A Seaview Wedding

Easy going couple Sarah and Sam were engaged whilst on holiday in Hawaii and got married near to their home on the South coast earlier this year. Thanks to Pinterest they found their wedding planning a breeze chooing a seaview ceremony followed by a winery reception incorporating a rustic vintage theme. Here’s their story….

The Engagement

We were holidaying in Hawaii during July 2014. It was towards the end of our trip. I was secretly hoping for a proposal but had feeling it wasn’t going to happen. Sam always said he would ask my parents first and I couldn’t put a finger on when he could’ve done it.
Anyway, we were on a Sunset Cruise at the top of the boat taking in the magnificent view Hawaii had to offer that evening. It was a little windy so after 20 minutes or so I wanted to go back inside but Sam wouldn’t let me and was adamant to stay. I just thought he wanted to take in much of the beautiful Hawaiian sunset as possible so I didn’t argue.

Eventually I got to a point where I couldn’t handle the hair in my eyes, my dress constantly blowing up and my beer glass being empty anymore, so I started to get angry – until Sam says, and I quote “you can’t go back inside yet – I have a question to ask you”. As soon as these words fell out of his mouth I begun to tear up and totally forgot about that dreadful wind… I knew! He got to one knee, said some beautiful words and then asked “will you marry me?” Happiest moment filled with tears, love and so much joy! Will never forget it!!

*And for the record… Sam did ask my parents – sneaky man!


We are both very easy going people so we wanted our wedding to demonstrate this. We wanted a relaxed atmosphere with a fun vibe. With us living at the South Coast, a perfect location to plan a wedding, we thought we would be silly not to have our ceremony near the beach. Ultimately we wanted our ceremony on the sand but with the amount of guests invited, it just wasn’t practical. So I remembered a few years back I went to a beautiful wedding at a garden in Horseshoe bay, Port Elliot looking out to the water, so we decided to check it out. Sam loved it. I loved it. It was the winner!!
For the reception, we knew we wanted the rustic/vintage theme straight away and for it to be simple. We both grew up in the country so we thought this was the perfect theme to go with. My parents recommended going have a look at the Currency Creek Winery (now known as One Paddock Winery) as they had just recently been to a function there. It was the first place we looked at, walked inside and straight away knew it was the place for us. Tick, tick… venues sorted!
When we had the venues booked, we started searching for ideas. Thank goodness for Pinterest!! I had a board in my account filled with beach/vintage/rustic ideas. A lot of simple flowers, chalkboard signs, lighting, rustic furniture, outdoor games, hessian, candles, wedding dresses, men’s suits and the list continues. This is was the ‘go to’ folder when we went to organise everything – invites, table settings, decorations, candy buffets etc.
I knew what type of dress I wanted and was certain I would’ve had to go interstate to find it. Before doing this though, my maid of honour, mum and dad went looking locally for a bit of fun! First place was Rapsimo on King William Road. There was a dress in the window which caught my eye – beautiful lace detail, fitted look with a gorgeous back. As soon as I tried it on, I knew it was the one but thought I would do the wise thing and continue looking. After visiting 2 other bridal stores, trying on 3 other dresses and sitting down for a latte, I still couldn’t stop thinking about this one particular dress from Rapsimo so of course; we went back and started a lay by. It truly was the perfect wedding dress for me. I loved it and felt like a princess wearing it. No need to go interstate… YES!!

Favourite Moment

This is a hard one. The whole day was filled with ‘favourite moments’: The ceremony, walking down the aisle, the vows, the photos, the celebrations, the speeches, the dancing… but the morning of the wedding and getting ready would have to be one of the big highlights. People say this is where mixed emotions begin to occur. Not for us. It was such a relaxing, happy time filled with so much laughter. To be able to have a few cheeky drinks, get ready and prepare for the most special day of our lives with our best friends and family in a super relaxed and calm atmosphere, was truly a memorable moment.

2015-12-19_0001 2015-12-19_0002 2015-12-19_0003 2015-12-19_0004 2015-12-19_0005 2015-12-19_0006 2015-12-19_0007 2015-12-19_0008 2015-12-19_0009 2015-12-19_0010 2015-12-19_0011 2015-12-19_0012 2015-12-19_0013 2015-12-19_0014 2015-12-19_0015 2015-12-19_0016 2015-12-19_0017 2015-12-19_0018 2015-12-19_0019 2015-12-19_0020 2015-12-19_0021 2015-12-19_0022 2015-12-19_0023 2015-12-19_0024 2015-12-19_0025 2015-12-19_0026 2015-12-19_0027 2015-12-19_0028 2015-12-19_0029 2015-12-19_0030 2015-12-19_0031 2015-12-19_0032 2015-12-19_0033 2015-12-19_0034 2015-12-19_0035 2015-12-19_0036 2015-12-19_0037 2015-12-19_0038 2015-12-19_0039 2015-12-19_0040 2015-12-19_0041

