Adelaide Hills Winter Wedding Inspiration

So this is a bit different…….a cosy Winter inspired shoot featuring dark hues, rustic textures and warm cosy blankets. Some vintage touches and the romantic setting near Montacute in the Adelaide Hills sets the scene along with real couple Thelda and Ben who were the perfect models for this beautiful shoot.

Put the kettle on, make yourself a hot chocolate and enjoy some whimsical Winter wedding inspiration.

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Stationery: Bluebelle Studio

Hair & MUA: Gemma VenDetta Styling,

Photography: Deb Saunders Photography

Floral Art: In Bloom Floral Art

Styling: Vintage Scene Hire

Gown & Accessories: The Vintage Bride Boutique

Horse & Carriage: Classic Carriage Drives

Wedding Planning with Bel Nation Celebrant

The gorgeous Bel Nation, wedding Celebrant extraordinaire writes a post about why it’s good to take a step back and take time to think about what your wedding day means to you and why your ceremony quite rightly is a big part of that.


Are you planning a wedding or for a marriage?

So the question has been asked and you said yes! Congratulations! Awesome times ahead….. Now before you have even had time to enjoy being engaged your head is buried deep in bridal magazines (which is definitely putting a dent in the wedding budget), liked every post of bridal bouquet’s on Instagram and that Pinterest board you started years ago is in overdrive.

But whilst you are busy planning for that one day of your life where you are hoping that everything will be perfect just take a step back for a moment and ask yourself ‘what is this day all about?’
I have met some amazing couples lately and as a celebrant I love hearing all the details about how they met, what they love about one another (and maybe not so much!) and what getting married means to them and I have to say I have some pretty switched on couples. You see, I am definitely noticing a trend lately where couples are more focused on what the wedding day is all about and what that celebration means.
Yes, ok, we know it’s one big party with a whole lotta booze and cake (yum!!) but more than that as cheesy as this may sound it IS a celebration of your love for one another and the promises that you will make to each other surrounded by the people that you love. I am seeing couples do away with the red carpet aisle, 5 bridesmaids and groomsmen on both sides, string quartet (well maybe it was a violinist) and all the gloss of a la de dah wedding. They are bringing it back to basics and letting the union of becoming husband and wife be the biggest statement that they can make. They are sitting down and thinking about what it is that they want said in their ceremony and how their vows will reflect the tone for their marriage. They are not getting caught up in what a wedding should look like be but more focusing on what a marriage should be; and that starts with your ceremony.
The ceremony doesn’t have to be long, preachy and crammed packed with all the rituals and readings you could google but a good celebrant will listen to your ideas and who you both are as a couple and help you stay true to who you are. They will steer you away of the direction of doing ceremony things, just because you saw it in your cousins wedding two years ago and you thought that was the way things were done!

So don’t plan for the perfect wedding day, plan for an amazing “start of marriage day” and the rest will just fall into place.


t: 0420 995905


Choosing Wine for your Wedding


 Photo credit : Tomek Photography


When we were planning our wedding I could not get over how many decisions there were to be made! It seemed as though I had chosen everything and then I’d take a breath and there’d be another very important question with the success of our wedding apparently depending on my answer! Luckily choosing the wine for our wedding was simple because of my day job as Mrs Wine Please. And today via the lovely team at Love Cherish Adore I’m able to share some of my knowledge to help make this task much easier for you!

When the venue asks you “And which wine will you be serving?” You just need to tell them the following… A simple and suitable selection for your wedding should include one Champagne or sparkling wine, two white wines and two red wines.


Champagne from France is always best, but it is also expensive. If serving French Champagne is not a priority for you that’s perfectly fine – there are plenty of other bubbles for your guest to raise and toast to your happily-ever-after. In particular there are lots of fabulous Australian sparkling wines available and I highly recommend the sparkling wines from Tasmania. Alternatively you could choose a Prosecco from Italy as a delicious alternative.

