It seems like yesterday but it’s a whole 10 years ago that Mr S and I got married. On 18th March 2006 to be precise at All Saints Church in Church Lench followed by a reception at The Manor House hotel in Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire.


Susie Styler Photography


Let Love Grow

Since moving to Australia I’ve become totally obsessed with succulents.  The biggest draw for me other than their killer good looks is that they’re so easy to keep which for someone like me is a big tick.  I’m not naturally green fingered you see….!!

Being an instagram addict also, I recently stumbled across Tati Terrariums, a locally owned business who create the cutest little succulent bonbonniere. Owner Talia grows each cute little baby succulent herself and also creates the mini concrete pots they live in so they are totally and utterly Radelaidean.

succulent bonbonniere 2016-02-26_0002

Cute, Quirky & Eco Friendly

These gorgeous little pots of love are great to give to your guests with a ‘let love grow’ kind of theme. Unlike sugared almonds and other types of bonbonniere, I love the fact that they are eco friendly since they’re more likely than not to be loved and cared for.

For your own custom order or for more information contact Talia.

f: https://www.facebook.com/tati.terrariums.adelaide

i: @tati.terrariums.adelaide

How To Be A Great Wedding Guest

By Alana Lenart of Etiquette for Success

The postman has delivered a letter that is clearly not the gas bill. Your excitement builds as you anticipate what it may be… It’s a wedding invitation! How exciting! Being invited to share in a couples wedding is an honour. The bride and groom have chosen you to be apart of their special day and it is important to the couple that you enjoy yourself. Here are some Wedding Etiquette tips to ensure that you are a gracious guest and that you enjoy the day just as much as the bride and groom.


Stationery: Magnolia Press


There will be a specific date in which the couple have requested you RSVP by. It’s important that you RSVP by the set date. If you know that you can attend then let them know. They’ll be very excited to hear back quickly! Similarly, if you cannot attend then it’s courteous to give them quick notice as this may enable them to invite another guest. If you are waiting on confirmation of work commitments then advise the couple of this and keep them up-to-date. A LOT of planning goes into a wedding and it’s time consuming for the couple to be chasing up guests that haven’t replied. Be a great guest and RSVP!

Bringing a last minute guest

In my opinion once you have RSVP’d then, barring exceptional circumstances, it’s not appropriate to arrive on the day with an additional guest, particularly if the guest will be attending the reception. If you have RSVP’d without a guest and would then like to bring someone, call the couple and ask them if it is ok. Be prepared that they may say no depending on how close to the day it is.

Respect the dress code

When a couple plans their wedding day they will envisage what it will look like. This includes their friends and family dressed to compliment their vision. Ensure that you understand what the dress code is and wear an appropriate outfit. If you’re unsure, then ask! The couple would prefer that than have you feel out of place for not being dressed appropriately.

Be on-time!

Wedding days are timed to precision. The church may be booked for another service and the photographer is on a strict schedule. Don’t rely on the bride running late. More than likely she’ll be right on time. If you do run late and arrive once the ceremony has commenced then stand back, or outside, until the ceremony is over. You don’t want to distract the couple whilst trying to sneak to your seat.

Honour the Unplugged request

In the case of the bride and groom requesting that their wedding be unplugged then it is your duty to ensure that this is met on your part. Sit back, relax and be totally immersed in the moment. Wedding ceremonies are such a special moment. Absorb the love and watch the faces of the couple as their dream comes true. There will be plenty of professional photos that the couple will share.

Dining etiquette

The post ceremony reception is the time for the couple to dine with their guests and celebrate their marriage. It’s a lovely time to spend with family and friends. Ensure that you sit in your allocated seat until the dinner service is over. Be considerate and thoughtful when enjoying the food and drink. You don’t want to be remembered as the guest that was drunk or who ate half the buffet.

Remember that you are a part of a really special day. Think about how you would like to be treated and behave in a way that emulates that. If you have questions or are unsure of what is expected there are plenty of available resources online or ask the couple. Have fun and be a great guest!

For help with a specific query feel ask Alana from Etiquette for Success.
Email- alana@etiquetteforsuccess.com.au

LCA Loves ♥ White Marquee

Planning for the LCA Autumn fair 2016 has already begun and I’m excited to announce that White Marquee is a major sponsor of the fair, providing furniture and decor to style the venue to perfection.

As a provider of hire and style items, it doesn’t matter if your wedding or event is big or small, they have everything imaginable available to hire. From big ticket items such marquees and pavillions to tables and chairs and linen. Decor wise they have plenty of options to choose from across different styles plus other key items such as temperature control.


