A Goolwa Wedding

I was very proud to be at this beautiful wedding last December for one special reason. I photographed it!

It was a gorgeous wedding set in Goolwa with the ceremony taking place right on the wharf which gave it a spectaular backdrop although sadly the weather wasn’t all that kind with a definite wind chill factor!

The couple chose to include the most gorgeous sand ceremony which I thought was a beautiful touch to their vows.They even included their cute and cuddly dog who came along for the fun!

Lots of the wedding details were organised by the Bride’s lovely Sister who I have to say did such a great job. There’s lots of lovely details including the striking classic red roses, the Bride’s stunning fishtail dress and Hollywood inspired hair and makeup plus our very own Little Vintage Bar and Van who made an appearance at the reception held in a marquee.

2015-01-21_0038 2015-01-21_0039 2015-01-21_0040 2015-01-21_0041 2015-01-21_0042 2015-01-21_0043 2015-01-21_0044  2015-01-21_0046 2015-01-21_0047

2015-01-21_00452015-01-21_0048 2015-01-21_0049 2015-01-21_0050 2015-01-21_0051 2015-01-21_0052 2015-01-21_0057

2015-01-21_0061 2015-01-21_0055 2015-01-21_0054

2015-01-21_00622015-01-21_00632015-01-21_0056 2015-01-21_0058 2015-01-21_0059


Photography: Susie Styler Photography

Vintage Bar: Little Vintage Bar & Van


Adelaide Hills Wedding

Today on the blog is the wedding of Stephanie and Etienne who were married last November at Woodhouse in Picadilly. It was beautifully photographed by Lucinda May Photography who is exhibiting at the Angaston Fair later this year on May 3rd. This wedding is full of beautiful little details. You’ll love it!

How they met

 Etienne and I are both live music lovers and kept bumping into each other at gigs around Adelaide, its a small city so he was quickly welcomed into our friendship circle.

Et would often come to see me sing in my band, and eventually was given the title of ‘Groupie’ followed by affectionately being known as ‘Yoko Ono’ by my band mates once we were officially together, haha.

The Engagement

 Et planned a romantic getaway to New Caledonia after the sale of his house.  He got down on one knee during a daytrip out to the pristine white sand beaches of Amedee Island. The ring was presented inside a beautiful white shell found on the beach that day.

Our Favourite Moments

 Et’s two children (aged 12 and 14) were a part of our bridal party, so seeing them both handle themselves with such maturity was really touching. Rachel was a surprising support in my moments of nerves and stress, she knew just the right way to loosen me up. I was so proud of those two. Also hearing one of my closest friends singing me down the aisle was a treasured memory – it really brought tears to my eyes!  The speeches were brilliant too! I loved seeing all of our family and friends together looking relaxed and happy. Et and I couldn’t stop smiling from the moment our eyes met at the end of the aisle.

The wedding

After spending 12 months searching for the perfect venue, Et and I rediscovered The Old House at Woodhouse Activity Centre. It wasn’t really on our list, but as we were driving through the Adelaide Hills looking at other options, I just had to show Et the wonderful place where I had once stayed during a group retreat many years ago.  It was even more picturesque than I remembered, and Et fell in love with it immediately.  Up to that point we had struggled with finding a venue that allowed us to have a lot of creative control, had a beautiful country setting but was casual and allowed for accommodation and self-catering.  The Old House turned out to be an amazing choice.

Etienne and I worked hard on creating the overall look for the wedding, which was almost completely DIY.  We collected vintage lawn games, silverware, jars and bottles, lace and much more, searched through hard rubbish, painted, potted, glittered and dabbled in floral arranging.  Et made an amazing Edison globe light fixture for above the bridal table, and found a rustic antique tub that made for the perfect ‘beer bath’ both of which he was very proud of.  I spent months designing table arrangements, drawing blackboards and more.  We were really happy with how it all came together into a kind of relaxed rustic, eclectic/bohemian, woodland theme.


 I became completely obsessed with Pinterest! I was really inspired by some of the spectacular ‘backyard weddings’ blogged about from the US; think: corn on the cob, help yourself meal stations, and lake-houses. I acquired a massive stack of bridal magazines early on but I found my tastes and ideas were rarely reflected in what I saw.  The magazines I drew inspiration from specifically were Hitched, Hello May. I also perused blogs such as Offbeat Bride, Polka Dot Bride, Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, Green Weddings Shoes, Rock n Roll Bride and The Lane.