Red + White

During the reception both white and red wines should be served continuously. White wines will be more popular if it is hot weather and red wines if it’s cooler. A fresh, crisp white wine such as a Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc will always be popular. If you’re only serving one white wine, this is the wine that we’d recommend because they’re very versatile with food and an excellent aperitif. A second more intense white wine such as Viognier, Chardonnay or Riesling will complement lots of different dishes and impress the guests who prefer something a little fancier.

It’s most important to serve two red wines. A lighter style such as a Pinot Noir, Sangiovese or Tempranillo and a heavier style such as a Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon. The lighter wines won’t overpower your carefully chosen dishes and are particularly important in cocktail receptions where smaller lighter dishes are served. The bigger reds such as the Shiraz or Cabernet will be a good match for red meat dishes, cheese platters and late night conversations about how fabulous your wedding has been!

We highly recommend you taste each wine before you decide to make sure that you’re happy with your choices. If you’re not a wine fan then involve one of the bridal party or a close friend who is a wine lover. This is one wedding task that won’t be hard to recruit for!

If you need any further advice on choosing wines for your wedding, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Happy Planning!
Mrs WP x

Little Tiny Wedding Regrets

Looking back I was a pretty cruisy Bride taking most things in my stride.  My main mission was to get married to my wonderful Fiancé with the least fuss as possible which I’m glad to say I pretty much pulled off (with only a couple of tiny moments of wedding planning drama!)

Our wedding day was magical in everyway however there’s a couple of things I didn’t do that I now regret….


I’m so lucky that my Cousin did a mini film of the wedding using mostly stills with music.  It’s a beautiful montage of our day and a complete surprise that he did it for us.  I do wish though that we had arranged a videographer to capture the whole day. It’s an added cost however for me personally it brings the day to life and is something that can be watched a million times over.


Why oh why oh why did I decide to DIY our stationery?! Whilst they weren’t a complete disaster I would have saved myself heaps of time and stress if I’d had them designed.


Our wedding photos are one of my most precious treasures and I quite often sit down have a look through them.  I do however regret not organising an engagement shoot though.  The reason for this is that I hadn’t realised our photographers were going to take us away to do some styled shoots and I felt a bit awkward while they were taken.  If we had arranged an engagement shoot I may have felt a bit more relaxed infront of the camera.


Oh how I wished I had worn my shoes in a bit more before the big day.  It would have saved my toots from getting a couple of nasty blisters that’s for sure!!

Got My Teeth Straightened

I’m not a fan of cosmetic procedures being sold to Brides however when it comes to your teeth, a winning smile is a healthy choice to make.

It was actually my wedding photos that prompted me to eventually decide to get my teeth straightened and my regret is not doing it sooner. I chose invisalign to straighten my teeth and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great smile not just on their wedding day.

The one thing I don’t regret doing of course is marrying my Husband.  My bestfriend, my rock, my everything. x

Honeymoon Planning Advice


[Chair styled by The Queens Quarters]

Your Honeymoon offers the perfect opportunity to tick off a bucket list destination and you pretty much deserve that after planning a wedding.

My Husband and I travelled to Mexico for our honeymoon which was totally amazing. A private villa set away from the main resort, soft white sand with our own cabana, 10 a la carte restaurants plus on demand delicious cocktails that I couldn’t sample as I was pregnant! Hubbie got stuck in to those though. Oh yeah. No sympathy for his pregnant Wife!

When it comes to planning your honeymoon, it can often feel like a difficult task since at the end of the day, it’s another thing to do on the never ending list of things to do! In these situations it’s best to delegate to a professional.

You’re in luck! Lisa from Clarke & Turner Travel Associates in Tanunda is on hand to give you some awesome advice abaut planning your honeymoon.  Over to Lisa…..