Venues – Soldiers memorial Gardens, Port Elliot + One Paddock Currency Creek Winery, Currency Creek
Photography –  Kerry Rose Photography + Alex Kwong Photography
Videographer –  GibbFlicks Video Productions
Wedding Singer/DJ – Lincoln Sharpe
Cake –  Carmel Wiese
Florist –  Flowerworx Goolwa
Styling–  Vintage Scene Hire + By the Oaktree
Wedding dress – Rapsimo, King William Road
Bridesmaids Dresses – Cinderella, King William Road
Suits – Roger David

Love In The Adelaide Hills

Jayden and Becky were married this year at The Secret Garden in Stirling. Together they chose to keep their union fun, intimate and casual with a strong focus on friends and family.

Shot by Lucinda May Photography, this wedding is pure eye candy along with a whole lot of love.


We wanted something that ‘felt like us’ and hoped to create a fun and casual atmosphere. We knew we wanted our ceremony and reception all in the same place to keep it easy and to waste no time getting on with the celebration. When we discovered “The Secret Garden, Stirling” we fell in love with the magical amphitheatre we had walked into.

We decided on September for our wedding started to collect crochet blankets – loving the bright colours and retro feel, we thought they would be functional as well as decorative- who wouldn’t want a lap rug on a chilly evening!

I tried on quite a few wedding dresses from the more traditional boutiques but most of the styles were just too formal for the feel we wanted. I then went to “The Vintage Bride” and tried on lots of their vintage dresses. The store had a great vibe and helpful service – and I found one dress that fit really well! It wasn’t quite perfect but something about it just seemed right. After a few alterations done at “Sarta Boutique”, it all came together and I loved it!

We did some pinteresting and cut out pictures of things we liked from magazines. Coming up with an eclectic, bright, vintage, whimsical mishmash of ideas. Some of these ideas just came together at the last minute. We found the logs for our aisle and made our arch and signs just the week before! We hired some electrical spools for tables as Jayden is an electrician and liked this idea rather than using wine barrels.

We also had a pom pom theme. I stumbled across some strings of pom poms and then the children in my class got involved and made pom poms which we hung in the trees.

The band we hired set such a nice vibe for the evening and got everyone dancing.

Our favourite moments

We had our bridal party over for breakfast in the morning and it was so much fun and helped the day start in a relaxed way. Having a few laughs, some croissants and ice coffee and just chilling together was the best start to the day.

The boys left before we finished getting ready so Jayden didn’t see me in my dress until I was coming down the aisle. It was hard to believe the moment had actually come!

We loved the ceremony, although we didn’t think we would enjoy standing up in front of an audience to profess our love, it didn’t feel like that at all. It really felt as if it was us there together and everyone there loved us and was happy for us it was really fun! We also loved the speeches.

Having our grandparents there was so important to us. My Pop spoke in the ceremony, bringing a tear to everyone’s eyes, with his wise words filled with love, My Granny who we didn’t think would be able to make it due to her health, rallied and was there for the ceremony and Jayden’s grandparents, one from the country and the other all the way from England. Having them all there was a true highlight.


Have fun! Remember it’s a celebration and it is about the love you have for one another. Although planning a big event can get stressful, keep in mind why you are doing it and stay true to yourselves and make sure that it reflects what you want. We were lucky that we had great support and help from our friends and family. No one pushed their ideas on us, but everyone was happy to help us make our day what we wanted it to be.

The best advice, and something my mum has always told me about life, is that it’s not just about the destination it’s about the journey. This definitely applied to our wedding. The day, although we absolutely loved it, went so quickly. We had fun organising things along the way with our families and bridal party and we are looking forward to what life brings us in the future.

Our wedding was a wonderful celebration with all the people we love but it was just one day. So try not to sweat the small stuff! The night before our wedding my dad and step mum were bringing my wedding cake up to the venue. There was a little disaster along the way and the bottom half of my beautiful cake was smashed to pieces. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Jayden and I got to do the ‘cake in the face’ thing I had always wanted to do and eat half a cake with our friends the night before – then our wonderful friend and cake maker managed to whip up a new bottom half just in time and had it looking better than ever. Remember if something does go wrong it can make for a good story in the years to come!

We were big on the DIY but sometimes you need to rely on others. Choosing people to work with you that ‘feel right’ and you can trust can make things so much easier! All of the people we worked with were all so lovely and helpful and made our day just what we wanted it to be, from the celebrant, to the caterer to our photographer and everyone in-between. Once they knew our general vibe and what we wanted we trusted them and just let them do what they do best!