\2015-01-29_0002 2015-01-29_0003 2015-01-29_0004 2015-01-29_0005 2015-01-29_0006 2015-01-29_0007 2015-01-29_0008 2015-01-29_0009 2015-01-29_0010 2015-01-29_0011 2015-01-29_0012 2015-01-29_0013 2015-01-29_0014 2015-01-29_0015 2015-01-29_0016 2015-01-29_0017 2015-01-29_0018 2015-01-29_0019 2015-01-29_0020 2015-01-29_0021 2015-01-29_0022 2015-01-29_0023 2015-01-29_0024 2015-01-29_0025 2015-01-29_0026 2015-01-29_0027 2015-01-29_0028 2015-01-29_0029 2015-01-29_0030

Photographer: Lucinda May Photography

Flowers: Fleurs de Nadia

Ceremony & Reception: The Old House, Woodhouse Activity Centre, Piccadilly, SA

Catering: Let Them Eat

Hair & Makeup: Pearle Jewellery & Makeup 

Event Hire: The Wedding & Flower Room by Aussie Party Hire and  Bella in Bloom

Celebrant: Wish Ceremonies by Cassandra Holt

Beaumont House Wedding

Today on the blog is a wedding submitted by a previous exhibitor Carly Hack Photography. This is the wedding of Sarah and Natt  last October at Beaumont House which if you didn’t know is a beautiful heritage listed venue near Burnside.

My most favourite element of this classic wedding is the Bride’s dress. I’m totally in love with the lace and stunning train.  The dusky pink Bridesmaid dresses really compliment this classic gown and stunning Bride Sarah’s decision to wear her beautiful hair down was a good one in my opinion.

2015-01-21_0001 2015-01-21_0002 2015-01-21_0003 2015-01-21_0004 2015-01-21_0005 2015-01-21_0006 2015-01-21_0007 2015-01-21_0008 2015-01-21_0009 2015-01-21_0010 2015-01-21_0011 2015-01-21_0012 2015-01-21_0013 2015-01-21_0014 2015-01-21_0015 2015-01-21_0016 2015-01-21_0017 2015-01-21_0018 2015-01-21_0019 2015-01-21_0020


Photography: Carly Hack

A Rustic Barossa Wedding

Are you a rustic loving, DIY kind of Bride?  Then you’re going to love this real wedding submitted by Renee Lee Photography.

Bride and Grom, Hamish and Amy were married on the 6th of December at Stevens Estate Garden in Williamstown and their cocktail style reception was held afterwards at Lyndoch Hill, Lyndoch.

Their wedding featured many rustic vintage elements including plenty of burlap, timber and native flowers with the bouquets created by Amy’s Bridesmaids.

The bride wore a simple yet understatingly stunning chiffon gown which was complimented by the bridesmaids dresses which were a beautiful array of pastel colours.

ReneeLeeWP (5 of 747) ReneeLeeWP (94 of 747) ReneeLeeWP (163 of 747)  Untitled-2

Untitled-3 ReneeLeeWP (82 of 747)

ReneeLeeWP (267 of 747)

Untitled-8 ReneeLeeWP (229 of 747)

ReneeLeeWP (296 of 747)Untitled-1

ReneeLeeWP (413 of 747)ReneeLeeWP (475 of 747)ReneeLeeWP (388 of 747)ReneeLeeWP (373 of 747)Untitled-9 ReneeLeeWP (211 of 747)

Untitled-4 Untitled-5 ReneeLeeWP (745 of 747) ReneeLeeWP (724 of 747) ReneeLeeWP (719 of 747) ReneeLeeWP (747 of 747)


Cake: Skysies Cakes

Suit Hire: Peter Shearer

Photography: Renee Lee Photography

Ceremony Venue: Stevens Estate Garden

Reception Venue: Lyndoch Hill



A Vintage Carnival Wedding

I’m really not kidding when I say this is probably the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever set eyes on. Incorporating a vintage carnival theme with a stellar line up of vendors and a touch of DIY, this wedding has it all and then some.