Many honeymoon couples dream of lazing in an overwater bungalow, with the only decision being which cocktail to order while you watch the sunset. But, increasingly couples are opting to combine their honeymoon with an all-inclusive touring holiday for a hassle free escape or even a luxury cruise to some exotic ports. However if you’re looking to break the mould altogether, you could follow the path of more intrepid honeymooners whose photo books are adorned with adrenalin-filled adventure or even moments shared together doing some life-changing volunteer work as part of the experience.

Read on to discover some of the most idyllic honeymoon destinations we’ve sent clients to and also some more unusual choices, which may inspire at truly unforgettable experience.

Barefoot Luxury Close to Home

For a relaxing and carefree tropical island getaway, the South Pacific and Queensland’s stunning Whitsundays are perfect honeymoon choices. The South Pacific, including Fiji, the Cook Islands and Vanuatu offer honeymooners clear waters, long white beaches, sun-filled days and romantic nights. Whether you want to do a little or a lot, this intimate collection of islands is an ideal escape. The jewel of Queensland’s crown is the Whitsundays. Boasting one of the world’s seven natural wonders, The Great Barrier Reef, this tropical haven is the perfect close-to-home honeymoon destination.

When to go: The best time to visit the South Pacific depends on the island national you visit. Ask your Clarke & Turner Travel Associates consultant for more information. Summer in the Whitsundays means hot wet days and ocean stingers. Winter offers milder weather and better swimming conditions.

Luxe Options the Indian Ocean

Free from noise, except for gentle water lapping at a nearby shore, the Maldives and Mauritius offer brilliant white sand and crystal clear blue waters. Boasting 1190 coral islands, The Maldives is a natural first choice for a tropical getaway; a stunning honeymoon destination will be sure to delight and romance. Not far from The Maldives is Mauritius, with its fascinating cultural history, turquoise lagoons, bustling markets and gardens of tropical delight. More than just beautiful beaches, Mauritius also offers a majestic landscape of hills, mountains and trees which will appeal to walkers and hikers.

When to go: There is no bad time to visit The Maldives, but keep in mind that from May to November storms are more likely. Mauritius enjoys a typically tropical climate all year, but the summer months of December to April can be extremely humid. The best months to visit are May to early December.

Exotic Experiences in Asia

From isolated beaches to tropical rainforests and bustling cities, Asia promises a unique experience for honeymooners. There are more than 20 countries to select from and an infinite number of experiences to be had. For lazy days by the beach, Thailand’s Phuket or Indonesia’s Bali are a good choice. For a cultural indulgence, Japan or Vietnam will amaze with their mix of ancient tradition and modern day hustle. Singapore makes an ideal stopover destination and Malaysia’s bustling capital, Kuala Lumpur, and stunning string of islands offers a bit of everything.

When to go: The seasons of Asia, from the sub-tropical beaches of Thailand to the powder snow of Japan, vary as much as its countries. Speak to your Clarke & Turner Travel Associates consultant for more information.

Options for Intrepid Honeymooners

European river cruising offers the opportunity to see the continent from a different view with ‘unpack once’ convenience and ever changing scenery. Luxury cruises through Asia, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean are also popular choices. Rail journeys mark an era of classic travel luxury. As much a step back in time as a journey through destinations like India, Asia, Africa and Europe, this is a truly unique honeymoon option. Or for an experience that won’t soon be forgotten, get up close and personal with the Big 5 of Africa. Game safaris by day and luxury bush lodges by night await you on this dramatic continent. The only limit on a couple’s honeymoon is their imagination.

Tips for Choosing Your Honeymoon Destination:

1. Choose a destination that reflects your unique interests and personalities
2. The right destination can maximise the time you have to escape together
3. Look into the weather before you book as your dream destination may be seasonal
4. Think about what memorable moments the destination setting could provide

Contact Clarke & Turner Travel Associates on 1800 467 494 to arrange an appointment or drop by in person at 39 Murray Street, Tanunda. Travel Associates is Flight Centre Travel Group Limited’s premium travel brand, bringing together the most knowledgeable and well-travelled consultants across Australia.