2015-10-14_0002 2015-10-14_0003 2015-10-14_0004 2015-10-14_0005 2015-10-14_0006 2015-10-14_0007 2015-10-14_0008 2015-10-14_0009 2015-10-14_0010 2015-10-14_0011 2015-10-14_0012 2015-10-14_0013 2015-10-14_0014 2015-10-14_0015 2015-10-14_0016 2015-10-14_0017 2015-10-14_0018 2015-10-14_0019 2015-10-14_0020 2015-10-14_0021 2015-10-14_0022 2015-10-14_0023 2015-10-14_0024 2015-10-14_0025 2015-10-14_0026 2015-10-14_0027 2015-10-14_0028 2015-10-14_0029 2015-10-14_0030 2015-10-14_0031 2015-10-14_0032 2015-10-14_0033 2015-10-14_0034 2015-10-14_0035 2015-10-14_0036 2015-10-14_0037 2015-10-14_0038 2015-10-14_0039 2015-10-14_0040 2015-10-14_0041 2015-10-14_0042 2015-10-14_0043 2015-10-14_0044 2015-10-14_0045 2015-10-14_0046 2015-10-14_0047 2015-10-14_0048 2015-10-14_0049 2015-10-14_0050 2015-10-14_0051 2015-10-14_0052 2015-10-14_0053 2015-10-14_0054

Photographer – Lucinda May Photography

Venue – Secret Garden Stirling

Flowers – The Turquoise Rose

Make-up Artist – Hannah Playford

Celebrant – Sarah Warwick

Band – E Type Jazz

Wedding Dress – The Vintage Bride Boutique

Suit – Peter Jackson

Cake – Jenny Hanlin

One Fine Picnic

The marriage of Jane and Sam and  took place almost a year ago now at Strathalbyn with the outdoor loving couple choosing to organise a beautiful picnic in celebration of their marriage. The setting in the Adelaide Hills incorporated lots of beautiful vintage ideas and decor into their beautiful day.  They chose Bridget Quain Photography to capture their day and knowing Bridget as I do, I know this was a perfect choice of photographer for this lovely couple.

Here’s their beautiful story…..

The Engagement

The proposal was both expected and unexpected! Sam and I had bought my dream engagement ring almost a year earlier, with Sam telling me he would propose when he was ready. I had just had a pretty rocky six months, suffering from bad anxiety and having a friend of mine pass away. When we went out to dinner at our favourite restaurant, I thought it was Sam’s attempt to cheer me up – not to ask me to marry him! We sat at Windy Point restaurant overlooking the city of Adelaide when Sam quietly excused himself for a minute. He came back, got down on one knee, popped out the ring in a box, and said “Katherine Jane Bowering, I love you very much. Will you marry me?” He kept it short, sharp, and shiny. It was perfect!


We both love the outdoors, so when we started planning the wedding we both had an outdoor wedding in mind. Sam suggested we have a picnic lunch and I was hooked! I am a big vintage lover and spend far too much of my time browsing the local op shops and retro shops; I wanted to have a vintage spin on our wedding, so we incorporated an old-school feel into our picnic.

The Dress

I found my first dress at a vintage store in Cairns before we were even engaged! Hiding it from Sam for the rest of the trip was difficult, but I somehow managed. Once we were engaged I had it altered by Jasmine at Sarta Boutique – it started out a dress that was six sizes too big for me, but I had a vision of the end product that I knew I’d love, as long as the alterations were possible! Jasmine was a dream and made my vision come true in just two weeks. I told Sam about the dress and he told me he liked the sound of it but had wished I had a long dress for the day rather than a knee-length one. Of course I then went on the search for a second dress!

I took my sister-in-law to see Rene at the Vintage Bride Boutique and she was amazing. We pulled out a series of dresses and loaded them up in the dressing room. However, I tried on my favourite dress from the pile first and realised I didn’t need to try on any others! I had fallen in love with it. Jasmine’s face when I walked in with a second dress was priceless. The second dress was also a vintage piece, owned by two sisters who each wore it for their weddings – one in the sixties and the other in the seventies. When Jasmine was lengthening the hem, we found a lock of golden hair sewn in with a blue ribbon. It was so strange but also so sweet!

I was really lucky that the dress choosing business was so easy for me as I know a lot of brides that have searched for months for the right one. I was also blessed with a beautiful bridesmaid who also fell in love with the first bridesmaid dress she tried on! That made the process so much simpler for us.

Favourite Moment

So many moments! Even just looking into each other’s eyes during the ceremony was amazing – I couldn’t stop smiling a big goofy smile. My brothers were MCs during the reception and played a hilarious game where Sam and I swapped one shoe with each other, and when they asked a question we had to hold up the shoe that belonged to the questions answer. When they asked who was messier, both Sam and I held up my shoe – he’s much tidier than I am! But when they asked who was the better cook, we both held up our own shoes! It has been a source of ongoing bake-offs and fry-ups ever since…


When you are in the process of planning your wedding, there are many people who will offer their advice to you. Our advice for other couples planning a wedding would be to take advice as advice, not as set-in-stone rules. You want your wedding to be a day that you enjoy and that reflects you both – that’s a hard task to do if you’re too concerned with following in the footsteps of advice that is thrown at you!

