Miss Fisher & Friends – A Riverland Styled Shoot

Introducing to you Miss Fisher and some of her gorgeous girlfriends from the Riverland which is where she was created and founded by Kathy Elliott and her Husband.

Miss Fisher’s SA’s only travelling vintage mobile bar, being restored over the last 8 months with extreme loving care and attention.

Not only is she uber stylish but she’s practical too as she brings all the trappings of a working bar to your wedding or event including a fridge and inlaid ice tubs so you can mix up a cocktail or serve your favourite beer or wine just how you like it!

Recently, Miss Fisher collaborated with some of her Riverland friends to create a styled shoot , showcasing some of the amazing talent that lies to the North East of our beautiful state.

In fact, it’s worth mentioning that the Riverland is fast becoming a hot destination for weddings not only for couples in South Australia but from across our Eastern states too.  Savvy and stylish couples are falling in love with the beauty that is the Riverland plus also the benefit in stretching their budget.

The idea behind this collaborative shoot was to be able to showcase the very high standard of services being offered from suppliers in the Riverland  in addition to the many wonderful photo shoot opportunities.

The collaborative team  behind this shoot decided on a woodlands wedding theme as it is a contrast to the region and demonstrates the diversity of the amazing Riverland environment.

The shoot was photographed by Karen Jericho of Photography By Karen and a full list of vendors is listed below.


2014-09-09_00152014-09-09_00162014-09-09_0017 2014-09-09_0018 2014-09-09_0019 2014-09-09_0020 2014-09-09_0021 2014-09-09_0022 2014-09-09_0023 2014-09-09_0024 2014-09-09_0025 2014-09-09_0026

Photography: Photography By Karen

Flowers:  Flowers by Jodie Lee 

Hair : Jarahs Hair

Styling   A Day To Remember Wedding Planning

MUA: Evella Skin & Body

Cake: Sammi Jo

Van:  Little Vintage Bar & Van

Models :

Zoe Klonaris

Corey Klonaris

Jess Dimas

Trent Rice


A Carrick Hill Wedding by Lucy Jane Weddings

Carrick Hill has to be one of LCA’s most favourite venues in SA.  It’s a hidden gem full of character and history with stunning views and unrivalled photo opportunities.

Photographer Lucy Jane Weddings has captured the story of Kirsten and Sangseo’s wedding perfectly which is full of understated elegant details and pretty pink hues.

Love their car too, I’m checking out Fiat’s website right after I’m finished typing. Sooooo cute!

Enjoy this utterly dreamy wedding and all it’s beautiful details.

2014-08-31_00012014-08-31_0002 2014-08-31_0003 2014-08-31_0004 2014-08-31_0005 2014-08-31_0006 2014-08-31_0007 2014-08-31_0008 2014-08-31_0009 2014-08-31_0010 2014-08-31_0011 2014-08-31_0012 2014-08-31_0013 2014-08-31_0014 2014-08-31_0015 2014-08-31_0016 2014-08-31_0017 2014-08-31_0018 2014-08-31_0019 2014-08-31_0020 2014-08-31_0021 2014-08-31_0022 2014-08-31_0023 2014-08-31_0024 2014-08-31_0025 2014-08-31_0026 2014-08-31_0027 2014-08-31_0028 2014-08-31_0029 2014-08-31_0030 2014-08-31_0031 2014-08-31_0032 2014-08-31_0033 2014-08-31_0034 2014-08-31_0035 2014-08-31_0036 2014-08-31_0037 2014-08-31_0039 2014-08-31_0040 2014-08-31_0041 2014-08-31_0042 2014-08-31_0043 2014-08-31_0044 2014-08-31_0045 2014-08-31_0046 2014-08-31_0047 2014-08-31_0048 2014-08-31_0049 2014-08-31_0050 2014-08-31_0051 2014-08-31_0052 2014-08-31_0053 2014-08-31_0054 2014-08-31_0055 2014-08-31_0056 2014-08-31_0057 2014-08-31_0058 2014-08-31_0059 2014-08-31_0060 2014-08-31_0061 2014-08-31_0062


Photography: Lucy Jane Weddings

Dress:  Bridal on Pultney

Suit:  Hugo Boss

Wedding ring:  Gerald McCabe

Flowers:  Green Leaf Flowers

Celebrant: Peter Champion

Video: Captivate Films



Newly Engaged? Here’s 3 Handy Tips

Firstly, if you’re newly engaged, congratulations!

