I’m beyond thrilled to present this styled shoot to you and I’m actually struggling for words to describe it, it’s that stunning.

The shoot was photographed by Emme Jade Photography and styled by House of Allure and also features one of our exhibitors this Spring, Caitlyn’s Cakes.

What gave you the inspiration for this beautiful shoot?

The idea grew out of a creative need for Lisa and I to create our dream wedding shoot, something she could have creative freedom to style, and something I had creative freedom to capture. Using the stunning location of Eat @ Whalers Resort as our inspiration, and the most unique, beautifully hand beaded dress by Emma Jean as a base for the colors,  we let our creative sides do the rest…

I can not thank the team behind this shoot enough, and I hope you can see a little bit of all our creative sides in these photos, as well as it inspiring you to create a wedding that is truly unique and true to your heart.

Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0001 Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0002 Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0003Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0004 Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0005 Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0006Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0007Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0008Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0009Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0010Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0011Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0017Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0018Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0019Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0020Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0021Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0022Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0023Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0024Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0025Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0026Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0027Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0028Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0029Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0030Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0031Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0032Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0033Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0034Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0035Boat_House_Shoot_EJP_0036

Models :  Matty and Andrea

Styling + Stationery:  House of Allure

Make Up : Lacey Bell Make Up Artist

Hair : Erika Clarke

Dress :  Emma Jean

Flowers : Bird & Brak Flowers

Cake :  Caitlyns Cakes

Location – Whalers Victor Harbour


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