Sam and I wanted a day that reflected the way we live our life – laid-back and fun-filled. We ditched a lot of the advice and ‘must dos’ people mentioned to us and made our day our own.

Our other advice would be to give your Mums a job! A job that is an integral part of the wedding but is also time consuming is the best sort of job. It was lovely to have both of our Mums involved in our wedding, but it was even lovelier to have them focused on completing their designated task rather than focused on stressing us out with questions/ideas/thoughts/worries! Disclaimer: we both love our Mums dearly we promise!

2015-10-15_0001 2015-10-15_0002 2015-10-15_0003 2015-10-15_0004 2015-10-15_0005 2015-10-15_0006 2015-10-15_0007 2015-10-15_0008 2015-10-15_0009 2015-10-15_0010 2015-10-15_0011 2015-10-15_0012 2015-10-15_0013 2015-10-15_0014 2015-10-15_0015 2015-10-15_0016 2015-10-15_0017 2015-10-15_0018 2015-10-15_0019 2015-10-15_0020 2015-10-15_0021 2015-10-15_0022 2015-10-15_0023 2015-10-15_0024 2015-10-15_0025 2015-10-15_0026 2015-10-15_0027 2015-10-15_0028 2015-10-15_0029 2015-10-15_0030 2015-10-15_0031 2015-10-15_0032 2015-10-15_0033 2015-10-15_0034 2015-10-15_0035 2015-10-15_0036 2015-10-15_0037 2015-10-15_0038 2015-10-15_0039 2015-10-15_0040 2015-10-15_0041 2015-10-15_0042 2015-10-15_0043 2015-10-15_0044 2015-10-15_0045

Photography – Bridget Quain Photographer

Bridal gown – Ceremony gown: The Vintage Bride Boutique

Reception gown: Crackerbox Palace

Alterations for both dresses: Sarta Boutique

Flowers – DIY per Mother of the Bride

Rings – Bell and Brunt

Jewellery/Accessories – Mother’s vintage earrings

Bridesmaids dresses – The Vintage Bride Boutique – www.thevintagebrideboutique.com

Grooms suit – Peter Shearer

Grooms Shoes – Windsor Smith

Bow ties / ties – made by Mother of the Groom

Ceremony – Glenbarr Camp & Conference Centre

Reception – Glenbarr Camp & Conference Centre 

Catering – Mytrle & Mae Travelling Refreshments

Celebrant – Rev Brian Chalmers

Hair + MU – Gemma Vendetta


Beautiful Barossa Wedding Inspiration

Luke and Kate were married on a sunny day March this year in the beautiful Barossa Valley and Jessie at The Film Room captured their perfectly stylish big day on video!  Grab a tissue, you’ll need it. This is one awesome wedding guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye.

Videography: The Film Room

Celebrant: Kendall Staite

Venue: Murray Street Vineyards

Flowers – Viva the Flower Store 

Catering- Elli Beer Catering

Photography: Jess Clarkson Photography (formerly Other Such Things)

Makeup- Marie Fiorita makeup artist and Claire McCappin Inglot

Hair- Toiya – Style U Professional Hairstylist

Bridalwear & Accessories: Pronovias wedding gown from Jenny and Gerry’s Bridal House

Groomswear: Grooms suit by Kennett Blake from Ignition for Men and Groomsmen wore suits by Gerry’s Suit Hire

Entertainment: Dan White

Garage Sale Chic

A garage sale is probably the last place you’d think of going to on your wedding day but not for relaxed couple Dimity and Ben.  Captured by Joshua Kane Photography, this wedding is creative with a capital C and includes many gorgeous DIY details plus of course the visit to a local garage sale, as you do! Here’s their story….

The Proposal

Whilst holidaying in Bali back in 2013, Ben took Dimity by complete surprise when he proposed at a beach bar in Seminyak. After a lovely dinner with friends they watched the sunset and the waves crashing in on the sun beds, when Ben leant over and popped the question. In shock Dimity’s response was ‘are you serious’? Followed by an excited YES!


Vintage, Rustic, Personal and intimate are all words this couple use to describe inspiration for their big day. Coming from a Greek background and attending large greek weddings, personal and intimate was what they were looking for.

The Wedding

Since McLaren Vale is their favourite wine region in South Australia,  it was a no brainer when they were deciding on a location for our wedding. They visited several wineries in the region on a sunny Sunday afternoon and Serafino, McLaren Vale was the easy winner for them. Not only for the picturesque grounds, appetizing food, great wine and the convenience of on-site accommodation but the large guest capacity made their decision very easy.