Key Tips when Hiring a DJ

David Bartholomeusz from Griffin Alliance has some great tips to consider when hiring a DJ. From someone who has hired DJs for over 15,000 gigs, he’s more than experienced! Entertaining your guests well ensures your big is a day remembered by all so it pays to use someone experienced like Dave.

Use an agency that has a rating system

Ensure that the agency you use has an independent accountability and rating system that allows you to personally score & review your DJ after the wedding in a way that gives them more work or higher pay in the future if you give them a high rating. A system like this aligns the DJs interests with yours since you both want a 10 out of 10 performance from your DJ.

Pay about $700 to $1200

I’ve now placed over 15,000 DJs at gigs ranging from childrens parties to raves, to huge corporate shows and, of course, weddings. We don’t want to spend a cent more than we have to to get the job done right, but also we would rather spend just a little to much and make 100% certain that it goes off without a hitch. What we have learned from over 5000 returned customer surveys is that if you want to supply a DJ that will get a wedding right, don’t go below $700. We have also learned that once $1200 is spent, more money doesn’t lead to a better feedback score.

Book about 20-12 months out

This is simple supply & demand. Myself and the other top 10 DJs in Adelaide can only DJ 52 Saturdays a year. That’s 520 weddings that we can do. There are about 6000 weddings every year in SA along. We book out about 6-12 months in advance. So if you want the best, get in first.

Make sure they take requests

If they don’t, don’t book them. It means one of 3 things and all are bad. Either they are inexperienced and don’t know what songs to say no to, they are a club DJ who only pays one style of music and can’t be versatile for all your friends & family, or they are lazy and just want to play generic party winners all night and not make the wedding special.


t: 0417819553

How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer

There’s no getting away from the fact that South Australia like any other state in this beautiful country hosts a very large number of supremely talented photographers. Whilst some couples choose not to have their big day photographically documented, the vast majority do. So how to you begin to sift through them all and decide on which one is for you……?

To the untrained eye, photographers may at first glance all look the same however you can’t compare apples for apples when it comes to a photographer nor any other type of wedding vendor come to think of it.  There’s a number of distinctions between them all and actually, they are actually all as individual as you and I.


Let’s start with style. Each photographer will have his or her own signature style which is reflected in the composition of shots and editing techniques. Some are very modern and contemporary, some more classicaland timeless.  Some are more edgy with a masculine and industrial feel, some alot more soft and romantic plus everything else inbetween.   Your own interpretation of a style is up to you but it’s really important that you really connect and fall in love with one. To highlight this I’ve added a just few shots from some of LCA’s amazing directory listings.


Above:  Fiona Thurlings Photography


Above: Tamika Lee Photography

LCA 01 660660

Above: Helen Page Photography

660 x 2 660

Above: Willow and French Photography


You’ll be spending up to 12 hours with your photographer/s so it’s important that there’s a personal connection again with you and them. This is why meeting your photographers before you commit to booking them is particularly important. Some may be very direct and extrovert whilst others will be quiet and discreet.  Go with your gut on this one. A good place to meet a photographer is a wedding fair. Just sayin’!

Price & Package

Each photographer will have his or her price structure and package dependent on many things with experience being something you should expect to pay for. Avoid where possible just booking the cheapest in your budget though and consider both personality and style before just booking.

I recently asked a few Brides why they decided to book their photographer and the answers were interesting and also validate my points above.


Personality! Our photographer was there when I cried putting my dress on (swore I wouldn’t cry at all!) And there for every other moment of emotion on the day. I couldn’t imagine having someone capture those intimate moments if we didn’t ‘click’ with them.We also looked through lots of portfolios to make sure we liked their style of photography which definitely differs between photographers


He seemed to understand us and our vintage theme. He made me feel that he wouldnt miss any special moments of our day which with everything else sealed the deal.


