Why E shoots make your wedding photos better

The moment you become engaged you’ll need to get used to being photographed for a while.  Family and friends will all be snapping away at you both, your ring and at your engagement party and that’s even before the big day. An engagement photo shoot or e shoot as they are sometimes called is a great idea if you want to become used to being infront of the camera and making the most of it.


Image credit Susie Styler Photography

Most wedding photographers offer these sessions and some even include it in their package.

What you wear and how you style it is completely up to you and they can vary from being super casual to fairly formal with bouquets.  Go with the flow and think about what reflects you both perhaps event thinking about how to set the scene for the up and coming wedding.

Get to know your photographer

An e shoot is a great opportunity to spend some one on one time with your photographer and to get used to posing and taking direction particularly if you’re a bit camera shy.  Becoming more confident infront of the camera will only benefit you on your wedding day.  That I promise you.

Save the date!

The images will  also be a great momento to the time leading up to your wedding and can even be used as part of your save the date invitations.

Hair and makeup

By timing it right you can also look fabulous and make the most out of a hair and make up trial with your chosen hair and MUA.


Just another tip from me. Happy wedding planning xo


How To Find Your Make Up Artist

Ruby is getting married this Spring and wrote this blog post about how to find a MUA.  Based on her experience so far she has some great tips and questions to ask before you book.


So far I’ve spent many hours looking at Facebook pages and websites to try and find the perfect Makeup Artist, but it is not as easy as it seems, especially if you don’t know anyone who does it as a profession. My wedding will be at the start of  wedding season, so that added to half the problem as a lot of people get booked out over a year in advance. I found someone who was perfect and whose style I loved. She had also done my makeup previously for a friends wedding however she was already booked on the dayof my wedding so I had no idea where to start next as my budget also played a big factor.

My experience so far is that I value not only a make up artist’s experience, skills and quality tools to do the job but their personality. I really think it’s important therefore if you can to meet your makeup artist before booking,  for example at a wedding fair like Love Cherish Adore.

So if you are on the hunt for a makeup artist, try to not hunt for that perfect makeup image. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and have a reality check as usually the most beautiful makeup is done on an already beautiful girl, so you almost have to visualise the makeup on it’s own. You may also not find the exact look you are after in someones photo gallery as perhaps they haven’t had the chance to do that style yet, so give them a chance and ask some questions first, or better yet send them some pictures and ask if they are able to create the look you’re after.

Some questions you may want to ask and actions to take:

Are you available on my date?

There is no point getting caught up on your new favourite MUA if they aren’t available and many get booked up very quickly.
How many weddings do you do a day? This is particularly important if you have a big wedding party and you want to ensure everyone gets equal time spent on them to make them feel special.

How much per person (including individual lashes)?

This one is a no brainer, you need to know how much you are spending. I really didn’t want to spend more than $80 per person originally, but now I think anything up to $100 is reasonable. You have to allow for the cost of their time, their experience and training, their makeup and their tools. These things can all be quite costly, so you are not just paying for the on the day expense.

Ensure you get a written quote

I found that often the prices weren’t on the websites as I guess the MUA possibly change their prices often, so they may not want to be caught out with an out of date price from their website. It’s a good idea to have this in writing, so you can compare prices and know exactly what needs to be paid, and this is also the stage they should include your details on the quote so they have it for their own information.

Do you charge a travel fee, and how much?

My wedding is down in the Fleurieu, so for a few of my vendors I am having to pay a travel fee, but if it means you get what you want then you are going to have to pay it. My MUA is charging $1 per Km of travel, which seems to be the general deal.

What time on the day do you arrive?

Not knowing our on the day timeline yet, I’ve asked my MUA, for 5 faces what time will she need to arrive to get all the makeup done in time for the ceremony start time. As she knows how long each face will approximately take her she gave me a guideline to work with, that will be useful for timing with the hairdresser.

What brand of makeup do you use?

I’m not going to pretend I know which brands are the best, but there tends to be a liking towards certain brands. You may also have an issue with your skin on certain brands so it doesn’t hurt to know. You could also buy some of it yourself to see how it goes on your skin before hand, and if you are happy then it can always be used for touch ups.

Table Planning Dilemmas


I would wage a large bet on most couples having a difficult time when it comes to arranging their seating plan.  I know I did.