Their large showroom is conveniently placed not far from the CBD on Richmond Road and they can deliver across the state making them one of the biggest hire companies in SA making them a name you can trust.

2015-10-27_0003 2015-10-27_0004 2015-10-27_0005

They’re a one stop shop for your hire items so make a bee line for their stand next April!

Flower Workshop

Last month I took a day out to have some ‘me time’ ! Along with Jenna from By The Oaktree and Erin from Made of Whimsy, we spent the day with Liesa from Fleur De Lys at one of her lovely flower workshops.

The overall objective for the day was to have some girly fun and learn a trick or 2 about flower arranging.

2015-10-01_0001 2015-10-01_0002

First of all we headed out to the flower market to choose the flowers we were going to work with.  This was a great opportunity to see so many varieties and Liesa was so knowledgeable about them all rolling off all of their names and care needs.

2015-10-01_0003 2015-10-01_0004 2015-10-01_0005

We then went back to her workshop and began preparing the flowers ready to be arranged with Liesa giving us constant tips on the day to day needs of flowers and how to make them last as long as possible.

We also received a sweet gift pack containing some proper scissors to enable us to get cracking straight away.

After a couple of hours we broke for some tasty lunch and enjoyed a glass of bubbles before returning to complete our arrangements.

2015-10-01_0006 2015-10-01_0007 2015-10-01_0008

Overall I think we did pretty good for novices! Being able to take home our creations was a high highlight to the day.


2015-10-01_0009 2015-10-01_0010 2015-10-01_0011 2015-10-01_0012

I highly recommend this workshop which would be an awesome hens day or just like I did for a bit of valuable me time!

Contact Liesa at Fleur De Lys Flowers for booking details.

Adelaide Hills Winter Wedding Inspiration

So this is a bit different…….a cosy Winter inspired shoot featuring dark hues, rustic textures and warm cosy blankets. Some vintage touches and the romantic setting near Montacute in the Adelaide Hills sets the scene along with real couple Thelda and Ben who were the perfect models for this beautiful shoot.

Put the kettle on, make yourself a hot chocolate and enjoy some whimsical Winter wedding inspiration.

2015-07-30_0001         2015-07-30_0023  2015-07-30_0025 2015-07-30_0026 2015-07-30_0027 2015-07-30_0028  2015-07-30_0033 2015-07-30_0034  2015-07-30_0036 2015-07-30_0019 2015-07-30_0020 2015-07-30_0021 2015-07-30_0017 2015-07-30_0010 2015-07-30_0008 2015-07-30_0007

2015-07-30_00032015-07-30_00022015-07-30_00042015-07-30_00062015-07-30_0037 2015-07-30_0038 2015-07-30_0039 2015-07-30_0040 2015-07-30_0041 2015-07-30_0042 2015-07-30_0043 2015-07-30_00442015-07-30_00142015-07-30_00152015-07-30_00132015-07-30_00182015-07-30_0022

Stationery: Bluebelle Studio

Hair & MUA: Gemma VenDetta Styling,

Photography: Deb Saunders Photography

Floral Art: In Bloom Floral Art

Styling: Vintage Scene Hire

Gown & Accessories: The Vintage Bride Boutique

Horse & Carriage: Classic Carriage Drives

Laid Back + Lovely

If you’re looking for some inspiration to make your day a laid back affair without skimping on style then this wedding at Russell’s Pizza in Willunga is one for you. Captured by Evan Bailey Photography and featuring lots of DIY elements, this wedding has a lovely wholesome vibe about it. Enjoy!


We’re both pretty relaxed people and wanted a wedding with a casual, social vibe where we could maximise time with family and friends. A friend recommended Russell’s after having her wedding reception there and loving it. We went for dinner one weekend when we were back in Adelaide and fell in love with the space and the atmosphere. Emma and the gang were super helpful, and many of our friends and family are still raving about the pizza’s.


I popped the question while we were holidaying in the States. It began with a proposal atop Sentinel Dome overlooking Yosemite National Park, and finished six weeks later with a NYC treasure hunt. We didn’t tell family and friends until after NYC, so it was nice to have the little secret to ourselves for most of our trip.

The Wedding

We both enjoyed every moment of the day – but as everyone always says, it fly by too fast.

Even the ‘getting ready’ part of the day went quickly – I was clearly having too much fun preening (and indulging in a magnum of Moet) with my friends. The hair and make up girls (Stacey on make up and Nic on hair) were amazing, and so flexible with the ever-changing time slots and people – they really helped make the day completely stress free.