Advice For Other Couples

‘As hard as it is, make sure you plan the wedding that you are your fiancé invision. It is easy to get carried away with the ‘must haves’ and traditions, but remember to stay true.  Also, make sure you chose a photographer that suits your style.’

2015-08-27_0001 2015-08-27_0002 2015-08-27_0003 2015-08-27_0004 2015-08-27_0005 2015-08-27_0006 2015-08-27_0007 2015-08-27_0008 2015-08-27_0009 2015-08-27_0010 2015-08-27_0011 2015-08-27_0012 2015-08-27_0013 2015-08-27_0014 2015-08-27_0015 2015-08-27_0016 2015-08-27_0017 2015-08-27_0018 2015-08-27_0019 2015-08-27_0020 2015-08-27_0021 2015-08-27_0022 2015-08-27_0023 2015-08-27_0024 2015-08-27_0025 2015-08-27_0026 2015-08-27_0027 2015-08-27_0028 2015-08-27_0029 2015-08-27_0030 2015-08-27_0031 2015-08-27_0032 2015-08-27_0033 2015-08-27_0034 2015-08-27_0035 2015-08-27_0036 2015-08-27_0037 2015-08-27_0038 2015-08-27_0039 2015-08-27_0040 2015-08-27_0041 2015-08-27_0042 2015-08-27_0043 2015-08-27_0044 2015-08-27_0045 2015-08-27_0046 2015-08-27_0047 2015-08-27_0048


Photography:  Joshua Kane Photography

Venue: Serafinos

DJ: Disco City Sounds


Laid Back + Lovely

If you’re looking for some inspiration to make your day a laid back affair without skimping on style then this wedding at Russell’s Pizza in Willunga is one for you. Captured by Evan Bailey Photography and featuring lots of DIY elements, this wedding has a lovely wholesome vibe about it. Enjoy!


We’re both pretty relaxed people and wanted a wedding with a casual, social vibe where we could maximise time with family and friends. A friend recommended Russell’s after having her wedding reception there and loving it. We went for dinner one weekend when we were back in Adelaide and fell in love with the space and the atmosphere. Emma and the gang were super helpful, and many of our friends and family are still raving about the pizza’s.


I popped the question while we were holidaying in the States. It began with a proposal atop Sentinel Dome overlooking Yosemite National Park, and finished six weeks later with a NYC treasure hunt. We didn’t tell family and friends until after NYC, so it was nice to have the little secret to ourselves for most of our trip.

The Wedding

We both enjoyed every moment of the day – but as everyone always says, it fly by too fast.

Even the ‘getting ready’ part of the day went quickly – I was clearly having too much fun preening (and indulging in a magnum of Moet) with my friends. The hair and make up girls (Stacey on make up and Nic on hair) were amazing, and so flexible with the ever-changing time slots and people – they really helped make the day completely stress free.

We had our photos before the ceremony, and it was lovely to have that time together first – Evan, our photographer, even managed to catch a few rainbows! The ceremony itself was fun – lots of laughs (and a few tears) with all of our nearest and dearest. Our celebrant, Kellie, kept the ceremony simple and fun, and took the (unexpected) crowd participation in her stride. Evan and his photobooth (OhHello) were also great fun and the photos turned out great!

The dance floor was also a highlight of the night, we asked our guests to include a song request with RSVP. DJ H was did a great job in the decks mixing everyone favourite tunes!
2015-08-08_0001 2015-08-08_0002 2015-08-08_0003 2015-08-08_0004 2015-08-08_0005 2015-08-08_0006 2015-08-08_0007 2015-08-08_0008 2015-08-08_0009 2015-08-08_0010 2015-08-08_0011 2015-08-08_0012 2015-08-08_0013 2015-08-08_0014 2015-08-08_0015 2015-08-08_0016 2015-08-08_0017 2015-08-08_0018 2015-08-08_0019 2015-08-08_0020 2015-08-08_0021 2015-08-08_0022 2015-08-08_0023 2015-08-08_0024 2015-08-08_0025 2015-08-08_0026 2015-08-08_0027 2015-08-08_0028 2015-08-08_0029 2015-08-08_0030 2015-08-08_0031 2015-08-08_0032 2015-08-08_0033 2015-08-08_0034 2015-08-08_0035 2015-08-08_0036 2015-08-08_0037 2015-08-08_0038 2015-08-08_0039 2015-08-08_0040 2015-08-08_0041 2015-08-08_0042 2015-08-08_0043 2015-08-08_0044 2015-08-08_0045 2015-08-08_0046 2015-08-08_0047 2015-08-08_0048 2015-08-08_0049 2015-08-08_0050 2015-08-08_0051 2015-08-08_0052 2015-08-08_0053 2015-08-08_0054 2015-08-08_0055 2015-08-08_0056 2015-08-08_0057 2015-08-08_0058 2015-08-08_0059 2015-08-08_0060 2015-08-08_0061 2015-08-08_0062 2015-08-08_0063 2015-08-08_0064

Wedding dress:  Custom made by Helen Pearson  0404 986 805

Wedding invites and logo – Jem & I

Venue and catering – Russell’s Pizza, 13 High Street, Willunga SA

Makeup – Stacey Bateson Makeup Artist

Hair – Nicole of Anamnesis

Flowers – DIY family and friends [Ali with the assistance of wine!]