The reason I chose our photographer was because even though I looked through many “pretty” portfolios of other photographers, her photos made me feel emotion. I didn’t just see her photos, I felt them.


Some great advice from some real Brides there who have recently booked their photographers. Good luck finding the right photographer for you.

Unplugged Weddings


Image Source:

The 21st century has given us many wonderful things with ipads and smart phones becoming such a big part of our day to day lives. Social media too gives us the opportunity to share special moments via videos and images on to Facebook and Instagram with a swipe of a finger.

When it comes to weddings though, more and more couples are opting for an unplugged wedding and I can’t say this isn’t a bad thing at all.

Recent Bride Sammie says:

One of the first decisions my husband and I made when planning our wedding was to have an unplugged wedding. I remember discussing this with our celebrant and photographer who were both ecstatic at the decision as happy snappers can make their jobs that little bit harder. It was a decision that we made as we had had numerous friends who would only ever see a wedding through their screens and some even live posting to facebook during the ceremony, we wanted our guests to be present in the moment and enjoy it without trying to get a better photo than our professional photographer and getting in their way.

Before I arrived to our ceremony our Celebrant announced to our guests that we were having an unplugged wedding along with letting them know the bride was on the way! Our florist also supplied a gorgeous sign with a pretty quote that our guests saw as soon as they entered the garden. Our guests were very respectful of our decision with no one trying to take any sneaky shots!

One of my favourite aspects of the day was that our guests were present and in the moment rather than trying to capture it. I also noticed that once they had put their phones away they were engaged, they interacted, they enjoyed the day and made new friends. Most of our guests kept their phones away for the day and danced and mingled the night away, I attribute this to many guests saying our day was the most fun they have had at a wedding.

So, be nice and turn off your device!!!! Sit back, enjoy and let the professionals get on and do their job. #unplugyourphone Amen.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

wedding planning

How’s your wedding planning going?  Whatever stage you’re up to, there may be times when it becomes a little over whelming.  With so many decisions to make, a budget to keep to plus a timeline, you may feel the pressure to get it all done in time. I hear stories via Brides to be and wedding vendors about situations that could easily be avoided and so I’m passing some of these on to you.


  • Set up a separate email for all your wedding planning communication. You will thank me a million times for this.  It will ensure nothing gets missed inbetween your regular emails and you can set up separate folders for each vendor you communicate with.


  • Set a budget.  Whilst it may tick over a little, it’s a way of keeping things under control.


  • Research your potential suppliers and vendors.  A great way of doing this is via word of mouth and also by visiting them at a wedding fair (totally biased I know!)


  • I really can’t stress this enough but pay your invoices on time.  The majority of wedding vendors are small businesses and are mostly independant operators. They simply don’t have time to chase up outstanding invoices and you run the risk of your booking being cancelled entirely if you don’t pay your invoice/deposit on time.


  • Set up a Pinterest account.  It’s such an amazing tool for finding inspiration.


  • While we’re on the subject of inspiration, blogs are great too (since you’re reading this one!) I like Polka Dot Bride, Nouba, White Magazine’s blog and Style Me Pretty.


  • Look after yourself by getting plenty of sleep, exercise and good food.  Not only will you look great but you’ll feel better for it too!


  • Consider hiring items rather than buying.  Hiring is cheaper and quicker in the long run.  Buying heaps of stuff you’ll have to source, store and potentially spend time selling after the wedding may drive you crazy.



  • I’ll throw caution to the wind on this one with an ‘avoid’ rather than don’t but buying your wedding dress online via an international dress maker is a potential disaster waiting to happen.  It can be disappointing and costly since you may end up with a large bill from a dressmaker to make it work for you.


  • Wait too long to book your vendors.  The really good ones get booked up very fast indeed. A deposit is sufficient to lock them in so you don’t have to shell out full payment immediately.


  • Haggle your vendor too hard for a discount. It can send out the wrong signal and potentially sour your relationship with your supplier. Many vendors will be working quite closely with you and so a good working relationship is key.


