Focus on Hair & Makeup II

The ladies at Barossa Style Bar feel it is important that a Hair & Make Up Artists job extends beyond your wedding day so they’ve put together a guide to prepping your hair and skin before your big day.  More

Focus on ~ Hair & Make Up

 Pros Rachele and Kate from The Barossa Style bar give us the low down on what to look for when booking your hair and makeup artist for your big day.


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Meet Little Vintage Bar & Van

Husband and Wife team Kathy and Ross began Little Vintage Bar and Van through a shared vision of creating a truly unique mobile bar service. Their vintage caravan aka Miss Fisher has grown to become loved throughout South Australia and Far North Queensland. More

Marquise Bridal at The Bride Lab

Brides of Adelaide, you’re being totally spoilt!  The Bride Lab on King William Road are hosting a Marquise Bridal trunk show this February featuring a range of gowns that are fashionably minimalist, chic and effortlessly graceful.


Chapel Hill The Retreat Open Day

With breathtaking views of sea and vines along with exclusive use of stunning indoor and outdoor space including onsite accommodation, Chapel Hill The Retreat in McLaren Vale offers what many wedding venues simply can’t. More

LCA Loves ♥ Palilco Bee Cosmetics

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Preparing your skin in the lead up to your wedding is something we recommend looking into but certainly not just for your big day. Finding the right products to use is a great start too.  More

My Soy Sister

Today we’d like to introduce you to a brand new LCA vendor who tick every box when it comes to passion and creativity which as you know is a big part of what we represent. Meet My Soy Sister. More

How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer

There’s no getting away from the fact that South Australia like any other state in this beautiful country hosts a very large number of supremely talented photographers. Whilst some couples choose not to have their big day photographically documented, the vast majority do. So how to you begin to sift through them all and decide on which one is for you……?

To the untrained eye, photographers may at first glance all look the same however you can’t compare apples for apples when it comes to a photographer nor any other type of wedding vendor come to think of it.  There’s a number of distinctions between them all and actually, they are actually all as individual as you and I.


Let’s start with style. Each photographer will have his or her own signature style which is reflected in the composition of shots and editing techniques. Some are very modern and contemporary, some more classicaland timeless.  Some are more edgy with a masculine and industrial feel, some alot more soft and romantic plus everything else inbetween.   Your own interpretation of a style is up to you but it’s really important that you really connect and fall in love with one. To highlight this I’ve added a just few shots from some of LCA’s amazing directory listings.


Above:  Fiona Thurlings Photography


Above: Tamika Lee Photography

LCA 01 660660

Above: Helen Page Photography

660 x 2 660

Above: Willow and French Photography


You’ll be spending up to 12 hours with your photographer/s so it’s important that there’s a personal connection again with you and them. This is why meeting your photographers before you commit to booking them is particularly important. Some may be very direct and extrovert whilst others will be quiet and discreet.  Go with your gut on this one. A good place to meet a photographer is a wedding fair. Just sayin’!

Price & Package

Each photographer will have his or her price structure and package dependent on many things with experience being something you should expect to pay for. Avoid where possible just booking the cheapest in your budget though and consider both personality and style before just booking.

I recently asked a few Brides why they decided to book their photographer and the answers were interesting and also validate my points above.


Personality! Our photographer was there when I cried putting my dress on (swore I wouldn’t cry at all!) And there for every other moment of emotion on the day. I couldn’t imagine having someone capture those intimate moments if we didn’t ‘click’ with them.We also looked through lots of portfolios to make sure we liked their style of photography which definitely differs between photographers


He seemed to understand us and our vintage theme. He made me feel that he wouldnt miss any special moments of our day which with everything else sealed the deal.


The reason I chose our photographer was because even though I looked through many “pretty” portfolios of other photographers, her photos made me feel emotion. I didn’t just see her photos, I felt them.


Some great advice from some real Brides there who have recently booked their photographers. Good luck finding the right photographer for you.

DIY Wedding & Event Styling Prop Hire

When it comes to planning your big day or special event, no doubt you’ve an idea of the look you’re after. You may have seen some ideas on a blog, in a magazine or via Pinterest. If you’re not hiring a stylist then you’ll need to source your own details to bring your ideas into life.

Finding these little bits and pieces can be immense fun. It can also take heaps and heaps of time to scour through endless op shops. Depending on how organised and how motivated you are, these can potentially be well a bit of a drag!

Hiring props means that you can start ticking things off your list of things to do saving you potentially lots of time which let’s face it goes so quickly when you’re wedding planning! It also saves you having to store all these items before and after the event.

Many of the items we have for hire truely are unique one of a kind pieces that have been gathered over the last 12 months or so. The list of items is growing too by the week and includes:

Drinks Dispensers
Vintage Suitcases
Mason Jars
Vintage Ladders
Quoits and other lawn games
Vases and Vessels
Signing Tables
& more!

Another great thing about DIY styling is that you can use these hired items exactly as you wish to give them your own identity. However a piece of advice, it’s never too early to lock these items in so don’t leave it too late!!

We don’t have a minimum hire charge and you’re welcome to collect and return your items to us. We’re up in the foothills near Blackwood. If you’ve got a large list of items then we’d be happy to deliver and collect for you.

A list of items is on our hire page. There’s a few pics here for you to look at to give you an idea of our inventory!

Drop us a line if we can be of help….!










Bud Vases


Metal Tub