Car – Charles, owner Sophia

Decorations – DIY family and friends [bunting by Mum, and most of the other decorations were “borrowed” from Alex’s cousin’s house]

Succulent bombonnieres – DIY by the Groom and family and friends

Cake – DIY family and friends [Natasha and Val]


Celebrant – Kellie Najjar

Groom wears Peter Shearer

Rings – W. Eckstein & Co

The No Rule Book Wedding

There are many words to describe this gorgeous wedding which has been submitted by Alex Kwong Photography.   I first met Alex at the Barossa Wedding Fair this May and I was blown away by both his personality and his photography. He sees and captures weddings in a light that can’t be taught and is hands down one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

The perfect photographer for this cute wedding too.  The Bride and Groom took their wedding planning personally and as you’ll read later, in their own words they ‘threw out the rule book’. I love that.  There shouldn’t be any rules to planning your wedding and making it your own makes it one million times more special and memorable than your stock standard wedding factory affair. Before you enjoy Alex’s coverage, here are some words from the proud Groom….

The Proposal

I proposed to Kelly in our Community Garden plot on April 12 2014. I had spent the two months prior secretly running away to Everett Brookes jeweller to work on her engagement ring, picking the specific diamonds and shaping the band myself. On the day I made her pancakes for breakfast, went shopping, and had organised a couples massage. Afterwards we stopped by the community garden, where I got on one knee and asked her if she would marry me. It took her to awhile for her to realise I wasn’t kidding, but she did eventually cry and say yes!


We had previously had talked about what we would want to do for our wedding prior to our engagement so when it came to planning there were no surprises. It was very personal; we threw out the rule book and focused on what was important to us. For example, we had dessert but no cake, and Kelly’s shoes were white latin dance heels for easy dancing! We did use Pinterest and a lot of ‘How-to’ websites, going to craft shops and handmaking the bouquet on the day, the hairpiece and a piñata for people to put messages in for us to break open in a year’s time!

The Wedding

We were married and held the reception at Old Oval Estate in McLaren Vale. The venue was perfect for us, mixing the scencic settings of a winery with the freedom to do our own thing in a casual and fun way. We hired in furniture and a dancefloor, chose to have buffet style roast meats and salad dinner, bought our own drinks and hired some staff to serve.

Our friends and family helped us set up and pack down, and with such a stunning garden and Old Oval Estate’s little touches like the white draping, we barely had to decorate. However, my aunty made up some beautiful floral table pieces from her garden.

Our Favourite Moment

Besides having our quiet time together doing photos in the vineyard, we loved seeing all our friends and family dancing the night away together on the dancefloor.

2015-07-30_0047 2015-07-30_0048 2015-07-30_0049 2015-07-30_0050 2015-07-30_0051 2015-07-30_0052 2015-07-30_0053 2015-07-30_0054 2015-07-30_0055 2015-07-30_0056 2015-07-30_0057 2015-07-30_0058 2015-07-30_0059 2015-07-30_0060 2015-07-30_0061 2015-07-30_0062 2015-07-30_0063 2015-07-30_0064 2015-07-30_0065 2015-07-30_0066 2015-07-30_0067 2015-07-30_0068 2015-07-30_0069 2015-07-30_0070 2015-07-30_0071 2015-07-30_0072 2015-07-30_0073 2015-07-30_0074 2015-07-30_0075 2015-07-30_0076 2015-07-30_0077 2015-07-30_0078 2015-07-30_0079 2015-07-30_0080 2015-07-30_0081 2015-07-30_0082 2015-07-30_0083 2015-07-30_0084 2015-07-30_0085 2015-07-30_0086 2015-07-30_0087 2015-07-30_0088 2015-07-30_0089 2015-07-30_0090 2015-07-30_0091 2015-07-30_0092 2015-07-30_0093 2015-07-30_0094 2015-07-30_0095

Photography: Alex Kwong Photography

Celebrant: Vicky Flanegan

Venue: Old Oval Estate

Dress: The Vintage Bride Boutique with alterations by Sarta Boutique

Hair and makeup: Portabello Hair

Catering: Adelaide Hills Catering and Always At Your Service

Hire: Australian Hiring Company

Love In The Adelaide Hills

There was plenty of love in the Adelaide Hills at this gorgeous wedding. Pretty pink hues along with the spectacular backdrop of Adelaide Hills venues Stangate House and Mount Lofty Hotel make for one very pretty and stylish wedding.  The union of Kaden and Brielle features a great selection of vendors including the lovely Myrtle & Mae and was submitted by With Love and Lace, photography by Melanie.