  • Book a really cheap vendor and expect the earth.


  • Email vendors out of hours and expect an immediate response.

These are just a few tips to get you started on your wedding planning journey. Please feel free to get in touch and share your own with me!

Love Cherish Adore Autumn 2016

2016 is here and you may have noticed that it’s a leap year so guess what Ladies, tradition says that you can propose this year!  How so, well according to Irish folklore, St Bridget struck a deal with St Patrick that ladies could propose to men every four years on 29th February.


If you’ve recently got engaged over the Christmas and New Year holidays then huge congratulations to you!  You’re certainly in the right place if you’re looking for some planning tips and awesome vendors to make your wedding day your best day ever.

Wedding fairs are a great place to get some inspiration and ideas plus you can meet vendors to see their work up close and get to know them.  They may also be able to give you an exclusive on the day offer or discount. What’s not to love about that!

Love Cherish Adore fairs offer a balanced mix of around 40 vendors at each fair which is enough to give you variety but not too many that you come away feeling overwhelmed.  You can enjoy a glass of bubbles on arrival which will be served by Steve The Bartender and there’s gorgeous canvas bags for Brides filled with discounts and little treats. We’ll also be confirming a giveaway or 2 very soon for some lucky attendees.

Here’s the kind of inspiration you can expect from just some of our amazing vendors already confirmed.

Adelaide Wedding Fair

Above: Sponsor White Marquee


Above: Bridget Quain Photography

Adelaide photobooth

Above: Sweet Cheeks Photobooths

Renee Lee Boudoir Photography

Above: Renee Lee Boudoir Photography


Above: Akimbo Stationery


Above: The Sweet Tooth Factory


Above: Andrew Mazzone Design Jewellers


Above: Minty Mary Pea

Lock It In!

The next Adelaide Wedding fair is on Sunday 3rd April 10am til 3pm at Norwood Town Hall which is so easy to find and get to with plenty available parking (not to mention some awesome shopping along The Parade!)

Tickets are currently available at an early bird price of $10.00 each or at the door for $15.00 each. Click HERE to order yours!

See you at the fair!

Team LCA

The First Dance

For some couples the first dance is an opportunity to wow the socks off your guests with a dirty dancing inspired routine with a lift crescendo. For others, it’s a slow lovey smooch infront of your nearest and dearest.  For some (like me and Hubs) it’s a frightening thought and so it was axed from our schedule entirely.

I kind of regret that decision now as if we’d had time to get some proper dancing lessons I’m sure we could have put together something that made us look like we were long time dancing partners. Time wasn’t on our side though as we organised our wedding in a bit of a rush (and I was also expecting our Daughter at 10 weeks!)

The song you and your fiance choose a personal one and like everything in life, there are trends of certain songs that are popular. To help you along your way,  Spotify recently analysed over 30,000 tracks and put together a playlist of the  most requested first dance songs of 2014.

You’re welcome!


Do Wedding Vendors Really Charge Too Much?

I’m attempting today to address a trending topic on social media around whether wedding vendors charge too much.  It’s a touchy one so bear with me however in most cases, I really don’t think that most wedding vendors do charge too much at all. Obviously, there will be an elite core of vendors who work in the luxury market where the word budget is a swear word however there are many who don’t charge enough due to competition and pressure from clients to price match.  This unfortunately leads to many talented wedding vendors having to shut up shop and going back to paid employment.

With the average wedding these days costing over $30,000, it’s fair to say that the majority of couples have a budget to stick to and will therefore prioritise what they feel is most important to them. That’s totally reasonable.  For some it might be all about the dress and for others it’s about creating memories through video and images. Naturally many couples decide to accept help from friends and family to put together the things they need to create their wedding like Aunty Doris making the cake or Cousin Stef designing the invites.  Some may  also go down the DIY route with mixed results. Most weddings however will involve commissioning the services of a professional at some point.