It’s photographed by Joshua Kane Photography, a destination photographer orginally from Adelaide and currently living in the U.S HOWEVER he is moving back to Adelaide this March!!

This wedding has personal links to Joshua since it’s actually his Sister Samara’s wedding. I’m so grateful to Josh for submitting this wedding and taking to time to put together some background on the story of Russell and Samara  .  It’s an absolute corker. I love it! Here’s the story……

The Proposal

Samara and I had casually talked about marriage and weddings, and casually shopped for what kind of rings looked nice. So after spotting one we liked, I bought it, and kept it hidden until christmas day. I made sure the night before I had the approval of Samaras father, and let him in on how i planned to drop my knee and pop the Question. So on Christmas day, with Samaras brother Josh and his family overseas, we hold off on presents until we can skype and share our joy. But we couldn’t get hold of Josh, he had pretended to be ‘stuck at work’  SO we had to go ahead with the present opening with out Josh, and as the last presents were being open, I shouted, ‘one more everyone’ I grabbed the ring and got down on one knee, and Samara started to cry instantly. It was such a great day, we have a huge Family christmas every year, and it was great to share it with them. Then to top it all off Josh showed up sneakily flying all day from Florida, having not been home for 2 years, he arrived at the christmas function unannounced, so it was even greater to share the joy with him.

When it came to wedding prep and dealing with vendors, I’m happy to take the credit. It was a lot of hard work, but I managed to get a lot of terrific vendors on board who shared our vision and helped us fulfill our dreams for the day. We are especially greatful to our photographer, Josh, not only is he my very talented photographer brother, he helped us sooo much when it came to the finer details of organising the big day, his wealth of experience was a godsend!


Above all else, we wanted our wedding to be fun for everyone involved, young and old, family and friends.  And since we love all things vintage, what could be more fun than a vintage summer carnival? We had 13 different vintage lawn and carnival games, with custom prize ribbons and tickets for winners who could then redeem tickets for novelty prizes and lollies. We also had traditional carnival fare such as fairy floss, popcorn, dagwood dogs, mini beef sliders and hot cinnamon donuts during carnival time.

 Our Favourite Moment

We loved dancing the night away outside under a fabulous fairy light canopy. Our guests loved the open photobooth which uploaded photos straight to facebook.

The one thing I always dreamt of from the very start of our planning, was fireworks. We gave up on the idea because of the hassle of getting council permission. But as everyone partied on into the night under a fairy light canopy, fireworks randomly began to light up the sky. I was so shocked and surprised I started crying, I couldn’t believe it! But it wasn’t any of us or our families who organised it. We put it down to a happy coincidence that another event nearby had organised them, but we still have no idea where exactly.

We also loved our lighting and our guests loved the open photobooth which uploaded photos straight to facebook.


To give the the ceremony and reception areas a real carnival feel, we handmade over 100m of oversized bunting and collected a lot of vintage wares such as jars, bottles, trunks and wooden crates.


My grandmother, Nanny Lynne, wrote a beautiful poem which she read out during the ceremony, and we asked Russell’s sister, Jayne, to read a second poem we had chosen ourselves, so both families were represented in the ceremony.

 The Dress

I saw and tried on my dress at the first shop I went to, Jenny and Gerry’s Bridal Centre. I always thought I’d end up with a vintage lace dress, but I fell in love with the layers of soft, pleated silk tulle of the Demitrios gown, and nothing else I tried on felt as fun.

