who were married on 12th April 2014 at St Mary’s Church North Adelaide with their reception at Peter Lehmann Winery.

Bride Bonnie wore a stunning fishtale gown by Jenny and Gerry’s with flawless make up by Luminous by Danielle.

This wedding simply oozes timeless vintage elegance, you’re going to love it!

image01 image02 image03 image04 image05 image06 image07 image08 image09 image10 image11 image12 image13 image14 image15 image16 image17 image18 image19 image20 image21 image22 image23 image24


Photography:  Fiona Thurlings Photography

Venue:  Peter Lehmann Winery

Dress:  Jenny & Gerry’s

MUA:  Luminous by Danielle


Rustic McLaren Vale Wedding

Bride Kira and Groom Tom met their photographer Bridget Quain at a Love Cherish Adore fair earlier this year.

Their vision was to create a rustic inspired wedding and that they did extremely well indeed!

They chose to have their Ceremony and Reception  at ‘Oliver’s at White Hill’ in McLaren Vale which was the perfect setting for this beautiful wedding.

There’s a number of cute little details that catch my eye such as the gorgeous green shoes the Bridemaids wore, the lucky horseshoes and the vintage bicycle. How adorable is the heart of petals at the ceremony too…….!

The Bride wore a gown from SA based boutique The Ultimate Bride which was balanced by the muted hues of the bouquet created by her Aunt.

2014-10-13_0001 2014-10-13_0002 2014-10-13_0003 2014-10-13_0005 2014-10-13_00062014-10-13_00072014-10-13_00082014-10-13_00092014-10-13_00112014-10-13_00102014-10-13_00122014-10-13_00132014-10-13_00152014-10-13_00162014-10-13_00142014-10-13_00172014-10-13_00182014-10-13_00192014-10-13_00212014-10-13_00292014-10-13_00312014-10-13_0032

Photographed by Bridget Quain Photography

Celebrant:  Ann Grant

Dress:   The Ultimate Bride

Venue:  Olivers

Whalers Beach House Styled Shoot | Victor Harbour

I’m beyond thrilled to present this styled shoot to you and I’m actually struggling for words to describe it, it’s that stunning.

The shoot was photographed by Emme Jade Photography and styled by House of Allure and also features one of our exhibitors this Spring, Caitlyn’s Cakes.

What gave you the inspiration for this beautiful shoot?

The idea grew out of a creative need for Lisa and I to create our dream wedding shoot, something she could have creative freedom to style, and something I had creative freedom to capture. Using the stunning location of Eat @ Whalers Resort as our inspiration, and the most unique, beautifully hand beaded dress by Emma Jean as a base for the colors,  we let our creative sides do the rest…

I can not thank the team behind this shoot enough, and I hope you can see a little bit of all our creative sides in these photos, as well as it inspiring you to create a wedding that is truly unique and true to your heart.

Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0001 Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0002 Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0003Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0004 Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0005 Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0006Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0007Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0008Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0009Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0010Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0011Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0017Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0018Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0019Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0020Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0021Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0022Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0023Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0024Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0025Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0026Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0027Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0028Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0029Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0030Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0031Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0032Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0033Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0034Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0035Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0036

Models :  Matty and Andrea

Styling + Stationery:  House of Allure

Make Up : Lacey Bell Make Up Artist

Hair : Erika Clarke

Dress :  Emma Jean

Flowers : Bird & Brak Flowers

Cake :  Caitlyns Cakes

Location – Whalers Victor Harbour


LCA Loves ♥ Hank in Chief

Ever so often a vendor catches my eye and recently it was this little beauty by the name of Hank in Chief.  Mens bow ties remain a popular choice for Grooms and their Groomsmen however finding the right one can be a tricky little task…..until now!


Tell us more about Hank in Chief!

The story of Hank in Chief, well it all started a little before the 3rd August 2013 (the day I got married). I searched high and low for the perfect bow-tie for our Groomsmen and couldn’t find anything that hit the spot. So instead I found a fabric that we loved and I made them myself! Making, designing and sewing has always been in my blood so it felt only natural that I use my skills and make our bow-ties. After our big day and with quiet a few custom bow-tie requests, I began to realise quickly that there was a gap in the market for swanky handmade bow-ties. Before I knew it Hank in Chief was born.

There is something wonderfully uncomplicated about men’s fashion that I am drawn to. Men can be adventurous when it comes to accessorising and I love how it can bring out an aspect of their personality especially with a bow-tie.

A lot of what I do is custom design for weddings. It has become Hank in Chiefs obvious point of difference. Having also been there myself (in desperate need of the perfect bow-tie and finding nothing that will do) I do love being able to help my customers by finding the perfect fabric and seeing their faces when their idea has come to life. This is the best part!

I also offer a large range of ready to wear bow-ties on my website. These beauties each have a name, a personality and a year of inspiration that is drawn from the 1920s through to the 1950s. A handsome and classic period that I draw much of my inspiration from. As I sew each bow-tie I think about the type of chap that I envision wearing it. I guess you could say that there is a strong theatrical presence in what I do too.

2014-09-15_0005 2014-09-15_0007 2014-09-15_0006