We had our photos before the ceremony, and it was lovely to have that time together first – Evan, our photographer, even managed to catch a few rainbows! The ceremony itself was fun – lots of laughs (and a few tears) with all of our nearest and dearest. Our celebrant, Kellie, kept the ceremony simple and fun, and took the (unexpected) crowd participation in her stride. Evan and his photobooth (OhHello) were also great fun and the photos turned out great!

The dance floor was also a highlight of the night, we asked our guests to include a song request with RSVP. DJ H was did a great job in the decks mixing everyone favourite tunes!
2015-08-08_0001 2015-08-08_0002 2015-08-08_0003 2015-08-08_0004 2015-08-08_0005 2015-08-08_0006 2015-08-08_0007 2015-08-08_0008 2015-08-08_0009 2015-08-08_0010 2015-08-08_0011 2015-08-08_0012 2015-08-08_0013 2015-08-08_0014 2015-08-08_0015 2015-08-08_0016 2015-08-08_0017 2015-08-08_0018 2015-08-08_0019 2015-08-08_0020 2015-08-08_0021 2015-08-08_0022 2015-08-08_0023 2015-08-08_0024 2015-08-08_0025 2015-08-08_0026 2015-08-08_0027 2015-08-08_0028 2015-08-08_0029 2015-08-08_0030 2015-08-08_0031 2015-08-08_0032 2015-08-08_0033 2015-08-08_0034 2015-08-08_0035 2015-08-08_0036 2015-08-08_0037 2015-08-08_0038 2015-08-08_0039 2015-08-08_0040 2015-08-08_0041 2015-08-08_0042 2015-08-08_0043 2015-08-08_0044 2015-08-08_0045 2015-08-08_0046 2015-08-08_0047 2015-08-08_0048 2015-08-08_0049 2015-08-08_0050 2015-08-08_0051 2015-08-08_0052 2015-08-08_0053 2015-08-08_0054 2015-08-08_0055 2015-08-08_0056 2015-08-08_0057 2015-08-08_0058 2015-08-08_0059 2015-08-08_0060 2015-08-08_0061 2015-08-08_0062 2015-08-08_0063 2015-08-08_0064

Wedding dress:  Custom made by Helen Pearson  0404 986 805

Wedding invites and logo – Jem & I

Venue and catering – Russell’s Pizza, 13 High Street, Willunga SA

Makeup – Stacey Bateson Makeup Artist

Hair – Nicole of Anamnesis

Flowers – DIY family and friends [Ali with the assistance of wine!]

Car – Charles, owner Sophia

Decorations – DIY family and friends [bunting by Mum, and most of the other decorations were “borrowed” from Alex’s cousin’s house]

Succulent bombonnieres – DIY by the Groom and family and friends

Cake – DIY family and friends [Natasha and Val]


Celebrant – Kellie Najjar

Groom wears Peter Shearer

Rings – W. Eckstein & Co

Wedding Planning with By The Oaktree

Wedding planning can become an all consuming task which many couples find quite over whelming. Scheduling in the time and energy to plan a wedding can be difficult and knowing who the best vendors are is golden information.

Using a wedding planner can therefore remove some of this stress and get your planning underway leaving you with time to enjoy the build up to your big day.

By The Oaktree are established event stylists who know who is who in the SA wedding industry so it seems logical for them to offer a brand new wedding planning service! Here’s what they have to say about their brand new and exciting service!

adelaide hills wedding fair

Wedding Planning with By The Oaktree

After working closely with a lovely couple of ours who had only 6 months to plan their wedding and with both of them working busy full time jobs, it opened our eyes to how many great contacts and relationships we have within the wedding industry!

So after considering how we could assist more couples like this, we are excited to launch a different type of wedding planning.

Listening to the future Mr & Mrs H, we were able to match vendors with their personalities and style straight away. By The Oaktree then made contact with each of them to obtain quotes, which were then all sent through to the couple for them to look over on weekends and make adjustments and decisions.

As we were also styling their special day with our vintage props, we were able to offer a lot of advice as to what things would work together and other things that wouldn’t. As the bride said ‘I only care what my dress looks like and you (BTO) can do everything else’…we were there to offer advice on celebrants that would match their personalities, colours of flowers that would work together with the dresses and stationary along with details about where the ceremony should be held so that the photographer could get the best backdrop on the day.

As my background is in interior design (I also worked on their new home too!) I was able to draw up optional table seating plans to see how it would best work for them to fit all of their guests into the space along with the dance floor, bar, lounge area and of course the cake!