2015-01-18_0001 2015-01-18_0002 2015-01-18_0003 2015-01-18_0004 2015-01-18_0005 2015-01-18_0006 2015-01-18_0007 2015-01-18_0008 2015-01-18_0009 2015-01-18_0010 2015-01-18_0011 2015-01-18_0012 2015-01-18_0013 2015-01-18_0014 2015-01-18_0015 2015-01-18_0016 2015-01-18_0017 2015-01-18_0018 2015-01-18_0019 2015-01-18_0020 2015-01-18_0021 2015-01-18_0022 2015-01-18_0023 2015-01-18_0024 2015-01-18_0025 2015-01-18_0026 2015-01-18_0027 2015-01-18_0028 2015-01-18_0029 2015-01-18_0030 2015-01-18_0031 2015-01-18_0032 2015-01-18_0033 2015-01-18_0034 2015-01-18_0035 2015-01-18_0036 2015-01-18_0037 2015-01-18_0038 2015-01-18_0039 2015-01-18_0040 2015-01-18_0041 2015-01-18_0042 2015-01-18_0044 2015-01-18_0045 2015-01-18_0046 2015-01-18_0047 2015-01-18_0048 2015-01-18_0049 2015-01-18_0050 2015-01-18_0051 2015-01-18_0052 2015-01-18_0053 2015-01-18_0054 2015-01-18_0055 2015-01-18_0056 2015-01-18_0057 2015-01-18_0058 2015-01-18_0059 2015-01-18_0060 2015-01-18_0061 2015-01-18_0062 2015-01-18_0063 2015-01-18_0064 2015-01-18_0065 2015-01-18_0066

Photos: Joshua Wood http://www.joshuakanephotography.com.au

Bridal gown: Demetrios from Jenny and Gerry’s Bridal Centre www.jennyandgerrysbridal.com.au/

Flowers: Fleurs de Nadia www.fleursdenadiaflowers.com.au/‎

Rings: Everett Brookes www.everettbrookes.com.au/‎

Bridesmaids dresses: Modcloth www.modcloth.com, FleetCollection www.etsy.com/shop/FleetCollection and Unique Vintage www.uniquevintage.com.au

Groom and Groomsmen suits: Tarocash www.tarocash.com.au

Grooms Shoes: Hype DC www.hypedc.com.au

Ceremony, Reception and Catering: St Mark’s College, North Adelaide www.stmarkscollege.com.au/

Cake: Lyndulge – Cakes by Lyndal McDonnell

Reception stylist and Signage: Style and Discourse www.styleanddiscourse.com

Hair and Make up: Christine Versac and Jo Clayton www.jomakeupartist.com

Music: Triplescore www.triplescore.com.au/

Celebrant: Cecilia White www.ceciliawhitecelebrant.com/

Transport: Royal Daimler from Classic Jags http://www.classicjags.com.au/

Lighting: Lush Lighting www.lushlighting.com.au

Custom Lawn Games: Wayne Churchett https://www.facebook.com/woodworkingwithwayne

Custom Prize Ribbons: Just Ribbons http://justribbons.com.au/

Photobooth: Open Photobooth www.openphotobooth.com.au

Marquees and ceremony chairs: Budget Party Hire www.budgetpartyhire.com.au

Vintage Lounges: Lily and Bramwell http://lilyandbramwell.com.au/


Pennys Hill E Shoot | Wes Beelders Photography

Aren’t e shoots just so romantic! They document the beginning of a beautiful wedding journey and it’s great to see a couple just as them selves. Two people, so in love ♥.

This particular e shoot was captured by Wes Beelders Photography at Pennys Hill Winery in McLaren Vale, a notable venue in this stunning wine region.

The cute couple chose their outfit oh so carefully and the dainty floral crown the Bride to be wore was the perfect finishing touch.

I wish you all the best with your wedding planning and thank Wes for submitting this gorgeous shoot. Enjoy.


2015-01-05_0007 2015-01-05_0008 2015-01-05_0004 2015-01-05_0009 2015-01-05_0005 2015-01-05_0002 2015-01-05_0003 2015-01-05_0001 LCA-32 LCA-22 LCA-12 LCA-10 LCA-7


e: hollame@wesbeelders.com

w: www.wesbeelders.com


Rustic Barossa Wedding

It’s such a thrill to receive real wedding submissions from talented local photographers.  Lucinda May Photography sent though this stunning Barossa wedding full of gorgeous rustic details which suits the Barossa region so perfectly.

Nicole and Tyson were married on 11th October 2014 choosing to have their ceremony at Stevens Garden Estate in Williamstown. The private garden and lake at this venue offer everything you need for your ceremony with plenty of shade and beautiful photo locations.  Afterwards, their reception took place at The Vine Inn Nuriootpa

Nicole looked just beautiful wearing a stunning fishtail gown by Adelaide Brides and Bloom with her Bridesmaids wearing soft pink dresses featuring an elegant neckline also by Adelaide Brides and Bloom.

