Victoria thought that Brent was never going to propose to her but that all changed thanks to a Contiki trip, a kimono and some cherry blossom.

Having been together for well over six years, Victoria and Brent booked themselves a trip to Japan to see the blossom and it turned out to be the best overseas trip ever. ‘As a part of the Contiki, we got to dress in kimono in Kyoto for a few hours. We shuffled around a temple looking for good spots for photos and Brent asked if we could get photos together in a secluded spot under a beautiful cherry blossom tree as the sun was setting. I jumped at the opportunity since he hates photos usually! Our Contiki friends joked as they were taking photos of us that we were “practicing for the wedding”, at which I responded, “ha, Brent will never propose!” Brent turned to me and said, “oh really?”, got down on one knee, and presented the most perfect engagement ring I’ve ever seen! I couldn’t believe it! It was the happiest moment of my life. I can’t believe I get to marry my favourite human!’

Their November 2019 wedding is pretty much all organised with their ceremony at the Adelaide Zoo ‘I honestly haven’t felt much stress so far, which is amazing.  Planning our wedding has only brought us closer together, in ways I couldn’t have predicted’ said Victoria.
Their city-centric engagement shoot by Adelaide wedding photographers Lilac in Hand Photography captures all the feels and emotions these two feel for each other as they countdown to their big day. ‘ I can’t wait to celebrate the love Brent and I have found in each other with all our friends and families, and kick-start our life of happiness together’

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