Being engaged is lots of fun and most importantly is a super lovely time to spend with your groom to be (or bride to be, Hi grooms!) plus you get to plan a wedding!

Secondly, there are a slew of articles on the web that tell you where to start when you first get engaged, a lot of these are overwhelming and can, more often than not, make you feel like you’re behind before you’ve even started. I’m two months away from walking down the aisle myself so I completely understand that taking the first steps down your wedding planning path can be the hardest. So whether you’re someone that has had their perfect day planned since they were 12 or someone who has never even considered what they want their wedding to be like, here are my top 3 tips on where to start when you become engaged.


I am so serious about this, it is the bomb. Even if you use it for nothing else other than wedding ideas, it is the number one place to start. Make that wedding board and pin like crazy! Eventually, you will notice themes and that you’re pinning similar things over and over.

Not sure what kind of dress you want? Not sure what sort of colour scheme you’re going to go for? Patterns will emerge! Decades ago women would buy bridal magazines, cut out all the pictures they liked and stick them all down, this is the exact same but with a lot less scissor and glue stick related injury.
Once you’ve pinned and pinned for a few solid months, go back through your board and delete anything that doesn’t fit with your themes/decisions you’ve been making. If it’s pretty clear you’re after a vineyard wedding, delete the pins related to beach weddings etc.
Pinterest also becomes a great sounding board for your groom/mum/bridesmaids/anyone else involved in the wedding planning because it’s basically a window into your mind. They’ll know exactly what you’re after and where you’re at and the whole process will be far more efficient.

2:: Attend Bridal Fairs

There are so many reasons why these events are ace. The most important is that it showcases your local vendors. You can read a zillion bridal magazines (which are also fantastic) but nothing beats having knowledgeable, reputable and local vendors laid out in front of you that you can chat to, ask questions and maybe even end up booking. They’re also great when you’re just getting started because they can help to guide you on your way of what sort of wedding you’re after.

When I found Love Cherish Adore (shameless plug!) I felt the asense of direction towards all the things I wanted at my wedding. You also generally get a little showbag of goodies and vendor info and more often than not the vendors run competitions for freebies or percentages off their services. They’re also a really great day out in general and it’s really fun to feel all bridey.

3:: Pick The Big Things First

Celebrant (particularly important), venues, rings, guest list, catering, the bigger things, in my opinion, are definitely where you should start. Because at the end of the day, these are the cogs that will get the whole machine moving. Unless you absolutely know that you want a specific pair of shoes or ring dish etc, then these sorts of finer detail decisions can be made later on in the planning phase (though I must admit, the very first wedding related purchase I made was our cake topper!)

Bonus tip:: Start Early

Now I don’t mean within the hour that the ring goes on! But I do promise that this will really help. The earlier you start to put some ideas in motion, jotting things down and opening that pinterest account, the easier the whole experience will be!

Love Kirby xx


Just Jars

How ever many DIY touches you’re looking to put into your wedding, at some point you may need vessels for your bonbonniere, flowers, jam, honey, sweets etc etc.

They’re cost effective, versatile and also eco friendly as they can easily be recyled.

Their versatility however is probably their strongest selling point with endless options of how they can be used.

Sourcing your jars can sometimes prove to be a challenge however Just Jars may ‘just’ save the day!  They have a huge range of jars in stock and are based here in Australia.

Here’s a little inspiration for you provided by Just Jars to illustrate a few ideas of what you can do with a simple jar. Simple but oh so effective!


2014-07-08_0001 2014-07-08_0002 2014-07-08_0003 2014-07-08_0004 2014-07-08_0005 2014-07-08_0006 2014-07-08_0007


Just Jars Australia



Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring


A simple guide by Andrew Mazzone Design Jewellers

Selecting an engagement ring is arguably one of the most exciting and daunting decisions that you or your partner is bound to go through. There are endless designs and options when it comes to diamond shape and specifications and to make the matter more complicated when it comes to the engagement ring, there are no longer any strict rules. Furthermore, with coloured gemstones becoming increasingly popular it’s a wonder anyone can make the right decision as to what their partners dream engagement ring may be.

More and more are opting to share this special experience to alleviate the pressure from one party and ensure the prospective partners’ happiness, however, this method is not for everyone. Some people thrive in romantic situations and opt for the theatre of surprise in order to fulfil the true romantic fantasy of the “on one knee” proposal.