The girls flowers were designed by Wedding Flowers by Sam with the Bridesmaids carrying simple but full bouquets of baby’s breath while the Bride’s bouquet featured  soft white and cream peonies, freesias and roses.  The hessian ribbon was a lovely nod to the chosen rustic theme too.

Thank you for sharing your wedding with LCA Nicole and Tyson, I wish you a beautiful future together as Husband and Wife.

2014-11-11_0001 2014-11-11_0002 2014-11-11_0003 2014-11-11_0004 2014-11-11_0005 2014-11-11_0006 2014-11-11_0007 2014-11-11_0008 2014-11-11_0009   2014-11-11_0012 2014-11-11_0013 2014-11-11_0014 2014-11-11_0015 2014-11-11_0016 2014-11-11_0017 2014-11-11_0018 2014-11-11_0019 2014-11-11_0020 2014-11-11_0021  2014-11-11_0023 2014-11-11_0024 2014-11-11_0025 2014-11-11_0026 2014-11-11_0027 2014-11-11_0028  2014-11-11_0030 2014-11-11_0031 2014-11-11_0032 2014-11-11_0033 2014-11-11_0034 2014-11-11_0035 2014-11-11_0036 2014-11-11_0037 2014-11-11_0038 2014-11-11_0039 2014-11-11_0040 2014-11-11_0041 2014-11-11_0042 2014-11-11_0043 2014-11-11_0044 2014-11-11_0045 2014-11-11_0046 2014-11-11_0047  2014-11-11_0049  2014-11-11_0051 2014-11-11_0052


Photography: Lucinda May Photography

Dress: Adelaide Brides and Bloom

Bridesmaid dresses: Adelaide Brides and Bloom

Flowers: Wedding Flowers by Sam

Suits: Ferrari Formal wear

Ceremony:  Steven Estate Gardens

Reception:  Vine Inn 

Makeup/hair: Blush, Fresh hair & body


A Barossa Valley Vintage Wedding

If you’re looking for some vintage inspired wedding ideas then this is it! Personally, I will never tire of vintage weddings and to me it makes perfect sense to draw on bygone eras if you’re looking to create timeless wedding magic that will stand the test of time.

Fiona Thurlings Photography submitted this beautiful wedding of Bonnie and Luke who were married on 12th April 2014 at St Mary’s Church North Adelaide with their reception at Peter Lehmann Winery.

Bride Bonnie wore a stunning fishtale gown by Jenny and Gerry’s with flawless make up by Luminous by Danielle.

This wedding simply oozes timeless vintage elegance, you’re going to love it!

image01 image02 image03 image04 image05 image06 image07 image08 image09 image10 image11 image12 image13 image14 image15 image16 image17 image18 image19 image20 image21 image22 image23 image24


Photography:  Fiona Thurlings Photography

Venue:  Peter Lehmann Winery

Dress:  Jenny & Gerry’s

MUA:  Luminous by Danielle


Rustic McLaren Vale Wedding

Bride Kira and Groom Tom met their photographer Bridget Quain at a Love Cherish Adore fair earlier this year.

Their vision was to create a rustic inspired wedding and that they did extremely well indeed!

They chose to have their Ceremony and Reception  at ‘Oliver’s at White Hill’ in McLaren Vale which was the perfect setting for this beautiful wedding.

There’s a number of cute little details that catch my eye such as the gorgeous green shoes the Bridemaids wore, the lucky horseshoes and the vintage bicycle. How adorable is the heart of petals at the ceremony too…….!

The Bride wore a gown from SA based boutique The Ultimate Bride which was balanced by the muted hues of the bouquet created by her Aunt.

2014-10-13_0001 2014-10-13_0002 2014-10-13_0003 2014-10-13_0005 2014-10-13_00062014-10-13_00072014-10-13_00082014-10-13_00092014-10-13_00112014-10-13_00102014-10-13_00122014-10-13_00132014-10-13_00152014-10-13_00162014-10-13_00142014-10-13_00172014-10-13_00182014-10-13_00192014-10-13_00212014-10-13_00292014-10-13_00312014-10-13_0032

Photographed by Bridget Quain Photography

Celebrant:  Ann Grant

Dress:   The Ultimate Bride

Venue:  Olivers

Wedding Prep with Ruby

I never dreamed of my wedding, in fact I didn’t really think I’d get married. The problem with that, is then you find that other person that you do want to marry, you may like me, just not know where to start.

