First look…. are you doing one?

For couples who are suckers for tradition, seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony is the one thing that’s firmly kept into their wedding day timeline. For some (and not just the rad rule breakers) a first look, where the couple spends time together before the ceremony is becoming increasingly popular.

Given that it means breaking old as time tradition, the decision to opt for a first look can be an extremely hard one to make with many couples completely divided on how they feel about it.  You can bet your bottom dollar they’ll be guests with their own divided opinions on the matter too.

first look

Photo Kerry Rose Photography

For most, a first look is ultimately swayed by both practical and emotional reasons with many ‘first-lookers’ claiming that it can actually enhance your overall wedding day experience. Mostly though it’s a choice driven by couples simply wanting to keep this significant big day moment all to themselves (and their photographer of course!)

The most practical reason of all is time. In some cases, wedding day schedules can be pretty tight leaving limited opportunity for pre and post-ceremony portraits. Opting for a pre-ceremony first look means you’re able to get the photos you’re after at a point in the day where hair, make-up, and flowers are looking their best.  It also means that you’re able to spend valuable quality time with your family and guests immediately after the ceremony rather than having to leave them behind while your photos are taken so you can slide into your celebrations straight after saying ‘I do’.

Perhaps the most compelling reason why couples choose a first look is for the photos they can yield. They’re a photographers dream as they create the perfect unscripted scenario for expressive images that are full of heart-warming raw emotion – aka the money shots that leave a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye. ‘The added bonus I’ve observed is that you get the moment twice which is repeated as you walk down the aisle’ mentions photographer Pete Thornton.

First looks are also a perfect opportunity to spend precious time together alone before you get swept up in total wedding day craziness. Newly-weds Liv and Mark tell us ‘Our first look was truly memorable for us both as we used this time alone to read our vows to each other’.

go with your gut feel

There’s no doubt too that a first look will help you both relax a little before the ceremony – an important consideration for those who feel they might lose it as they walk down the aisle. If you’re a natural born crier then it depends on how you feel about embracing your happy tears in front of an audience? But then again there are still no guarantees that a first look will stop you from blubbing.

At the end of the day, if all things considered you feel that a first look is too much of a break from the norm then it’s not going to be for you and that’s ok. Like all things wedding related, if you go with your gut feel then you can’t go wrong.

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