If you are a romantic at heart and would prefer to surprise your loved one, information can be acquired subtly – regarding basic style. For example, if you both are walking past a jewellers window maybe just stop next time and have a quick peek – I am sure your unsuspecting other will also stop and offer some helpful hints. Friends and siblings can also be invaluable spies when trying to determine a prospective design and gemstone. Proposals with the unset diamond only are also becoming quite popular – keeping the element of surprise and preserving the romance, but allowing your partner to also play a major part in the ring design – taking pressure off you!


Regardless of whether you are planning a surprise engagement or if you would prefer to design the dream ring together, there are a few things that are “need to know” when it comes to selecting the perfect engagement ring for you and your partner.

Rough Design

Do you think a plain band or diamond band would be preferred? Solitaire engagement rings are the best idea if you are unsure of design preferences, as you can focus on making the beautiful centre gemstone the main feature. However, perhaps your partner enjoys vintage style, and would prefer an elegant diamond Halo ring, which is the most highly coveted design at the moment. After all – you don’t have to be a saint to wear a halo.


Focal gemstone

Although it’s difficult to get it wrong with a beautiful diamond – some people may prefer a favourite coloured gemstone to really get the unique Engagement ring that was always dreamt of. While gemstones such as the very rare Tanzanite and beautiful Aquamarine present beautifully, they are not ideal for everyday wear, such as in an Engagement ring. This is due to the characteristics of the gemstone which affects its longevity and durability of day to day wear. The reason diamonds are the perfect gemstone for an Engagement ring is because they are the hardest compound known to man – meaning they truly “are forever”.

Sapphires and Rubies come in a range of colours and although they are not as hard as diamonds – they are much more durable than other gemstones and therefore are also appropriate for an engagement ring. Small pink sapphires are being incorporated into diamond halos or delicately placed inside the band for a more personal touch – a secret that only you and your loved one share.

If you think a diamond is the right stone for you, you still have a few things to consider. You will undoubtable have heard about the “4 Cs”, which is the process of evaluating a diamond based on four keys factors: cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. The 4 Cs are a wonderful starting point to choosing a beautiful diamond, however evaluating a diamond merely by the 4 Cs is like describing your beloved on the basis of height and eye colour! Two diamonds can look the same “on paper” but can actually be very different when viewed in person. The beauty of a diamond depends more on how well it has been cut than anything else. Understanding the cut of a diamond begins with the shape of the stone eg Round Brilliant, Princess Cut or Emerald Cut. However, in determining the value and beauty of a diamond, the “cut” refers to the stones proportions, symmetry and polish – not shape.

Although nature determines a rough diamonds clarity and colour, the hands of master craftsmen release its fire, brilliance and scintillation. When a diamond is cut to exact proportions – neither too deep or too shallow – light reflects inside the stone from one mirror to another and reappear through the top of the stone, making it seem to radiate from within.

Such diamonds are cut to exacting proportions that maximise the beauty of the diamond – such precision often requires sacrificing some of the rough diamonds carat weight, but truly creates a brilliance that is second to none, or the “Ideal Cut” Diamond.



Come on guys, this is an easy one! While some people have an exact budget and others may be slightly vague, it is a great idea to let your consultants know as soon as possible what you were hoping to spend. This will help us narrow down options such as diamond specifications and source the most beautiful gemstones that are going to suit your budget. When it comes to diamonds, sacrificing carat weight over diamond cut is always gently recommended, as mentioned before these are the diamonds that truly display beauty and brilliance.

Finger size

It’s possible that this can be estimated, however if the ring is being custom made it is best to know the finger size before manufacturing begins so no further adjustments need be made and your loved one can show off her perfect engagement ring straight away.

Equipped with this information prospective fiancés can walk into their manufacturing jewellers and have a dream ring created within the shortest time possible. However, obtaining this information is not always that easy and subtle hints can quickly evolve into a conspicuous interrogation if you aren’t careful. Nevertheless, if you are concerned that you can’t acquire this information without giving the game away, there’s no need to fret, as that is what the experts are for! Andrew Mazzone Design Jewellers is a family owned and operated business, and has been offering expert advice on Engagement rings and gemstones for over 50 years. Whether you have some idea or are completely clueless – the friendly staff have seen it all and are more than happy to offer advice, organise hand sketches or computer aided designs so you have every opportunity to wow your fiancé.


Andrew Mazzone Design Jewellers

21 Pulteney Street


(08) 8223 5447


Rilda Welcomes You!