Without knowledge and experience of working in the wedding industry  it’s easy to understand why wedding professionals  can appear to be charging more than you may expect however when you break down the time and investment involved then it  can all start to make more sense.

Let’s use wedding photography as an example.  The role of a wedding photographer is to capture your day so that you remember it forever , creating wonderful memories for you and your other half. There’s heaps (and heaps and heaps…….) of  wedding photographers out there and like most things in life it’s a case of you get what you pay for. Each will have their own style and skill level so it’s important to choose carefully (a post for another day).

Wedding photography is definitely worth calling an investment. It documents your day, capturing all the big and little details plus some once in a lifetime pictures of you and your new Husband or Wife looking amazing. Just like this stunning image here…..


Image credit Emme Jade Photography

If you haven’t realised already, the cost of a wedding photographer varies ALOT with each photographer on the market offering different packages and  so you will definitely in this case be paying for experience.   I hear alot of people saying that photographers are way too expensive for what they do since they’re earning on average $3-4k ++ per wedding.  For one day’s work that’s not bad hey!!! Let’s all go and get a camera right now and start making a killing?!  Except, it’s actually waaaaaaay more than one days work so let’s break it down.


Aside from time and money spent marketing their business (which is pretty constant) a wedding photographer will spend alot of time prior to a wedding getting to know each couple with 1:1 meetings and emails.  They may also spend time scoping out the venue to know where the best places are to shoot. With a full time wedding photographer shooting 20-35+ weddings a year that’s alot of meetings and zillions of e mails. In addition, depending on the location of the wedding, there may be significant travel involved which again takes yet more time and it’s not unheard of for a photographer to shoot for over 12 hours in one day which is almost 2 days work in one day  in itself and earth shatteringly knackering.


Photography in general covers alot of genres and wedding photography is out there on its own.  Aside from the wide range of photography skills needed to confidently shoot a wedding, there are inherited skills that are both intuitive and learnt through experience.  Many good photographers go above and beyond to ensure that a couple’s day runs smoothly by sticking to a timeframe.  Emme from Emme Jade Photography mentions ‘It’s the little things like helping the Groomsmen with their button holes or making sure that their ties are straight to making sure that key members of the family are not forgotten like helping Nan to her seat at the start of the ceremony.’ These little things add up to make a big difference.

Gear & Costs

A reputable wedding photographer will be bringing along thousands of dollars of equipment including camera bodies, lenses, tripods, software, cards, lighting and more. This often expensive gear naturally depreciates in value and needs maintaining which costs, yep more $$. Plus they need all the other things that general businesses require like transport, stationery, web hosting, insurance, advertising, professional development via workshops, soft and hard ware etc etc etc..


After the wedding is over, the photographer will spend time backing up your images to keep them safe and will then begin the task of carefully editing  all of the images taken on the day. This again takes a significant amount of time and skill to ensure you get great images.

Most of the above applies to many other types of professional wedding vendors such as stylists, cake artists, florists and stationery designers  who all spend alot of time dealing with enquiries, preparing quotes, attending fairs, networking, general admin, travelling and that’s before they even get to work their magic which again will require specialist and expensive equipment along with the skills needed to do the job and do it well.  Some also work very unsocialable hours and sacrifice their Spring and Summer and or family time by working extremely long days.  Florists for example are working around the clock during the height of wedding season to bring to you skillfuly designed floral art that has been stored and delivered in the nick of time to ensure it doesn’t wilt at the sniff of a 40 degreee day. Then there’s the cake makers who are highly skilled to create works of art and that’s before they’ve spent a fortune on ingredients to make said cake.

Now what I’m not saying here is that to get married you need to have an enourmous budget in order to keep the wedding industry happily alive and kicking. The majority of wedding vendors are uber passionate about what they do and more than anything they are extremely proud to be a part of your special day and hand on heart they really don’t charge more just because it’s a wedding, they’re just trying to earn a decent living reflective of their business costs, time and expertise.