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Flowers: The White Orchid

Hair: Yots Hair North Adelaide

Makeup: Sarah Craker Weddings

Dress: Jenny & Gerry’s Bridal Centre

Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Mia Bridal

Balloons: Balloons Galore Adelaide

Balloon Tassells: Made by Bride

Photography: With love and lace, Photography by Melanie

Ceremony: Stangate House

Reception:  Mt Lofty House

Afternoon Tea: Myrtle & Mae

Furniture and Lighting: Sash Events

Transport: Classic Jags


Port Adelaide Engagement Shoot

I pretty much gasped when I saw these images in my inbox from Rene at Blush & Mint Photography.

Rene is photographing Kelly and Chris’wedding this coming December and set to work on this gorgeous shoot which is vintage inspired with a modern industrial twist.  It’s set in Port Adelaide and Largs Bay since it’s not only the couple’s local area but also brimmed full of antique and vintage boutiques which provided the perfect backdrop.

Gorgeous Bride to be Kelly is a lover of  all things authentic vintage so the faux bob and 1930’s inspired make up by Gemma Vendetta created the perfect sophisticated look.

Kelly also asked if they could bring their fur child aka Miss Daisy for a few photos. Daisy is just 9 months old and is such a pretty young lady. She’s quite obviously Chris and Kelly’s pride and joy and was incredibly well behaved during the shoot.

You can can just tell that Chris, Kelly,Gemma  and Rene all had a ball during this session which sets the scene for one stylish wedding ahead!

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Hair & Make Up :  Gemma Vendetta Styling

Photography: Blush & Mint Photography

A Carrick Hill Wedding

Some sweet real wedding inspiration for you featuring the union of Mike and Carly captured by the wonderful Emme Jade Photography….

The Engagement

It was 11th August 2013 and was really unexpected! Our little baby was only 8 weeks old and I’d just put him down for a sleep and came into the lounge room to find Mike sitting on the couch. He said ‘come here I want a cuddle’. I actually turned around and said no I’ve got so much to do hahaha! Little did I know he was about to propose…… He said I’ve made a little movie just of our time together. Everything from when we first met, to building our first home and having our little Harry. And then right at the end it came up with ‘Will you Marry Me’ and he pulled the ring out of his pocket. It was the most perfect moment.


Just after we got engaged I went and bought lots and lots of bridal magazines and started putting together a folder of everything I loved. I realised the style we loved was very natural and rustic. I also sourced alot inspiration from Facebook, Pinterest & Etsy. I’m super organised so found having a folder with everything I needed really made the whole planning process a lot easier.

We always said we wanted a small, intimate day andnight and that’s exactly what we had. I can totally see how people can get away with doing huge wedding but we wanted to stay true to ourselves and exactly how we imagine the day going. already being a family with Harry, made us realise we wanted our family and friends there who are apart of our everyday lives. We’re very laid back and just wanted everyone to have a great day. I had amazing help with our event planner Yasmin from A Moment in Time and Kate from The Food Business, who made my job a lot easier.

Our Favourite Moment

We loved every minute,  however it’s such a whirlwind and goes so fast. One of our friends told us to take 5 minutes to go for a walk and take a breather from the craziness and that 5 mins was probably my favourite moment. We just went for a walk through the gardens and caught up the day and I would suggest every Bride and Groom to do it.  Also having our Son Harry being a part of the day was truly amazing.

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Photography – Emme Jade Photography

Venue – Carrick Hill

Event Planner – A Moment In Time

Catering – The Food Business



Simply Rustic

Kindly submitted by Jade Norwood Photography, the wedding of Elise and Aaron was held late last year on the far West coast of SA. The couple chose a neutral colour theme brimming with beautiful rustic details. Oh and the dress……. from Grace Loves Lace. Here’s their story.

How They Met

It was thanks to my sister who was seeing Aaron’s best friend at the time. I was in the middle of my first teaching practical at university and had completely lost my voice! I used my phone to communicate with him the whole night. We shared a little kiss before I got in the cab to go home and the rest is history!

 The Engagement

Aaron proposed to me on a little holiday to Queensland. We knew we wanted a summer wedding and wanted to make the most of our summer school holidays so it left us with less than 12 months to plan the wedding. I think this was a good thing though as we didn’t have time to procrastinate and change our minds, as soon as we found things we liked we just went for it!

 The Wedding

The far West coast of South Australia is such a beautiful arid coastline, we just love living here. We wanted to capture this with our theme as many of our guests were visiting from other parts of South Australia and Australia. We went for quite a rustic and neutral theme and used succulents as centrepieces and for the bouquets. We kept the ceremony and photography locations simple as to let the stunning surroundings speak for themselves.