Looking forward to sharing the photos with you in 5 months time! Yes it only took us a month to plan their whole wedding and now they can sit back and enjoy the ride…Kitchen Tea and Hens Night planning is up next!

w: www.bytheoaktree.com.au

e: hello@bytheoaktree.com.au

t: 0402214595

LCA Loves ♥ Sweet Cheeks Photobooths

Very excited to introduce a brand new exhibitor this coming Spring at Ayers House.  Welcome onboard Sweet Cheeks Photobooths!

Photobooth Adelaide Photobooth Adelaide

There’s heaps of photobooths out there to choose from and they remain a firm favourite at weddings. This one definitely stands out from the crowd a little and is much, much more than a box in the corner. It’s a sleek, sexy and uber flexible open photo booth enticing your guests to strike a pose.

Sweet Cheeks can travel to your event upstairs, on a boat, on a bus or anywhere else you can fit a slim, 6ft stunner. Included in every package is:

  • Choice of image layouts (4×6 prints of multiple images or pre-cut photo strips of 3 or 4 images)
  • High gloss instantly printed images
  • Choice of standard backdrops
  • Choice of standard printed photo frames
  • Guests can upload their photos to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Guests can email images
  • You receive a digital copy of every photo taken
  • An attendant on hand to assist guests
  • Travel within 20km of Adelaide CBD

Photobooth Adelaide

It can even be customised to your wedding theme. Just send them a  brief on your theme and their in-house design team will create front and back panels of the booth, printed photo frames and even a backdrop! They also have guestbooks which are hugely popular with guests and leave you with a lasting memory of how much love surrounded you at your wedding.

Meet the team behind this gorgeous booth on Suday 20th September at our Spring Wedding Fair at Ayers House.

website: www.sweetcheeksbooths.com.au 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SweetCheeksAU

Twitter: www.twitter.com/SweetCheeksAU

Instagram: www.instagram.com/sweetcheeksAU


Port Adelaide Engagement Shoot

I pretty much gasped when I saw these images in my inbox from Rene at Blush & Mint Photography.

Rene is photographing Kelly and Chris’wedding this coming December and set to work on this gorgeous shoot which is vintage inspired with a modern industrial twist.  It’s set in Port Adelaide and Largs Bay since it’s not only the couple’s local area but also brimmed full of antique and vintage boutiques which provided the perfect backdrop.

Gorgeous Bride to be Kelly is a lover of  all things authentic vintage so the faux bob and 1930’s inspired make up by Gemma Vendetta created the perfect sophisticated look.

Kelly also asked if they could bring their fur child aka Miss Daisy for a few photos. Daisy is just 9 months old and is such a pretty young lady. She’s quite obviously Chris and Kelly’s pride and joy and was incredibly well behaved during the shoot.

You can can just tell that Chris, Kelly,Gemma  and Rene all had a ball during this session which sets the scene for one stylish wedding ahead!

2015-06-08_0015 2015-06-08_00182015-06-08_0001  2015-06-08_0002 2015-06-08_00212015-06-08_0003 2015-06-08_0004 2015-06-08_0005 2015-06-08_0006 2015-06-08_0007 2015-06-08_0008 2015-06-08_0009 2015-06-08_0010 2015-06-08_0011 2015-06-08_0012 2015-06-08_0013 2015-06-08_0014 2015-06-08_0016 2015-06-08_0017  2015-06-08_0019 2015-06-08_0020

Hair & Make Up :  Gemma Vendetta Styling

Photography: Blush & Mint Photography

Choosing Wine for your Wedding


 Photo credit : Tomek Photography


When we were planning our wedding I could not get over how many decisions there were to be made! It seemed as though I had chosen everything and then I’d take a breath and there’d be another very important question with the success of our wedding apparently depending on my answer! Luckily choosing the wine for our wedding was simple because of my day job as Mrs Wine Please. And today via the lovely team at Love Cherish Adore I’m able to share some of my knowledge to help make this task much easier for you!

When the venue asks you “And which wine will you be serving?” You just need to tell them the following… A simple and suitable selection for your wedding should include one Champagne or sparkling wine, two white wines and two red wines.


Champagne from France is always best, but it is also expensive. If serving French Champagne is not a priority for you that’s perfectly fine – there are plenty of other bubbles for your guest to raise and toast to your happily-ever-after. In particular there are lots of fabulous Australian sparkling wines available and I highly recommend the sparkling wines from Tasmania. Alternatively you could choose a Prosecco from Italy as a delicious alternative.

Red + White

During the reception both white and red wines should be served continuously. White wines will be more popular if it is hot weather and red wines if it’s cooler. A fresh, crisp white wine such as a Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc will always be popular. If you’re only serving one white wine, this is the wine that we’d recommend because they’re very versatile with food and an excellent aperitif. A second more intense white wine such as Viognier, Chardonnay or Riesling will complement lots of different dishes and impress the guests who prefer something a little fancier.