I clearly remember the phone call my Mum made to me, in tears, asking me why my Great Uncle Arthur wasn’t sat on the same table as the rest of the family.  Our tables sat 10 and to include him would mean seating 12 at the table which simply wasn’t possible. I could seat him and his partner at the table but then I’d have to move another couple therefore creating another dilemma!  I was never going to win…..

Sound familiar?!

Family fueds, divorces, step parents, warring siblings, the list goes on. The fact is that you’ll never, ever, please everyone. Once you’re able to accept that then you’re halfway to shrugging of the stress of organising who sits where.

However here are some possible solutions to your table planning dilemmas.

Top table seating arragements can easily cause issues when there’s not enough room to have everyone you would like there or if relations are strained following a divorce or separation.

Traditionally the top table is for the Bride and Groom, Bestman, Bridesmaids and the couples Parents.  This is however tradition and these days anything goes so there’s nothing stopping you seating your Best Man and chief Bridesmaid only at the top table leaving the family to mix with the rest of the guests or host their own tables.

If  you’re feeling like you can’t accommodate everyone at your top table then you could also consider a sweetheart table where only the Bride and Groom sit.

The next thing to consider it whether you go for round tables or long straight tables.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages and your decision is largely based on the venue and the space that it affords.

Consider also who gets on with who and if you’re aware of any issues then you may decide to mix tables up with a mixture of guests from both the Bride and Grooms side.

Then once you’ve nailed the table plan you can move on to the fun bit of styling it and in the meantime, just remember, you’ll never, ever please everyone.

Susie x

3 Tips to Ensure That You Glide Down the Aisle

Recently David from  Griffin Wedding DJ’s was contacted by a Bride who was concerned about being overcome by emotion as she walked down the aisle.  A moment she would prefer to enjoy rather than becoming overly emotional.  He gave her some advice and wanted to share it with you……..


Lets cut to the chase – at no other time on your wedding day will emotions be so highly charged as when you walk down the aisle. So take the time to think about your arrival and aisle walk. More weddings go awry on the aisle walk than in any other element of a wedding.

Emotion. It’s a beautiful thing. But too much too fast it is a bride’s worst enemy.

Yes, any bride would be in the vast majority to hope that they and their loved ones would experience a great deal of emotion as they arrive at their ceremony, but I’m giving you the heads up right now:

Be super aware of the danger of emotional overwhelm as you arrive and walk the aisle, and do everything you can to prepare for the emotion for your walk.

No matter how much you prepare for it, it will likely be the most moving experience of your life.

The danger is this: if you are overwhelmed with emotion you risk compromising your whole experience of your day with symptoms like dizziness, uncontrollable crying, inability to speak, tripping, fainting, short and long term memory loss and the very common “jabbering”, where you blurt out things you regret at the altar.

Am I trying to scare you? No. Let me be clear. Emotion is very good.

But when it comes on very fast and you have to be effective at the same time, you need to be prepared.

What I’m asking you to consider is not reducing the amount of emotion you feel. I’m actually asking the exact opposite. I’m asking you to prepare yourself so that your emotion builds steadily and you can actually handle and process far more emotion as you walk down the aisle, whilst reducing your risk of overwhelm at the same time.

I’m trying to get you to take some actions now so that you are fully prepared for the experience and can experience it from a position of gratitude and joy.

Preparing yourself for a peak of emotion is very easy if you know how.

Your top 3 actions as a bride are:

1: Visualise: In the days before your wedding take 15 minutes each day to close your eyes and imaging yourself walking down the aisle in great detail. The best time to do this is when you wake up in the morning. Close your eyes and imagine in second by second in graphic detail. This allows your brain to process some of the emotion in advance. It’s also a super nice feeling when you do it. If you feel a little teary as you do it that means you are doing it right!


2: Practice your vows with your groom. Doing this will make you more relaxed at the altar as you have been there together in the practices, and will also allow you and your groom to experience and process many of the emotions before the day.


3: Reveal. Consider doing your reveal with your groom before your arrive at the ceremony. Seeing each other ready to go will allow loving words to bolster your confidence and also provide a special experience for you both before the rabble arrive!


Emotional Bride 2


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