When a newly restored vintage caravan and a group of creative and passionate wedding vendors get together for a photo shoot, something magical happens….. Last month a fabulous collaboration of vendors and suppliers from across SA got together in the Barossa within the grounds of Chateau Tanunda for a shoot inspired by the transformation of Rilda the caravan. The vibe of the shoot was to capture some flirty girly wedding fun with pretty pastel hues to give a nod to Rilda’s heritage. The shoot was made possible with thanks to a fabulous line up of vendors and kind permission from Chateau Tanunda to use their land. So meet the team!

Little Vintage Bar & Van

Rilda, the Brides Trailer is the brainchild of Kathy Elliott of Little Vintage Bar & Van.  Named after Kathy’s Grandmother, Rilda has been a wonderful labour of love involving many, many hours of restoration. With her husband Ross, they set about bringing this 1968 Harris caravan that had spent quite a few years out in the weather back to life….. Rilda has a serenity about her and when people step inside they inevitably start to whisper. For that reason Kathy decided to offer Rilda as a Brides Trailer for hire. The perfect haven on a Wedding Day for a Bride to have her wedding photos, pre wedding glass of champers or simply a retreat between ceremony and reception.. Rilda can be custom styled for any occasion and will bring many smiles and memories to those she meets..

Cake Bites

Based in the Adelaide Hills, Cake Bites has over 8 years experience of cake designing and it’s worth noting that  all of her stunning cakes are  made from scratch with love using local ingredients. Cake Bites made and provided the gorgeous naked cake, biscuits and scones which were the perfect addition to the shoot and enjoyed by all after the shoot nom nom nom!

The Eclectic Bride

Our super models Jess and Lauren wore bespoke vintage inspired gowns designed and hand made using vintage materials by  The Eclectic Bride, a business that’s about to launch in the Barossa.

MintCloud Makeup Styling

Our MUA for the day was Lauren from Mintcloud Makeup & Styling who has over 10 years experience in the industry.  Lauren really loves making people feel their best with a strong belief in providing a personal touch. Ensuring her clients are completely comfortable and happy is of the upmost importance. The makeup Lauren used for the shoot  was designed to give a soft romantic look.  A light golden shimmer eye  along with some extra lashes for a touch of glamour.   Cheeks were given a peachy pink highlighted hue and Lips were given a soft peachy/pink and a peachy brown colour to ensure that the models natural beauty shone through.

Miss Maggies Flowers

Based in the Barossa, Miss Maggies Flower believes the flowers for your wedding should be unique. With this in mind they don’t offer pre-prepared packages, preferring to discuss your individual requirements with you and tailor your wedding  specifically to your needs and budget. They also have one of the largest range of vintage and eclectic vases, original pieces and props to personalise your wedding day including table flowers, ceremony flowers, table numbers, runners, vintage props, lolly bars, suitcases, drink stations and other general styling.

 High Tea at Home

High Tea at Home can set you up with everything you need to host a fabulous High Tea party.  For the shoot they provided authentic vintage chinawear, cake stands and serving wear along with some gorgeous champagne flutes. These ladies will develop your event concept, arrange catering and provide you with all the infrastructure, service items and decorations you need for an ‘Instagram-worthy’ High Tea party.  They’ll even deliver, set up and style your event and at the end of the day, will come and collect all of the items for you. With affordable packages, stunning service items and award winning event managers on their team, it’s no wonder the ladies from High Tea at Home have developed the reputation as Adelaide’s ‘go-to’ High Tea supplier.

Bridget Quain Photography

Our outstanding photographer for this shoot is Bridget Quain Photography.  Bridget runs her boutique Wedding Photography business in the beautiful Adelaide Hills and prides herself on her ability to provide a very personal level of service. This enables her to create a clear understanding of your Wedding Day and what it is you wish to illustrate.  Her natural style of photography, and relaxed approach to the day, will quickly put you at ease.  This is ultimately reflected in your resulting images, with many a happy client in her collection.


