Wedding planning can become an all consuming task which many couples find quite over whelming. Scheduling in the time and energy to plan a wedding can be difficult and knowing who the best vendors are is golden information.

Using a wedding planner can therefore remove some of this stress and get your planning underway leaving you with time to enjoy the build up to your big day.

By The Oaktree are established event stylists who know who is who in the SA wedding industry so it seems logical for them to offer a brand new wedding planning service! Here’s what they have to say about their brand new and exciting service!

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Wedding Planning with By The Oaktree

After working closely with a lovely couple of ours who had only 6 months to plan their wedding and with both of them working busy full time jobs, it opened our eyes to how many great contacts and relationships we have within the wedding industry!

So after considering how we could assist more couples like this, we are excited to launch a different type of wedding planning.

Listening to the future Mr & Mrs H, we were able to match vendors with their personalities and style straight away. By The Oaktree then made contact with each of them to obtain quotes, which were then all sent through to the couple for them to look over on weekends and make adjustments and decisions.

As we were also styling their special day with our vintage props, we were able to offer a lot of advice as to what things would work together and other things that wouldn’t. As the bride said ‘I only care what my dress looks like and you (BTO) can do everything else’…we were there to offer advice on celebrants that would match their personalities, colours of flowers that would work together with the dresses and stationary along with details about where the ceremony should be held so that the photographer could get the best backdrop on the day.

As my background is in interior design (I also worked on their new home too!) I was able to draw up optional table seating plans to see how it would best work for them to fit all of their guests into the space along with the dance floor, bar, lounge area and of course the cake!

Looking forward to sharing the photos with you in 5 months time! Yes it only took us a month to plan their whole wedding and now they can sit back and enjoy the ride…Kitchen Tea and Hens Night planning is up next!



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