Venue First

Everyone told me book your venue first, and this I’d have to agree on. Don’t get a date set in your head though because your dream venue may not be available.

Think of the big picture; do you want to decorate, price per head, is there someone there to support you with all your questions. The list goes on, so write a list and when viewing places make sure you cover all you want to. You can always phone or email back but it is easier to ask specific questions while at the venue. Oh and take photos, if you have ideas for decorations, it will be easier to refer to a photo to know your space.

Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest!

As stated previously on the LCA blog, if you’re not already on Pinterest, get onto it. I joined Pinterest a long time before I was engaged however I didn’t really get it at the time. Then when I got engaged I was collecting all these images and they were just sitting in folders on my computer. I thought there had to be a better way to do this and remembered Pinterest. I had pictures on my phone, my laptop & my computer at work, to say it was a little inconvenient was an understatement. So one weekend I’d collected up all my images & painstakingly uploaded them to Pinterest. (Unfortunately they don’t have an upload multiple images option) Now I can conveniently access them from anywhere, which really helps when going to the hairdresser & showing her some styles. I’ve even shown my mother inlaw to be my account to show her all the pretty ideas I have for the wedding.

Get Organised

The second great piece of advice I have came from Susie at LCA. She suggested creating a new email address for anything wedding related. Unfortunately I was already 2/3 of the way through the process when I heard this and really wish I had of done it. It really makes sorting out and finding your wedding emails/details much easier when they’re not jumbled up with your everyday stuff. I have now got a separate account anyway which I’ve forwarded all the important emails too and sorted them out into folders, e.g. Cake / Celebrant / Photographer etc, and with any correspondence from my wedding guest I am using this email address too, which I put on the wedding invite. Just makes life easier.

Another thing which has also helped but may not work for everyone is Google Drive. My husband to be and I both have gmail accounts so this was possible, we have set up a wedding Folder within our google drive, so easy to use and I never knew it was there. We have all our deposit receipts, our ever changing budget & payments, our guest list, music for the DJ, basically any paperwork which is wedding related in there. It’s a bit like Pinterest, I can access it from anywhere on my phone or my computer, we’ve shared the files with each other so we can both edit it. If someone contacts me to tell me something I can go straight into the files and update them in a second. The google siftware is basically like Excel Spreadsheet & Word Documents, super easy and convenient, and makes the stressful things a little less stressful.


This next one is only something I have recently done and that is to start a separate Facebook account. Just me (& perhaps a sudo name) no friends or family added, no private details mentioned, not even a profile picture uploaded (Facebook will hate you for your lack of interest, but they’ll get over it.) This account is purely for my own indulgence. I have liked all the wedding pages to my hearts content and I don’t have to worry about friends or family thinking, oh gawd… she’s liked another wedding page again. As is on Facebook these days, the minute you like of comment on anything, everyone knows it. I first made the mistake of this when I didn’t realise by commenting on a page I’d liked what our wedding songs would be that everyone would see that. Not until a friend said to me, we had that song too…damit. So I stopped commenting & liking wedding stuff on Facebook even though I really wanted too. This way I can now do it without anyone finding out any of my wedding details and I can like as much as I like! Also if you did want you could always let your bridesmaids in on the deal and add them as friends if they are interested.

 Stay True & Don’t Stress

Now I know there is a heaps of wedding advice out there in the net. I in fact was quite overwhelmed with it all. But whether you follow my lead above or not, you will find your own way. The key is to not stress about doing what everyone else says you should do. Even the “must do” wedding blogs get it wrong sometimes, they don’t know your situation, so don’t feel like you have to apply everything they say to your wedding. Just pick & choose what is right for you. Think of it like choosing your wedding dress, you wouldn’t buy it if you didn’t want to.

And with that said, happy wedding planning and remember to enjoy the process as a whole.




A Carrick Hill Wedding by Lucy Jane Weddings

Carrick Hill has to be one of LCA’s most favourite venues in SA.  It’s a hidden gem full of character and history with stunning views and unrivalled photo opportunities.