RILDAwelcomesYOU-001 2014-07-05_0005 RILDAwelcomesYOU-0062014-07-05_0006 2014-07-05_0007 2014-07-05_0008 2014-07-05_0009 2014-07-05_0010

RILDAwelcomesYOU-0222014-07-05_0011 2014-07-05_0012 2014-07-05_0013 2014-07-05_0014 2014-07-05_0015 2014-07-05_0016 2014-07-05_0017 2014-07-05_0018 2014-07-05_0019  2014-07-05_0021 2014-07-05_0022 2014-07-05_0023  2014-07-05_0025 2014-07-05_0026 2014-07-05_0027 2014-07-05_0028 2014-07-05_0029 2014-07-05_0030 2014-07-05_0031


Photographer: Bridget Quain Photography

Van:  Little Vintage Bar & Van

MUA:  Mintcloud Makeup Styling

Cakes:  Cake Bites

China: High Tea at Home

Flowers:  Miss Maggies Flowers

Gowns:  The Eclectic Bride – 0421253901

Vintage Wedding Inspiration

I was over the moon when Lucinda May Photography submitted this simply beautiful shoot featuring an awesome collaboration of local vendors.  The light, the location, the flowers, the dress,  the flawless hair and makeup and my fave the wooden swing adorned with flowers, absolutely everything in this shoot is just stunning. What’s inspirational is that this is all available here in Adelaide and made possible thanks to Lucinda May Photography, The Vintage Bride Boutique, Bella in Bloom, L’amour Hair & Makeup Design and Stevens Estate. I defy you not to ooooo and ahhh through this post!! It’s just divine. Lucinda May Photography-100 Lucinda May Photography-101 Lucinda May Photography-103 Lucinda May Photography-105 Lucinda May Photography-109 Lucinda May Photography-110 Lucinda May Photography-111 Lucinda May Photography-116 Lucinda May Photography-118 Lucinda May Photography-119 Lucinda May Photography-122 Lucinda May Photography-127 Lucinda May Photography-131 Lucinda May Photography-132 Lucinda May Photography-133 Lucinda May Photography-136 Lucinda May Photography-137 Lucinda May Photography-141 Lucinda May Photography-142 Lucinda May Photography-144 Lucinda May Photography-148 Lucinda May Photography-150 Lucinda May Photography-153 Lucinda May Photography-154 Lucinda May Photography-158 Lucinda May Photography-161 Lucinda May Photography-163 Lucinda May Photography-166 Lucinda May Photography-171 Lucinda May Photography-172 Lucinda May Photography-173 Lucinda May Photography-177


Photography : Lucinda May Photography

Hair and Make Up: L’amour Hair & Make Up Design

Dress: The Vintage Bride Boutique

Flowers:  Bella in Bloom

Location:  Stevens Estate

Adelaide Hills Winery Wedding

There’s so much to love about a winery wedding and this beautiful wedding  set in the Adelaide Hills is no exception.

The soft pastel colour palette chosen by the couple set amongst the rustic landscape is simply timeless.  A perfect contrast against the golden autumnal vines.

Their day was expertly captured by Bridget Quain Photography who is exhibiting with us again this coming August.


2014-06-24_0001 Sam_Ashleigh-012 Sam_Ashleigh-069 2014-06-24_0002 Sam_Ashleigh-093 Sam_Ashleigh-096 Sam_Ashleigh-103 Sam_Ashleigh-141 Sam_Ashleigh-144 Sam_Ashleigh-162 Sam_Ashleigh-186 Sam_Ashleigh-225 Sam_Ashleigh-239 Sam_Ashleigh-267   Sam_Ashleigh-340 Sam_Ashleigh-364 2014-06-24_0003   Sam_Ashleigh-276 2014-06-24_0004 Sam_Ashleigh-330 Sam_Ashleigh-410

Props/candy bar/chairs – Hire me SA http://www.hiremesa.com.au

Flowers – Poppies flowers http://poppiesflowers.com.au

Cake – Sweet Beas https://www.facebook.com/SweetBeas

Celebrant – Bronwyn Lindsay http://celebrantofadelaide.vpweb.com.au

Photographer – Bridget Quain http://www.bqphotography.com.au/

Spread The Love ~ Mini Jam Bonbonnieres

When it comes to bonbonierre, you want something small, cute, memorable and useable.  You could opt for plain old sugared almonds however that’s just a tad boring to be honest!

Offering something local and meaningful to your guests is a great option and  you can’t get more local than iconic Adelaide Hills based brand Beerenberg.



They have a great range of mini jams and honey pots which are perfect to give to guests as a little momento of your day to thank them for ‘spreading the love….’  They’re also cost effective and most importantly of all they are local produce.

Why not stop by Beerenberg on the way to or from the fair on 3rd August?!


