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Adelaide Wedding Fair

Just under 2 weeks to go and we’re finalising details for our Adelaide Winter wedding fair on July 10th at Norwood Concert Hall.


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Planning Your Wedding Day Schedule

An insightful guest post from Sarah at Little Car Photography (who is also one of our awesome directory vendors) who shares her extensive experience as one of Adelaide’s leading wedding photographers on how to schedule your wedding day.  Wedding photographers typically spend the whole day with couples so they see it all if you know what I mean!  Over to Sarah with her awesome tips….!

Planning a wedding can be a very daunting thing, and often people have no idea where to start with planning let alone scheduling their day. Every single wedding is unique and every single wedding day will run slightly differently. That is more than ok! Your day is yours, and it can be anything you want it to be. To help you make the most out of your day, I’ve put together these scheduling tips that I’ve collected after shooting more than 100 weddings. I hope this helps you when planning your special day!

Adelaide Wedding Photography

Plan for things to run late

Most weddings will fall behind schedule at some point during the day, with not all of them catching up again. The biggest culprits are makeup, congratulations, speeches and food, these are the most underestimated in the time it can take to get things done right. Anything can run late on a wedding day, so I always recommend keeping your schedule a little bit relaxed. You can aim to have things happen at a certain time, but make sure you plan to have a little leeway just in case. So there’s no need to stress on your wedding day if makeup takes longer than expected or entree comes out 30 minutes late. Things you can do to reduce the stress of running late are:

  • Shoot bride preparation photos after groom preparation photos, guys generally don’t have make-up done or big difficult dresses to put on, so there is less chance they will be running behind schedule.
  • Consider giving yourself an extra 30 minutes between the end of your ceremony and the official start of the reception (this can be filled with extra pre-dinner nibbles and drinks). At the very worst, you’ll run on time and have more time to spend socialising with your guests.
  • Don’t schedule your photography to finish 10 minutes after your first dance or speeches. I recommend having 30 minutes leeway again, so you don’t have to stress if things fall behind a little bit.
  • Ask your MC to not just make announcements but to keep on top of your schedule. Give them permission to ask the band or photographer etc to stay late if needed (at their pre-determined costs) up to a pre-discussed amount of time if your budget will allow it. If things are falling behind, you can ask them to help get things back on track too.


Spend time with your photographer just before sunset

As a photographer, I can tell you my favourite time of day to get absolutely stunning photos is the hour before sunset. In winter, the sun can set at 5:30pm or earlier! Which means you could plan to finish your wedding portraits at 5:30pm or 6pm, just in time for a gorgeous sunset and getting the party started with your guests. However in Summer, the sun can set at 8:30pm or later. In this case I recommend putting aside 20 minutes of your reception time to sneak away and capture some stunning sunset photos as your guests party on. (This can also be a great way to break up what might otherwise be a long photo session).

Plan for your guests

I think that formal family photos and bridal portraits are super important, but I also understand that you want to spend time with your guests and you don’t want them waiting around with nothing to do while you sneak away to have some beautiful portraits taken. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your guests never get bored, and you get to spend some quality time with them:

  • If you want to have a group photo, ask your celebrant to make an announcement after the formalities that a group photo will be taking place directly following congratulations and to please not go anywhere.
  • If you’re not having a group photo, it can still be beneficial to ask your celebrant to make an announcement that immediate family should please stay close by as we’ll be taking family photos directly following the congratulations.
  • Pre dinner drinks, canapés and even lawn games are a great way to keep your guests entertained while you have your family & bridal party portraits done. Having these in a separate area to your ceremony can keep things moving smoothly, as any guests not required for photos can move on leaving family members undistracted for their photos.
  • Have a plan for your bridal party and couple portraits. You can ask your photographer to visit your venue/s with you to figure out the best timings for locations and how to keep things short and sweet if you’re eager to get straight into the party yourself.
  • If you want to keep times as short as possible between the ceremony and you joining your guests for the party (and don’t mind going against tradition) you could consider having your bridal party and couple portraits before the ceremony.

Plan around the light

If you are able to, I recommend asking your photographer to help you plan your wedding around the best possible lighting for you and your guests. I include a visit to the venue with every package, not just to find the best spots for portraits, but also to give feedback on the light and the best positions to take advantage of this. If you’ve booked with me and want to lock in a time to visit your venue and get some help with your schedule please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m more than happy to help. xx

Adelaide wedding fair


The Secret to Successful Wedding Planning

Let etiquette professional Alana Lenart from Etiquette for Success  guide you through how to avoid the stress of dealing with multiple vendors in the lead up to your big day. The good news is that managing it all doesn’t mean you have to morph into a Bridezilla so take a deep breath and read on!


How To Be A Great Wedding Guest

By Alana Lenart of Etiquette for Success

The postman has delivered a letter that is clearly not the gas bill. Your excitement builds as you anticipate what it may be… It’s a wedding invitation! How exciting! Being invited to share in a couples wedding is an honour. The bride and groom have chosen you to be apart of their special day and it is important to the couple that you enjoy yourself. Here are some Wedding Etiquette tips to ensure that you are a gracious guest and that you enjoy the day just as much as the bride and groom.


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There will be a specific date in which the couple have requested you RSVP by. It’s important that you RSVP by the set date. If you know that you can attend then let them know. They’ll be very excited to hear back quickly! Similarly, if you cannot attend then it’s courteous to give them quick notice as this may enable them to invite another guest. If you are waiting on confirmation of work commitments then advise the couple of this and keep them up-to-date. A LOT of planning goes into a wedding and it’s time consuming for the couple to be chasing up guests that haven’t replied. Be a great guest and RSVP!

Bringing a last minute guest

In my opinion once you have RSVP’d then, barring exceptional circumstances, it’s not appropriate to arrive on the day with an additional guest, particularly if the guest will be attending the reception. If you have RSVP’d without a guest and would then like to bring someone, call the couple and ask them if it is ok. Be prepared that they may say no depending on how close to the day it is.

Respect the dress code

When a couple plans their wedding day they will envisage what it will look like. This includes their friends and family dressed to compliment their vision. Ensure that you understand what the dress code is and wear an appropriate outfit. If you’re unsure, then ask! The couple would prefer that than have you feel out of place for not being dressed appropriately.

Be on-time!

Wedding days are timed to precision. The church may be booked for another service and the photographer is on a strict schedule. Don’t rely on the bride running late. More than likely she’ll be right on time. If you do run late and arrive once the ceremony has commenced then stand back, or outside, until the ceremony is over. You don’t want to distract the couple whilst trying to sneak to your seat.

Honour the Unplugged request

In the case of the bride and groom requesting that their wedding be unplugged then it is your duty to ensure that this is met on your part. Sit back, relax and be totally immersed in the moment. Wedding ceremonies are such a special moment. Absorb the love and watch the faces of the couple as their dream comes true. There will be plenty of professional photos that the couple will share.

Dining etiquette

The post ceremony reception is the time for the couple to dine with their guests and celebrate their marriage. It’s a lovely time to spend with family and friends. Ensure that you sit in your allocated seat until the dinner service is over. Be considerate and thoughtful when enjoying the food and drink. You don’t want to be remembered as the guest that was drunk or who ate half the buffet.

Remember that you are a part of a really special day. Think about how you would like to be treated and behave in a way that emulates that. If you have questions or are unsure of what is expected there are plenty of available resources online or ask the couple. Have fun and be a great guest!

For help with a specific query feel ask Alana from Etiquette for Success.