Photographer Lucy Jane Weddings has captured the story of Kirsten and Sangseo’s wedding perfectly which is full of understated elegant details and pretty pink hues.

Love their car too, I’m checking out Fiat’s website right after I’m finished typing. Sooooo cute!

Enjoy this utterly dreamy wedding and all it’s beautiful details.

2014-08-31_00012014-08-31_0002 2014-08-31_0003 2014-08-31_0004 2014-08-31_0005 2014-08-31_0006 2014-08-31_0007 2014-08-31_0008 2014-08-31_0009 2014-08-31_0010 2014-08-31_0011 2014-08-31_0012 2014-08-31_0013 2014-08-31_0014 2014-08-31_0015 2014-08-31_0016 2014-08-31_0017 2014-08-31_0018 2014-08-31_0019 2014-08-31_0020 2014-08-31_0021 2014-08-31_0022 2014-08-31_0023 2014-08-31_0024 2014-08-31_0025 2014-08-31_0026 2014-08-31_0027 2014-08-31_0028 2014-08-31_0029 2014-08-31_0030 2014-08-31_0031 2014-08-31_0032 2014-08-31_0033 2014-08-31_0034 2014-08-31_0035 2014-08-31_0036 2014-08-31_0037 2014-08-31_0039 2014-08-31_0040 2014-08-31_0041 2014-08-31_0042 2014-08-31_0043 2014-08-31_0044 2014-08-31_0045 2014-08-31_0046 2014-08-31_0047 2014-08-31_0048 2014-08-31_0049 2014-08-31_0050 2014-08-31_0051 2014-08-31_0052 2014-08-31_0053 2014-08-31_0054 2014-08-31_0055 2014-08-31_0056 2014-08-31_0057 2014-08-31_0058 2014-08-31_0059 2014-08-31_0060 2014-08-31_0061 2014-08-31_0062


Photography: Lucy Jane Weddings

Dress:  Bridal on Pultney

Suit:  Hugo Boss

Wedding ring:  Gerald McCabe

Flowers:  Green Leaf Flowers

Celebrant: Peter Champion

Video: Captivate Films



Fun Filled QLD Wedding

Full of fun details,  this QLD wedding is a sheer delight!  From helicopters to lipstick love messages, there’s no doubt this couple will live life to the full as they begin their married life together.

Photographed by talented Husband + Wife team at  Ben Hope Weddings.

Sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy some interstate inspo!

2014-08-06_0001 2014-08-06_0002 2014-08-06_0003 2014-08-06_0004 2014-08-06_0005 2014-08-06_0006

2014-08-06_0024 2014-08-06_0025 2014-08-06_0026 2014-08-06_0023 2014-08-06_0022 2014-08-06_0028 2014-08-06_00272014-08-06_0007 2014-08-06_0008 2014-08-06_0009 2014-08-06_0010 2014-08-06_0011 2014-08-06_0012 2014-08-06_0013 2014-08-06_0014 2014-08-06_0015 2014-08-06_0016 2014-08-06_0017 2014-08-06_0018 2014-08-06_0019 2014-08-06_0020 2014-08-06_0021       2014-08-06_0029



Ceremony & Recpetion – Maleny Manor

Wedding Coordinator – Amy Long ~ Maleny Manor

Celebrant – Kristy Ellis ~ Weddings with Kristy, Sunshine Coast

Entertainment – Paul Davies ~ Rockin U Wild

Flowers – Terrianne Burns ~ Mondo Floral Designs

Cake – Libby Dalrymple ~ Eden Cakes & Cupcakes

Candy Buffet ~ Candy Buffet Company

Dress – Wendy Makin Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses – Gossip Gowns

Suits – Gulatino Exclusive Custom Suits

Hair & Makeup – Kim Mcleod ~ La Bella Brides

Mini Bus Hire for guest transfers – Terry Sampson ~ Noosa Hinterland Tours

Helicopter – Garry Liehm ~ Executive Helicopters Archerfield

Rings – Bernie ~ Allgem Services

Invites & Stationery – Minted.com


Ben + Hope Photography

e: info@benandhopeweddings.com.au