2014-05-30_0006 2014-05-30_0007




DIY ~ Paper Dahlias


After stumbling across these beautiful images of Paper made giant dahlia’s I couldn’t help but think, maybe this is something I could make.

I am hoping of having a wooden branch style archway at my wedding, and the thought of spending a lot of money on flowers for it worries me a little, however I think this might just be perfect.

erin 7editweb

After watching a couple of online tutorials, I gathered together all my bits and pieces, items which I already had being a crafty person.

erin 6editweb

What you’ll need:

• Paper – Can be any colour you desire, I have used some left over cream paper I had, A4 size is best, allow plenty of sheets

• Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks – I got this one for $10 from Spotlight

• Scissors, a Pen & a Ruler

• Scrap piece of card, I used a torn off piece from an empty Inkjet Labels packet, but anything not too flimsy will do the job

• A circular shape, such as an egg ring, candle or glass (for larger flowers try a CD)

erin 5editweb

Trace around the egg ring and cut out.

• For a Smaller flower as I made, fold the Paper into 8 (for a larger Flower fold into 4)

• Using the ruler tear the paper along the folded lines into 8 pieces. (The Ruler gives it a rough torn texture which I think adds to the look rather than cutting with Scissors)

erin 4editweb

• Now for the tricky part… curl/coil each piece into a cone

• Try to get a tight tip at the point of the cone, and then fold to hold the shape while you continue to make more cones. (Make a bunch of them at a time which will help you later when gluing them)

– This step can be quite time consuming, especially until you get the knack of making the cones

erin 3editweb

• The next tricky part is the gluing…

• This can get a bit messy at first, but don’t worry as you build the flower shape up it will cover it up.

• Dab a bit of the hot glue under the little flap at the pointy end of the cone to hold it in place, and then dab a bit on the back side of the cone and place down onto the disc you made earlier.

• Leave a little gap between petals in the first layer, so that they next layer can sit naturally in the gaps you have created.

• You will need to do this fairly quickly so the glue doesn’t dry and I found holding the petal down in place with the tip of the glue gun helped me not to burn my fingers. This layer will be covered so not a big deal if it all looks a bit odd until you get the knack of it.

• Continue to layer the the cones around the disc


• As you get to the centre of the flower it will become a little harder to place the petals into the flower. I found putting the glue on the petal and then putting into the centre and pressing down on the glue area with the pointy end of the scissors help hold it in place.

• The final few petals may need to be folder shorter otherwise they may stick out of the flower in an odd way and sit above the other petals.


After thoughts….

• You could always paint the cones if you liked, or at least partially so it looked like the centre of the cones were darker.

• You could also make the centre cones slightly smaller too look a little more like the flower detail.

I was pretty happy with the end results and I also like how with the shadows in the cones it makes it look like the centre is a darker pinky colour.
Now I can’t wait to make some more!







Let The Lawn Games Begin!

There’s something about a gathering that calls for games to keep the children and adults equally entertained during both the day and night.

Why not set up a little area with a few traditional lawn games? Guaranteed to keep everyone happy whatever their age.

We have a selection of games for hire such as bocce, croquet, quoits and giant jenga so drop us a line to lock them in for your wedding, party or event.


IMG_6926editweb IMG_9127editweb IMG_9145editweb Jenga

Lucky Lavender

I’m writing this post looking out on to my garden where at the moment there’s an abundance of beautiful lavender.  It’s such an elegant flower with a gorgeous unique scent a perfect choice as a bridal flower.

In many wedding cultures and traditions, lavender is also a symbol of luck, loyalty and love.   It also conjurs up thoughts of Provence in France and has a soft rustic and chic vibe about it.

There’s many ways to incorporate lavender into your big day with the obvious one being in your bouquet.  For all you DIY Brides, lavender is a great flower to use. I put together a simple boutonniere using some sage, also from the garden just using some simple twine.  It would look equally beautiful with some co ordinating ribbon.

Here’s a few more ideas to use lavender……

  • Dry some lavender to use as organic and biodegradable confetti
  • Use as a garnish in your reception cocktails
  • Plant a small lavender plant as a bomboniere or make some soap using lavender also as a bomboniere

Lavender is also a really versitile colour and can be nixed with many different colours and hues such as gold, magenta and green to create a really elegant wedding palette.  To help you on your way, here’s a link to a pinterest board we’ve put together.


Happy planning!

Love Susie x

PicMonkey Collage

IMG_9217editweb IMG_9218editweb IMG_9236editweb