It’s most important to serve two red wines. A lighter style such as a Pinot Noir, Sangiovese or Tempranillo and a heavier style such as a Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon. The lighter wines won’t overpower your carefully chosen dishes and are particularly important in cocktail receptions where smaller lighter dishes are served. The bigger reds such as the Shiraz or Cabernet will be a good match for red meat dishes, cheese platters and late night conversations about how fabulous your wedding has been!

We highly recommend you taste each wine before you decide to make sure that you’re happy with your choices. If you’re not a wine fan then involve one of the bridal party or a close friend who is a wine lover. This is one wedding task that won’t be hard to recruit for!

If you need any further advice on choosing wines for your wedding, please don’t hesitate to contact me at hello@wineplease.com.au

Happy Planning!
Mrs WP x

Love on the Fleurieu

Now this wedding is something else.  I know as I was there but that’s a story for another time.

Photographed by Emme Jade Photography, the sweet union of Nick and Kelly took place this January with a ceremony at Wirra Resort Golf Club which provided a spectacular backdrop over towards the gulf followed by an evening reception at Leonards Mill. Bride Kelly shares some insight into her magical day…..

 The Engagement

Nick proposed to me on a beautiful beach at Dunsbrough, WA. We were on holidays at the time and Nick just couldn’t seem to relax! Little did I know the wet windy weather we were experiencing kept foiling his plans for an outdoors proposal. He eventually went and bought a pop up tent so that we could sit on the beach and have a picnic. After eating our lunch and cracking a bottle of champagne, Nick got down on one knee and proposed which made me the happiest girl in the world.

Nick had already chosen a beautiful ring however  it was a few sizes too big initially. I was sitting up on the rocks admiring it while Nick threw in a line to calm himself down. Next thing I knew as I tipped my hand forward to get a closer look at the side of the ring it came flying off and fell down between two boulders. I went into total panic however luckily as Nick had his fishing rod, we managed to hook it on the end of the rod and retrieve it after a few nervous minutes!!

 The Wedding

Since alot of our guests would be travelling to attend our wedding, we wanted to hold it somewhere where our guests could all stay together and make a weekend out of it if they wanted to. Futhermore as Nick and I both work in agriculture and love the ocean,  we wanted to have it somewhere rural and coastal so the Fleurieu seemed like the perfect place which is also where I grew up before moving to Victoria.

As far as styling I got most of the ideas from Pinterest and online and on the day we felt that the beautiful flowers from Blooming Bridal really brought the whole thing together.

Like the majority of couples we had a budget that we wanted to stick to so that made us prioritise what was important to us.  We wanted a photographer that we were comfortable with and could have fun with and who was also not going to be ‘in our face’ on the day, rather capturing the story of the day as they unfolded.

We also wanted our guests to be ‘fed and watered’ and really liked the fact that Leonard’s Mill showcased local produce.

Favourite Moment

The whole day was so much fun however I particularly loved sharing our personalised vows we wrote to each other and entering the reception venue, seeing the smiling faces of our beautiful family and friends and the claps and cheers as we were introduced as Mr and Mrs Slattery was overwhelming and completely uplifting.

2015-03-27_0004 2015-03-27_0005 2015-03-27_0006 2015-03-27_0007 2015-03-27_0008 2015-03-27_0009 2015-03-27_0010 2015-03-27_0011 2015-03-27_0012 2015-03-27_0013 2015-03-27_0001 2015-03-27_0003 2015-03-27_00022015-03-27_0014 2015-03-27_0015 2015-03-27_0016 2015-03-27_0017 2015-03-27_0018 2015-03-27_0019 2015-03-27_0020 2015-03-27_0021 2015-03-27_0022 2015-03-27_0023 2015-03-27_0024 2015-03-27_0025 2015-03-27_0026 2015-03-27_0027 2015-03-27_0028 2015-03-27_0029 2015-03-27_0030 2015-03-27_0031 2015-03-27_0032 2015-03-27_0033 2015-03-27_0034 2015-03-27_0035 2015-03-27_0036 2015-03-27_0037 2015-03-27_0038 2015-03-27_0039 2015-03-27_0040 2015-03-27_0041 2015-03-27_0042 2015-03-27_0043 2015-03-27_0044 2015-03-27_0045 2015-03-27_0046

Photography: Emme Jade Photography

Ceremony Location and guest accomodation: Wirrina Resort

Flowers: Blooming Bridal

Entertainment: Paul Smith Entertainment

Cake: Frangipani Cakes

Reception: Leonards Mill