Shandell and Michael’s long distance love story is full of love and completely non traditional which is probably why we love it so much.

They first met 3 years ago down in Goolwa while surfing, however, Michael is actually Canadian and was forced to leave Australia when his visa expired.

But love knows no boundaries and the Pacific ocean was no match for the love these two had for each other with the distance only making their relationship stronger.

It was actually Shandelle that popped the question to Michael (go girl!) and they exchanged their vows in Canada around 8 months ago with an intimate elopement.

Whilst they’re waiting for their spousal visa to be approved they took the opportunity to have some engagement photos (even though they’re married) while Michael was here in Australia over the Christmas holidays.

They chose Bridget Quain to capture some photos during the recent hot spell we’ve sweated through. But, with hot days comes beautiful soft golden light and even an audience of curious kangaroos.

This session was taken in the Adelaide Hills and being a local hills dweller herself, Bridget knows all the best secret little spots to take her couples.  She does however always ensure that she has permission to shoot in these hidden gems of places.  A quick side to mention that whilst photographers like to talk of jumping fences, it’s always best to ensure that permission has been granted so you don’t end up with a visit from the boys in blue for trespassing.

This stunning engagement session couldn’t be any more Australian so scroll down and enjoy ♥

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