I loved our ceremony, it was really relaxed and personal and we wrote our own vows, it was so nice to surprise each other with these and there were lots of laughs! We also had our two dogs as our ring bearers. We adopted our girls off the streets about five years ago and they’ve become such an important part of our lives. It was so nice to have them as a part of the day.

As we held the reception in the Town Hall, we had no restrictions as to what time it all finished up. Our band played until 2am so everyone could sing and dance with maracas and tambourines for about 5 hours! We were the last standing and walked home barefoot together at 4am, reminiscing about an amazing day.

I love being a wife and I’m so proud that Aaron is my husband. I think we make a great team and marriage was our way of officially acknowledging this bond in front of our closest family and friends. We completely respect couples who don’t believe they need marriage to prove their love for one another, but we also believe that every couple should have the right and opportunity to be married if they wish. The wedding itself was also an opportunity to have all of our closest family and friends together in one place at one time. It was really nice to be able to acknowledge and thank so many of our loved ones through our speeches… not something you get the opportunity to do very often.

2015-03-10_0001 2015-03-10_0002 2015-03-10_0003 2015-03-10_0004 2015-03-10_0005 2015-03-10_0006 2015-03-10_0007 2015-03-10_0008 2015-03-10_0009 2015-03-10_0010 2015-03-10_0011 2015-03-10_0012 2015-03-10_0013 2015-03-10_0014 2015-03-10_0015 2015-03-10_0016 2015-03-10_0017 2015-03-10_0018 2015-03-10_0019 2015-03-10_0020 2015-03-10_0021 2015-03-10_0022 2015-03-10_0023 2015-03-10_0024 2015-03-10_0025 2015-03-10_0026 2015-03-10_0027

Photography: Jade Norwood Photography

Bridal gown: Grace Loves Lace ‘Ariel’

Veil / hair piece: Grace Loves Lace

Shoes: Tony Bianco www.tonybianco.com.au

Flowers: Bay Funktion

Jewellery/Accessories: My Nannas Pearl Necklace which she wore on her wedding day, Pearl Earrings as a gift from my mum

Bridesmaids dresses: Wish www.wish.com.au

Grooms suit: Ed Harry www.edharry.com

Ceremony: Ceduna Foreshore Lawns

Reception: Ceduna Town Hall

Cake: Smelly Cheese Shop www.smellycheese.com.au

Reception stylist / any decorations / details: Bay Funktion

Stationery designer: Alija Shakes Graphic Design

Hair and Make up: Hair- Katie Matthews (sister)  Make-Up- Amy Faklis

Music: Jarrad Kilsby Music facebook.com/jarradkilsbymusic

Celebrant: Kayla Petty 

A Creative DIY Wedding at Al Ru

When you look though wedding photographs and get a true sense for who a couple are and their personalities then you know it’s a really good one.

The wedding of Zoe and Mika, shot by awesome duo Willow & French is just that.  Incorporating lots of DIY elements, this is a delightfully cheerful wedding with full of fun bygone era touches.

I absolutely love the yellow which sings through this whole wedding just perfectly from the ’50’s inspired polka dot Bridesmaids dresses and the flowers which were arranged by the Brides family. The Bride’s birdcage veil, handmade brooch bouquet and cute shoes also complimented this whole sweet theme.

This wedding is full of heart and soul with the backdrop of beautiful AL Ru Farm sealing the deal!

Thank you for sharing Sandy and Simone from Willow & French Photography.

2015-03-05_0001 2015-03-05_0002 2015-03-05_0035 2015-03-05_0037 2015-03-05_0038 2015-03-05_0039 2015-03-05_0040 2015-03-05_0043 2015-03-05_0044 2015-03-05_0045 2015-03-05_0046





2015-03-05_0011 2015-03-05_0010 2015-03-05_00092015-03-05_0013 2015-03-05_0016 2015-03-05_0017 2015-03-05_0021 2015-03-05_00202015-03-05_0022 2015-03-05_0023 2015-03-05_0024 2015-03-05_0008 2015-03-05_0007 2015-03-05_0006 2015-03-05_0005 2015-03-05_0004 2015-03-05_00032015-03-05_0028 2015-03-05_00292015-03-05_0049 2015-03-05_0050 2015-03-05_00512015-03-05_0030 2015-03-05_0031 2015-03-05_0032


Photography: Willow & French

Dress: Etsy (seller Lace Marry)

Venue: Al Ru Farm

Hair: Renee Jacobs

Make up : Luminous by Danielle

Rings: Everettbrookes Jewellers

Dj: Chris Thompson from Griffin Alliance

Celebrant : Emily Davis from One Perfect Day Ceremonies